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Divestment, Justice, and Vision: In Praise of a New Generation of Climate Leaders


Divestment, Justice, and Vision: In Praise of a New Generation of Climate Leaders

Climate Justice Leaders

Four years ago, a handful of college students travelled to West Virginia. In the heart of the Appalachian mountains, they saw two things: the destruction wrought by the fossil fuel industry, and the ongoing resistance of communities that have lived alongside it for generations.


" between a dirty industry and a just future; between young people and the billionaire CEOs dismantling their futures and so many others’ present lives"
and not to forget a new generation of politicians not bought by the industry , and billionaire CEOs profiting from poisoning our environment . We all must participate in this endeavor no matter how small a difference we feel we make . We need to look ahead 7 generations .


its obvious that none of the signatories to this insipid letter have any knowledge of the stock market. The oil companies neither know nor care if you or your university sell your shares of their stock. The only impact on them is changing the name on the dividend checks. When you “divest” you sell your shares to another investor. The oil company isn’t involved in that sale, and has no financial interest. Divestment is absolutely meaningless!


It’s great to feel, think, and do these things. Reality is, most Americans do not give a damn. Nothing stops people from using petroleum excessively in the United States. I am 56, haven’t owned a car in 30 years. Around me there are more cars per capita and more driving than ever before. Unfortunately for many of you, at a point you will have to join this madness that is the United States, eating, pillaging, polluting out of some pathological need. I wish everyone the best, and I wish it weren’t true.