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'Disturbing': Trump Reportedly Reviewed Bolton Plan to Send 120,000 Troops to Middle East to Threaten Iran

'Disturbing': Trump Reportedly Reviewed Bolton Plan to Send 120,000 Troops to Middle East to Threaten Iran

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Observers warned that the United States is hurtling down the same path that led to the disastrous invasion of Iraq 16 years ago following news late Monday that President Donald Trump reviewed a plan to send 120,000 ground troops to the Middle East if Iran launches an "attack" on American forces or moves toward developing nuclear weapons.


Israel and Saudi Arabia demand that Trump take out Iran before he is impeached.


The more things change, the more they remain the same. Many times over the decades of American empire presidents who found themselves in trouble (scandal, recession, etc) have used the “wag the dog” gambit in countless attempts to consolidate power prior to a coming election cycle.
I give you the Donald J Trump version of the US world war tour.
The ironic part is that many libertarian leaning voters and more traditional republican voters actually bought his bullshit about keeping America out of foreign entanglements and of course “bringing our boys home.” They have now had to bare witness to Trumps escalation of military action in not only the Middle East, but Africa, the pacific rim, and of course central and South America. And now that he has backed himself into a political corner that only his re election can lead him out of, the entire old sleazy playbook is about to be run.
There will be a war somewhere, sometime in the next year. You can count on it. Unfortunately, something else you can count on is democrats lining up in support of any action taken in Iran, Venezuela, or some other nation that threatens the sovereignty of the US petrodollar.
Oh, and right about the time the bombs start to drop, trump will pardon Manafort, Flynn, and anybody else involved in his malfeasance.
This is what fascism looks like.


Apparently having run out of unarmed Asian and African Peasant to bully and genocide, it is time to hone up the warmonger skills on a peaceful country that threatens hegemony and Zionists ambitions…


The news around the attack on UAE and Saudi tankers needs clarification. Is this a false flag incident? Shades of Gulf of Tonkin maybe. It is disgusting to be so distrustful of your own government.
Bolton, Trump, Abrams, Pompeo are treasonous and poisonous. The whole lot of these war criminals and their backers should be brought to trial.


Sure why not send in an elite force of bloodthirsty maniacal volunteers led by John “Rambo” Bolton to teach those nasty Iranians a lesson of course they’ll have to do without any air support or naval bombardments because … How would that be paid for?

His name is Trump. Donald Judas Trump. He can’t focus. He’s old, you know. He needs eyeglasses.
He needs outpatient surgery to correct his painful bilateral bone spurs before he rides off to victory.


He embraces war whores in the swamp the way he makes out with fringed flags in public.

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So we now face the question of which nation the US will attack first - Venezuela or Iran.

Disturbingly, it seems that those, in the government, restraining Bolton et. al’s war efforts are a handful of Pentagon leaders and Donald Trump.

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You know, I mostly agree with your assessment.

On the other hand, I’m going to wait and see about that war guarantee of yours. Trump’s uber hawkish national security team has been practicing belligerent brinksmanship but so far hasn’t escalated all that much beyond rhetoric and moving an aircraft carrier or two – certainly not in all places you cite. Or do you have examples that refute my assertion?

In fact, I’d contend that in the MidEast, beyond tough talk, he’s actually de-escalated and Syria is a prime example. Same with N. Korea.

Tell me where I’m wrong, BigB.

What kind of people follow sleepwalking leaders?

Wide awake?

Where is the loud and persistent opposition to this insanity?


Jake, be honest; the hope of Trump firing Bolton, he may be
jealous of his mustache, is foggy at best
Trump’s only doing his duty: serving the military-industrial complex, America’s
“Big Brother” in thought and deed. Both Democrats and Republicans follow the imperial
power outlined in the neocon’s Project for a New American Century, 1996. After the New
Pearl Harbor (9/11), seals a military psychosis, then comes wars to control Middle East oil
(and anywhere else—Venezuela) by decimating non-compliant nation-states, and possibly
threatening Israeli’s domination; Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran—guess who’s
next on their list?


To all US Military, don’t go! I did refuse openly to the US Army in the 1990 Bush war. Punishment not hard: 6 months jail with other people who refused, bad conduct discharge, reduced in rank to E-1, no VA benefits, and still getting paid in jail. One of the best decisions I Ever made. Again, don’t go US Military!


I sense your concern, however, Iran is a big country and far more capable than IRAQ. There would be body bags, sunken ships and downed planes. 120,000 troops are far too small a force for a population of 70 million. Soldiers would be killed daily by the populace, now unified against a common enemy. I suspect it’s all sabre rattling to cover up their remarkable blunders in Venezuela. Having said that, these sort of misadventures are how empires die; they squander national resources on unachievable goals.

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“…if Iran launches an “attack” on American forces or moves to develop nuclear weapons.”

Can anyone, anyone at all, come up with a rational argument for why Iran might do such a mindlessly self-destructive act as to attack US forces in the Middle East? It would be suicidal. So…expect and look for a Gulf of Tonkin sort of thing to blame it on. We have an insane government headed by an insane, out of control Chief Executive. The United States of America is the biggest threat that the planet has ever faced.


Lest we forget the Gulf of Tonkin and numerous false-flag ops by the Mossad and US to “justify” aggression and war. Now we are witnessing the Persian Gulf false-flag ops and rush to yet another war to benefit a few at the expense of millions.

In the Gulf of Tonkin Res. the PTB were still including and counting on Congress to fig-leaf support for war, as also in Iraq, but now the white house and its (other) domestic warmonger nutters, and foreign subversion by Israel and Saudi mass murderers that pull trumps strings are the driving forces behind pre-meditated war that once begun, will get out of control.

With such mentally diseased and depraved players as trump, Bolton, Pompeo, the McConnel’s and Bidens of Congress,and abdication of responsibility by R’Cons and DINO Dems, the path to war rushes forward!


Dumbed down, asleep, propagandized, and programmed to be sheep?

I found someone I can finally thank for their service, Thank You, I went to Canada in 1969.

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Cyber warfare power failure.

Yeah, I’m sure Trump gave it some deep thought. Higher thinking skills are his forte. He has the best mind ever.