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Diverse Coalition Protest Plans for Offshore Drilling Along East Coast


Diverse Coalition Protest Plans for Offshore Drilling Along East Coast

Ingrid Biedron

Since the Obama Administration announced its proposal to open the Atlantic Coast to offshore oil exploration and development, more than 500 national, state and local elected officials have taken public stances against the move, including over 60 coastal towns, cities and counties. Business-minded organizations have also voiced their opposition, from tourism boards to chambers of commerce, and the list of concerned stakeholders continues to grow.


If politicians ended fossil fuel subsidies and subsidized renewable energy, higher fuel costs for our big gas guzzlers would guarantee these politician’s unpopularity. Does any politician have the courage to put his job on the line?

But what if we did it by binding popular referendum and bypassed politicians?


After the Maconda deep spill, no SANE government would grant more deep sea drilling licenses. Period!

The record of the Oil giants/prospectors is abysmal. Look at the coast of Santa Barbara now, Alaska after Exxon-Valdes, the massive recent wound to the Gulf, the constant spills by rail and the earthquake activity heightened due to fracking.

This technology is deadly on SO many counts and as Harvey Wasserman and others point out, a shift to a MENU of green options could replace fossil fuels within 20 years. Instead, the corporate sellout (and that’s a polite term) Obama is handing over the keys to the kingdom. Between the TPP and TIPP, consistency of foreign wars, uptick in police brutality, not reining in the banks, and giving the Oil giants a pass on their criminal record… this administration is such a sorry excuse for anything remotely of benefit to the American people; that is, the persons who are not corporations! It is guilty (as were its recent predecessors) of crimes against Nature & Humanity.


Thanks for the information’s, Well done bravo!