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Divest Shmivest. Trump to Reportedly Keep Stake in Business Run by Sons


Divest Shmivest. Trump to Reportedly Keep Stake in Business Run by Sons

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Despite calls to divest, it appears that President-elect Donald Trump will maintain a stake in his business, according to reporting by the New York Times on Wednesday, as he makes plans to hand the sprawling empire over to sons Donald Jr. and Eric.


When kings were crowned in medieval Europe and thereafter, they did not have to divest themselves of their enterprises (lands they previously pillaged then enslaving the peasants as serfs and indentured servants to farm the acreage, take care of the animals and wildlife - hunted ONLY by the royalty and gentry, taking care of all buildings inside and out while living in hovels out of sight of the main manse or in cold, damp cellars and/or attics) . In fact, as monarchs they acquired more land and more serfs and built castles, hunting lodges, and summer palaces all the while bestowing titles and lands to their fellow noblemen and aristocrats who pledged loyalty to him. (Is there a parallel here?) DT in all his hubris and narcissism considers his new-found status to be that of king or emperor, far beyond being a mere plebian president. His word is law therefore he does not have to: abide by any laws Constitutional or otherwise; follow accepted protocol established over two-plus centuries; or adhere to any presidential practices that run counter to his own purposes. The presidency to him is simply a major conduit for expanding his empire (divine right of kings), filling his coffers to overflowing, and setting up his progeny financially and socially (he thinks) for the rest of their lives. Welfare of the nation, the people, all life, the environment, the world, and the planet be damned.

So much for representing the wants and needs of the common man whom he "used" and on whose backs he stepped to get to the top of the heap.

Perhaps DT should look into what happened to his fellow Austrian, Marie Antoinette and her husband, Louis XVI.


Then he might find himself out of the presidency a lot sooner than he thinks he'll be: http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/12/08/divest-or-face-impeachment-an-open-letter-to-donald-trump/
Kick this donkey to the curb! (With apologies to donkeys everywhere ...)


Do you really think our spineless Congress would impeach Trump for a conflict of interest?
They never impeached Bush for war crimes.
They never impeached Obama for war crimes.
Now when The Donald starts having sex with interns, we might have a chance.


Trump would seem to be a symptom of oligarchy having down-shifted and popped the clutch on all derivative constructs in every way possible and at full speed, hit the immovable wall. That wall is history and people fed up with the manipulations and destruction that is the centuries of "free market" externalization of costs.
Even if you just go back in history to the genocide of indigenous peoples the world over by the colonizing megalomaniacs, which was cooked into deficient pablum and spoon fed for generations - have you ever seen an estimate of the value raped into the legacy holdings?
Even if you try to get an estimate of the 'externalized' costs of the manipulations unveiled by General Smedly Butler, what you discover yourself doing is ASSESSING THE COSTS OF LIFE TODAY.
Of course the oligopoly hates social conscience programs of shared human respect, sustainable ecological paradigms and demonizes them eight ways from Sunday: it reveals the costs they have been denying since the start of their 'little game'.


Good point ... how many wives has he had, and when did he have 'relations' with them (the first 100 times)? I'll bet good money it was long b4 he married them! Also, if those 2.7 million that didn't vote for him were to call their elected terrorists once a week I kinda imagine we'd get action on an impeachment ... look at it this way, we seriously have nothing to lose by pushing for it!


Hey, they never put banksters on trial, and Trump is one of the fraudsters.


Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton were impeached. Added to all the other stuff it will cause further disruption. The next four years will probably be very turbulent if Trump manages to stay in office. He won with a minority of votes and a large percentage of people who voted for him don't like him at all but could not bring themselves to vote for Clinton. Trump may be be starting out almost where Nixon was after his role in Watergate became clear.


What will he do when someone who doesn't like him or his policies decides to blow up one of his foreign properties. Hasn't anyone in DC thought of this?