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'Disturbing': Reporters Hit White House for Not Disclosing Meeting With Saudi Defense Minister

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/07/disturbing-reporters-hit-white-house-not-disclosing-meeting-saudi-defense-minister


We invade a foreign country, and then stay for over a decade, rockets and other boomy things will come your way. Kill a foreign general from a country you have yet to invade and some more boomy’s will come your way. If a rocket attack is “Breaking News” boy are we ever going to be glued to our sets. That’s nothing. A few incoming rockets are just fear tools and harassment measures. Little chance of harm with a limited attack.

By the way, this is imo, trump playing the shell game with the people of the U.S.
“Nothing to see here, no collusion, no obstruction, no cover-up, no impeachment.”
We can’t overlook the fact that WE are the interlopers.


Missiles are a different animal. More dangerous, and can be fired from further away.
These idiots on TV are going back and forth like just another day of war. Stop this. Trump has to go.


Soleimani was in Iraq as part of an effort to de-escalate tensions with neighboring nations so as to avoid a war. The US was opposed to these peace efforts. The tensions are between Shiite Muslims and Sunni Muslims. As the Yinon strategy and the Clean break strategy both claimed, these tensions were to be exploited by Israel and the USA so as to lead to wider spread conflict and the disintegration of Muslim states in the region into smaller more powerless entities. This goes back long before 9/11.


Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


Considering what Trump has just been Impeached for, in his corrupt attempt to coerce Ukraine to lie & to interfere with our elections, to benefit Trump’s 2020 campaign in illegal manner:
WHY, oh why, is Trump allowed to have ANY meetings with ANY foreign nations, without some kind of extra security measures?!? And by security, I mean – for our security, to make sure that he isn’t pulling the same crap again! For that matter, we cannot trust him to have any private meetings, or even his secret phone calls, with anyone. He has done so many things that he’s kept secret, hidden them, covered them up, since the very start of his reign in WH…apparently not caring that he works for us! He is surrounded now by his ‘loyalists’ ~ ppl who willingly lie for him, cover-up his shit, hide phone calls on special coded servers, probably create fraudulent memos & docs for him too. So, who are we to trust in his circle of cohorts, to keep us abreast of Trump’s official activities, incl. phone calls? Who can we trust? Answer right now is no one! NOT the president & not his staff, so there’s no one that we, the American ppl, can trust with the truth. That is so messed up!
The 1 thing we can count on, is that Trump IS still doing things his own secretly hidden ways. Likely even more than before. He has never acknowledged doing anything wrong, ever. He thinks he has right to do as he pleases & to hell with all of us; to hell with this Country! If you think that he’s cleaned up his sneaky behavior, his dirty dealings, or anything else, then you’re crazy, or dumb as a rock. The only effect getting caught has on Trump is to hide more stuff & lie about it, as usual.
He is totally Unrepentant + indignant, still unable to accept that our system of gov’t “doesn’t work that way.” We CANNOT trust him about anything, so how can he remain president then?! Whatever he does, he does in our name, the USA. It all affects US. Can’t be doing it all in secret, as if we’re all ‘the enemy’. Yet, ya’ know he is. Need proof? Just got back from 2wks vacay & we learn from Saudi Arabia that he just had a major meeting with them in Oval Office. As US President. “Our business.” He didn’t tell us - they did - or we’d not even know. That’s not acceptable!
Ask yourself, “Why would he keep meeting secret from us?” “What was it about & why not tell us about doing it?” We should not have to count on others outside our gov’t to tell us such simple things. That’s not American way. In fact, depending on what they discussed, might be treasonous!? At this time, when war may be imminent, any US leader should know better than to do such a thing!
We have a serious problem here! And it cannot continue. Especially when our Country is sending our soldiers into danger. Agreed?
The fact that Trump did this…now…with impeachment… & war with Iran looming, due to our attack over there…as if none of that matters to him…?! “Heads need to roll” in this Admin. ~ and Trump must step down. We can’t have this shit going on, especially now! Americans shouldn’t have to worry about what our President is doing behind our backs! ~What secret calls & to whom, about what USA issues, did Trump have while at his resort? I’ll bet there were some. Any real transcripts? If so, where are they? Is there no responsible adult in charge of this shitshow circus?


just more of the same, I was disturbed seeing wife of President in meeting when discussing the killing of the high level General of Iran. It is a several times a day attack on democracy which is all truths is no more. The republican party are doing a slow job coup of our government.


Obviously trying to get suggestions on how to best kill and murder from the Saudi government. Trump is a lawless person approved by the U.S. Senate.

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At times like this a strong media is the only place we the people can look for the truth and that has probably been true for most times. Unfortunately the media has been weakened and compromised but we still are getting some good news and that is very important. Thanks for those journalists who are trying to do their best against so many odds.

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Do the people of the US realize that Trump is making blowback like the types of 911 more possible and the world a more dangerous place for american citizens? Diplomacy and respect for international law and human rights are so important. Negotiation is so much better than a bunch of dead people all over the place. We need great leaders who reach out to each other to stabilize the world but we have today a group of small leaders who threaten our very existence.

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