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Ditching Early and Amid Pressure, FBI Deputy Director McCabe Steps Down

Ditching Early and Amid Pressure, FBI Deputy Director McCabe Steps Down

Common Dreams staff

Following public pressure from President Trump, FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe is reportedly stepping down from his position—a departure, that while expected, is coming earlier than was originally expected.

It was widely understood that McGabe would retire in March of this year, after becoming eligible for his full pension benefits, but reporting on Monday indicates he will use accumulated leave time to reach that retirement date but will step down immediately from serving as the deputy director.

I look forward to McCabe’s book :wink:


I look forward to McCabe’s testimony under oath.


Despite all the bluster of Russia, Russia, Russia, there has been, up to recently, little evidence of collusion or interference. Trump’s money laundering is of course a different matter. However, the McClautchy newspaper chain just published an article linking the Deputy Chair of the Russian Central Bank with 50-90 million dollars going to the Trump campaign via a secondary conduit (the National Rifle Association). If correct, then this is clear evidence of direct foreign interference and the Trump administration is toast. A full blown constitutional crisis. Now, I wonder if McCabe’s resignation has anything to do with this. Hmmmmm.


Goose Step by Goose Step, this is how you craft a fascist state…


I look forward to Muellers indictments.

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We have never seen such ugliness on such public display, ever. As Ralph Nader said recently, the Ruling Class has removed the mask and their fangs are out. Yes, this is what American fascism looks like.


Nothing Mueller does will have any effect. Trump said himself, he could shoot someone in Time Square and they’d still love him. The GOP understand this and they will not impeach him. Like it or not, we are all along for and ugly ride that will end only when the public turn on the fascists. And that will take a very long time. They will unleash genuine terror upon us before that happens.


You know why Trump bullies people? It works.


That’s why they use terror too, it works. Ugly ugly times coming, as if the past 35 years of neo-liberal beggar they neighbor bloodletting by the fascists wasn’t enough.


Just think back a bit. W.'s term wasn’t THAT long ago.

I beg to differ, the collusion was on public display at Trump’s campaign rally when he called upon the Russians to hack Clinton’s emails. She was Secretary of State and I was surprised no one brought charges of treason against Trump en.


Which begs the question - why does it work?

I’d submit that its par for the course at this stage of empire collapse. But with caveats, agility and focus - but like Lot’s wife - the tears of those looking back and awakening from delusional predatory rhetoric might turn into pillars of salt.

Its at the stage of screaming into the mirror. People are getting out from under and out of the way of the heaving and falling debris in order to live life with integrity and swim against the tide (which will go out eventually with some help).

Strength in unity and exploring methods of Sociocracy:

The Three (or Four) Basic Principles

“Observing the basic principles is important because they ensure that the organization doesn’t slip back into autocratic or disorganized decision-making. There are many more practices and methods that are essential to implementing the basic principles but these requirements guide the adaptation of those methods to specific circumstances. The three basic principles are essential.”

OMG! That Sessions looks like a mean little Cracker.



Maybe this, along with the release of that memo will finally end the neo-McCarthyite red-baiting witch-hunt by the deep state elites against Trump and his fine staff and cabinet secretaries in the White House! Now they can finally fulfill their promises to the down-trodden working class!

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The Koch Brothers have pledged $400 million to elect Republicans in 2018. You can’t beat them anymore. Google is in the bag for the fascists, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter too (what do you expect from Zuckerberg whose core value is theft?) . Most young people trust Google more than their own mothers. Hamilton 68 is tracking the ONGOING Russian bot propaganda pustch. This will only change with time, and maybe not even then. We might be seeing the end of history. Generations of impoverishment for the masses, fascist impunity for the Ruling Class.


The Koch Brothers are the deepest of deep state and they’ve pledged $400 to elect more fascists from the GOP this year. Bernie Marcus another Zionist fascist and one of the wealthiest men in the world is 100% behind Trump, the mobster Sheldon Adelson too. The “deep state” if there is one operates on money, and the monied class is behind the most egregious creature ever in the Oval Office. You are a distorted human being.

“Red-baiting”?!? Are you aware of your ignorance?

Reagan began the wholesale dismantling of the Roosevelt New Deal by rolling back progressive redistributive taxation. That’s what set us on the road to where we are today. It’s all about the money, not the bass.

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HA Goodman’s take on this. It is somewhat different.