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Ditching Diplomatic Duties, Tillerson Accepts Lifetime Achievement Award From Oil Industry


Ditching Diplomatic Duties, Tillerson Accepts Lifetime Achievement Award From Oil Industry

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson—a former CEO of the world's largest oil company—is under fire on Monday for setting aside his diplomatic duties on Sunday to accept a lifetime achievement award from the World Petroleum Congress is Istanbul, Turkey.


And we know all-too-well where this billionaire’s allegiances lie…and it is not in the department of state, which is simply a vehicle for him to broker even more disastrous drilling/fracking deals to profit at the expense of our planet and all life on it. He has “divested” of his “financial interests/investments” on paper only. Yet another high-paid criminal/tribune in the Mango Mamba’s pit of vipers.


Few people can achieve what this man has. He successfully covered up climate change for the decades when we had the chance to turn the destruction of life on earth as we know it around. All the death and destruction and wars and refugees that can be laid directly at his feet is truly an amazing achievement.


Just how much did this ego trip cost me? Did Mr. Tillerson travel as Secretary of State? Did we pay his travel expenses? Did he have Secret Service protection? Did we pay their expenses? And did he go as a representative of the United States or of Exxon? Was accepting an award from a foreign government while he was a federal government official a conflict of interest? The Trump administration has not just blurred the lines of ethics, it has erased them!


Not even Ol’ Snarly himself, Cheney would accept such an award while serving as VP or in any other capacity during his many decades serving in the WH. He would simply say to keep it on the down-low until he leaves public office and then bestow the award on him (but he would gladly accept the check beforehand…).


If this doesn’t prove that the moral curve of the universe is false than I don’t know what is. Someone who has sentenced humanity to extinction and has committed ecocide is getting an award. Humanity was an evolutionary mistake.


He should be charged not honored