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Divergent Visions: GOP Budget Plans Don't Line Up With US Priorities


Divergent Visions: GOP Budget Plans Don't Line Up With US Priorities

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The differences between the four budget proposals recently put forth by President Barack Obama, both Republican-majority houses of the U.S. Congress, and the Congressional Progressive Caucus are "stark," according to a new analysis—while some provisions in the GOP blueprints "completely miss the mark in responding to what Americans say they want."


Defense spending is a misnomer. Much of the budget goes for offensive capabilites. A large portion of that for offensive intimidation and policing. Mine is bigger than yours, just makes the other side go bigger. The military and the Chamber of Commerce have become an unholy predatory alliance. Or the MIC as Ike aptly called it. Might is not right. The far right is wrong.


Yes, the far right is wrong; unfortunately, the “center extreme right placating the center right” is also wrong. Personally. I’m tired of the “saves X Billion over ten years” crap. The US budget needs serious, radical action now. It no longer natters what Americans want; they keep electing the dopes who come up with these science fiction defense budgets. It’s been well-established that suburban and rural voters who are in bade economic shape themselves, always vote against their own best interests because these same voters believe the “takers” will be hurt. After all, Americans don’t regard themselves as poor or disadvantaged; they are temporarily inconvenienced millionaires. Members of both Houses, in both parties, no longer know nor care what the electorate thinks. Advisors, lobbyists, and special interests of all stripes, have specific shopping lists to present to Congress. It’s as bad as the counterparts in the state legislatures. Is the Illinois General Assembly, really, dominated by Democrats? Or are the leading members actually just neoliberals, who will do the bidding of the same owners/operators of Congress? In states, the voters are easily satisfied by show-ponies like the lamented/lamentable Aaron Schock, who can talk a good game whilst looking good; they’re really just spinning deals for themselves and their rich friends.


Past time for a war tax on war profiteers and hedge funds to pay for the ever expanding war making.


The GOP framers of their corporate giveaway budget obviously don’t care about “U S priorities” as they look to their next election cycle and the requisite fundraising. Feeding, educating, housing, providing medical/health care for ALL people of ALL ages in need are nowhere to be seen on their list of “priorities.” Au contraire, their solution to government providing/funding a perpetual social safety net is for everyone seeking “entitlements” is to “get a job.” They objectify “the others” and simply ignore or turn a blind eye to anyone outside their immediate vicinity or donor circles. Their mean-spiritedness towards millions of Americans and ignorance of our nation’s crumbling, aging infrastructure are abhorrent.


Americans don’t regard themselves as poor or disadvantaged; they are temporarily inconvenienced millionaires.
Good one! Yes, and project themselves into their celebrity worship and idolisation of the rich. Of course its not just Americans. At a minimum it is all of us living under the western meida, or I would have no experience to form a basis for agreement.


Well, I’m an American, and I haven’t seen a liberal budget plan that lines up with my priorities. While it’s too complex for a simple post, the bottom line is that its impossible to save (much less, rebuild!) the middle class without shoring up the poor. Without a large enough middle class, the economy will collapse, and quite possibly, the US will collapse.In the real world, not everyone can work (health, etc.), and there simply aren’t jobs for all who urgently need one. The US shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s, and have chosen to “disappear” our poverty crisis from the discussion.

I think we should learn from experience, and look at our own history. From FDR to Reagan, we had implemented policies and programs that took the US to its height of wealth and productivity. With Reagan, we began reversing course, ending those policies and programs, etc. The overall quality of life in the US was rated at #1 when Reagan was first elected. By the time Obama was elected, this had already plunged to #43. How can we put the best interests of the country ahead of our desire to scapegoat the poor?


The government, no matter which party controls it, has no connection to the citizenry other than to purchase their votes at election time. After that, people just don’t count. As long as voters - those pitiful few who actually vote - elect these people again and again, nothing will change. From outside the country, the USA government is a sorry joke that has little to do with democracy. The evidence is clear in the proposed budgets.


I get a real feeling that conservatives know they are going to lose and rather than pull back, they are out to steal as much as they can as quickly as they can before they are stopped. It has all become very public and shameless, as they became less secretive about it all in the desperate rush to grab what they can before their insane game is stopped, either through government reformation or just total system collapse.