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'Disturbing': New Trump Plan to Reopen Economy Contains No National Covid-19 Testing Strategy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/17/disturbing-new-trump-plan-reopen-economy-contains-no-national-covid-19-testing

Without comprehensive testing, contact tracing of positives, isolation of the sick, and quarantine of the exposed, a second wave of infections is all but guaranteed. With this “plan,” the second wave will overtake the first. Good luck to all.


“[C]ontains no national strategy for the kind of massive testing expansion that public health experts say is necessary before any safe return to normalcy.”

NOPE. Sorry. Testing across the nation is necessary but we need a vaccine available to all.

This is a global pandemic and requires a global solution. Just as a nation thinks it has the situation under control and starts to relax measures to keep people safe, cases start to rise again. It is no different here in the Americas. Just witness what is currently happening south of US American border in countries such as Ecuador. Heartbreaking, really. We need to see that there is no return to “business as usual” regardless of Trumpian needs to get re-elected.

No vaccine, no return to work. All across this nation Mutual Aid Groups are working to help others. Please help a neighbor who does not have access to a computer find the help they need and/or help them to get groceries if you can.

A friend is keeping me posted as to the developing desperation of people in NYC: A frequently and anxiously raised question is, “How am I going to pay the rent?”–rents are very high in NYC, health care is not available to millions because we have, to our disgrace, no national plan and yet workers, including my old friend, point out that a vaccine is needed, available to all at NO cost is what will enable them to return to work. This friend is dependent on collecting bottles to help her survive but none are available these COVID-19 days. Another story is of a couple who died leaving a pet behind and neighbors are frantically trying to find a home for this creature; suicide rates, theft, are climbing in this city; depression is increasing and I could hear it in my friend’s voice–what do I tell her to comfort her across many miles? She “owes” money to the IRS and knows she will not see a dime of this “stimulus” sham. Multiply this by millions across our globe–we are one human race on one home planet but we act as if this were not so and thus make a hell out of what could easily be a heaven.

EDIT: Just got a notice that a local organic farm will indeed supply our vulnerable community with root vegetables. Contact local farmers where you live and organize groups to pick-up and deliver to your neighbors. The destruction of food is absolutely criminal!


Trump’s no plan is a great plan … a really great …perfect… a great plan! Instead of leading like someone who cares about others (or like someone who is a normal decent human being), Trump decides it is just a hoax to ruin his presidency and he isn’t going to make it look like he was wrong and do what they have wanted him to do from the beginning. Here we have the federal government who doesn’t want to help. How does that work? Apparently Trump doesn’t want to get involved in what? In helping this country when help is needed? No, instead the obviously amoral (a leopard didn’t change his spots after all) Trump presents the plan without a plan. A pretend plan, a ‘man behind the curtain’ plan that is a phony just as is Trump. He cons us in full view surrounded by those expected to applaud or else!

For Trump no plan is a good plan… a great plan… a good… really great… the perfect plan… everybody says good things about it… great plan.

Trump is willing to gamble that he is right. The bet however is one he won’t have to pay if wrong. The gamble is with people’s lives.


Taxpayers Funded COVID-19 Research, And Big Pharma Profited

It’s definitely just a coincidence that one of Trump’s coronavirus task force members is a former lobbyist for Gilead Sciences, the company that won orphan drug status for its COVID-19 treatment.


In other words: This is a stick-up!


Not likely to get a vaccine until Gilead has made a couple trillion on cough suppressant …

Then there is this ‘reopen the economy’ like a can of tuna. The actual unemployed due to the virus shutdown is 32+ million not 22 million. The ‘private contractors’, causal part time, gig workers, and millions of others that do not receivie unemployment benefits are not counted.

Plus: Millions remain out of work since Obama ‘reopened the economy’ for wall street in 2009/2010.


If I was looking for a country where I would not be strip mined of my meager pension for health care, Vietnam and Cuba is at the top of the list.


Trump’s plan is to endanger as many elderly and medically weakened individuals as possible with his push to open up the economy.

We all know where this leads.

More death.

If we cannot silence him, and have him locked up, all we can do is stay home and protect ourselves from those spreading the infection.

"Lock Him Up!"


I think they are both accepting applications. The point being what are you willing to give up to get their brand of health care? After Florida’s governor broached the idea of mandatory confinement in ‘hotels’ for those testing positive (with a test that is only about 80% accurate) I decided my family will only get tested if we are ready for hospitalization or if the police force us at the point of a gun. I guess I’m just too old to understand the point of universal testing, if one can catch it 5-minutes after you’re tested negative. It would seem to require virtually continuous universal testing to be effective.

Don’t Test, Don’t Tell


What the hell do you think you’re doing here with such bizarre speculations? Impressing anyone? You and your tag-team partner @ochizhinny are too full of lies for it to be accidental. Freaking brownshirts!

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Took the words out of my mouth. There is speculation here in Spain quarantine may continue till end of May. The municipalities are disinfecting the streets on a regular basis. We are coping and we are not a wealthy country. (Moneywise that is. But in spirit and compassion our wealth is boundless.)


His strategy is see no virus, speak no virus, hear no, virus. Get elected.


The bigger they are; the harder they fall. One and all.

The US is a terrorist outlaw nation run by pirates bringing in troops to secure the capitol rather than help the people.

How long will brainwashed US troops supress their own families and neighbors to secure the homeland from very tough angry Americans?

The bigger they are; the harder they fall. One and all.


The numbers change a lot every day (France is getting into as much trouble and Italy and Spain), but as of about a day ago, Spain had the highest demographic mortality of any country, at 40 per 100,000. Yesterday New York’s mortality exceeded 80 deaths per 100,000 residents.

So we in USA have good reason to envy even Italy, Spain, and France. (England and Sweden are special cases, with weeks of irremediable neglect to recover from.) Given that success dealing with this outbreak is inversely proportional to incomprehensible neglect (as would be reasonably expected – but the numbers keep strongly backing this up), there’s no reason not to expect USA to suffer roughly twice as much as any other target of SARS2. As bad as it is in Spain, we’re in for far worse here in USA, imho.

Aside from unbelievably lousy government and a landscape pock-marked with tastily-packed cut-rate institutions for disposal of unwanted humans, another special talent of USAmericans is noticed in a study this morning: obese people are especially vulnerable to hospitalization from COVID-19. USAmericans are surely number one in that category.

Other countries stand some chance of recovering, at some point. In USA we’ll be too busy misidentifying rock-bottom every single week, from now on.


this country’s going to get clobbered by this virus in the end. there is just too much stupid and greed in deadly combinations to allow any other ending.

and we’re all guilty to some extent or another.

well deserved, America the Foul.

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Richard Wolff mentions Obama and his role in the 2008 “recovery” in this excellent article:


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China is an example reopened economy; check this warehouse US aircraft carriers would contain if only…


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The notably higher rates of hospitalization, ICU placement, and death have been well-established, no matter how many times you want to compare Covid19 to an average flu season.

And even at your lowball estimate of a 1% mortality rate, Covid19 would be 10 times more deadly than the average flu. Not that statistics are something you can make sense of.

Just for a quick comparison, early on in this outbreak, Trump ridiculed the poor job Obama did in containing the 2009 novel H1N1 outbreak that killed 13,000, with no social distancing over the course of an entire year. Trump no longer makes that comparison because it looks like a safe bet that Covid19 will kill five times that many in just six months WITH social distancing.

That said, I urge you to continue down the path of exposing how willfully ignorant and petty you are. It’s pure comedy gold in a sad kinda way.

Opening Up Covid19 Havens (OUCH, brought to you by Trump and friends).


Poetry corner, courtesy of that short person:

Yes baby, I’m guilty. And I’ll be guilty all the rest of my life.
How come I never do what I’m supposed to do?
How come everything I try to do never turns out right?
Got some whisky from a barman. Got some cocaine from a friend.
I just had to keep on rollin’ darlin’ – until I was back in your arms again.