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Ditching Watchdog, Betsy DeVos Signals 'Open Season to Defraud' Student Borrowers


Ditching Watchdog, Betsy DeVos Signals 'Open Season to Defraud' Student Borrowers

Julia Conley, staff writer

Calling the move "outrageous and deeply troubling," consumer advocates and opponents of skyrocketing student debt spoke out Tuesday against the Trump administration's decision to end the working relationship between the Department of Education and the government watchdog tasked with helping oversee the federal student loan program and protect borrowers.


The only answer to the student loan crisis is jubilee. If the effing PTB don’t do this, I recommend mass default by as many students as possible. The only thing they understand is money. A trillion dollar default would surely get their attention.


And the evil continues to spread unabated and unobstructed destroying and/or ruining all manner of life in its burning path. Meanwhile, the GOP-ruled House and Senate, finally back from yet another long recess, validate this ruination and destruction with their inaction to curb it. The ship of state and our nation are going under and the tyrant and his demons have only been enthroned for 227days.


God is money I believe they believe. Also, they, the DeVos family, Betsy, and her brother Eric Prince can not be fully human, can they? By the way, I hear the NBA pro-basketball season begins in October and the DeVos Family owns the Orlando Magic NBA pro-basketball team. Don’t go to any Magic games this season everybody, and I mean everybody, or watch the Magic on your tee vee, no matter where they play, or buy their swag, merchandice, or anything else that puts money into their pockets, and they the DeVos Family will get the message fast, real fast. Otherwise, it is the God Money business as usual, same story different day.


Warren was Shocked. I can’t imagine why. This is just par for the course.


Lechers prey on children as well as elders seeking experience and education.

Lecher is the word for preying on the unsuspecting innocent soul seeking education.


The Magic’s home court is the “Amway Center” in downtown Orlando. Should be the “Scamway Center”. Boycott Amway also.


This too shall pass but this broad’s gonna waste a lot of tax money that could be better spent on paying teachers a living wage in the meantime.


Betsy DeVos is true to herself. She displays all of the compassion and empathy of someone who has never - ever - gone without one single thing. I salute her. Unfortunately, I am only able to use one of my fingers to do so.


We were told by the likes of Bannon to expect deviant acts as this and, voila, here they are.
Looks like there’s nothing to be done about any of it, except to show our true colors as Americans - grit, determination, hard work.
And I hear there’s a bridge for sale somewhere…


Wouldn’t mind if the “Scamway Center” had a brush with Irma.


Neither can I. Just like Robert Reich. Shocked, they tells us, shocked.