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Divisive Election Bad for America but 'Damn Good' for Corporate Media



Isn't it quaint, the airwaves belong to you and me, they're like the best things in life, they're free.


Trump for all his faults definitely has business acumen, because Trump has played the MSM whores and presstitutes like a fiddle!


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which is precisely why the media love what is going on in Syria right now, and Flint, and Iraq, and Afghanistan, and Libya, and Greece. The media love it all. And the media love any candidate who can make more of that stuff happen after being elected. The media love polls that make the campaign seem much more close than it really is, because more people are glued to their television sets when elections seem close. Once in a while they might misreport the polls in order to keep viewers coming back. The media loved the fact that Scalia was such a controversial Supreme Court justice. And they loved it when he died too. They also love the fact that the Republicans are obstructing the process of appointing a new justice. They loved everything about Scalia and they continue to love him. They loved it when Michael Brown got shot, and they loved it when the Ferguson Police Department was held accountable for it. They loved it when El Chapo was captured, and they loved it even more when he escaped. They love the fact that people are demanding that Donald Trump release his tax returns, and they also love the fact that he won't.

And you know who loves it when all these things happen just as much as the media does? The corporations that advertise on television (including presidential campaigns), because when there is chaos and catastrophe in the world and people's lives are being destroyed, a lot more people see television ads. Wars overseas translate directly into corporate profit at home.

At the moment, there is nothing going on in Paraguay that boosts television ratings, but the media and the corporations are hoping the next president will change that and make Paraguay more like Palestine so that we can all make a lot more money.


Corporate Media...."We don't care if the country goes to hell, just as long as we can make money off of it".


Perhaps you should "look it up".

The term divisive has mostly negative connotations.

It isn't synonymous with having "differences of opinion." It isn't synonymous with having several choices, or alternative theories of governing, and most certainly it is not synonymous with "representative governance!"

Divisiveness can be (& most often is) a very bad thing.

Divisive definition:
1.causing or tending to cause disagreement or dissension, tending to cause hostility between people

c.1600, "having a quality of dividing," from Latin divis-, past participle stem of dividere (see divide (v.)) + -ive. Meaning "producing discord" is from 1640s.

at odds
More words related to divisive
adj. conflicting, warring

I could go on & on (too late, I already did!), but I hope you get my point. The word used fits this election well. And it is BAD for this country. Trump & the Republican crazies are bad for this country. Hillary Clinton is bad for this country... oops, there I go again! :slightly_smiling:


Elections are meant to be divisive,...that's true, and they can get pretty rough and knuckles-in-the-dirt, at times, but this one is particularly fierce. Trump is crazy, but Cruz is far worse.


If candidates HAD TO be given x amount of air time AS A CONDITION of a media corporation's corporate charter, and therefore DID NOT have pay millions of dollars to said corporations, s*it like this wouldn't be helping to make a mockery of democracy.

You said it yourself, motherf*cker. It "...may not be good for America..."

That is PRECISELY how all of these STATELESS scumbags think AND operate. And (except Sanders) the candidates too.


The media has become Frankenstein , and the monster it has created is Trump,

Able only to communicate in terms of bullying, or self aggrandizing, or the most childish of pouts when any dare to criticize or question his rhetoric.

The media gave power to it's creation, infusing it with hour after hour of bright lights, makeup to lend a human persona ....of sorts, and fawning sycophant's to boost the ever voracious yet vacuous smile.

And the mad spin doctors in the media laboratory,rejoiced at the mayhem they helped unleash upon the land, for the coffers were over flowing and it was good. They knew in their hearts it was wrong, but the coffers over flowing trumped them.


Amy Goodman and our good souls at CD also


we are just living among the ruins of what used to something of a democracy...I wouldn't say entirely, that's for sure., but something...what is that poem by Yeats: The Second Coming:
"Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity."
--- Yeats was a genius.....now we just have mendacity....(at best)....


And the full time horror show of a Trump presidency will generate even more cash for networks as they train their cameras on scenes of swat teams packing Mexican families onto cattle cars up and busting up Muslim businesses. Anticipate on air scenes in which border guards gun down people in the desert and cops shoot fleeing suspects. And all the while, Les Moonves and his buddies will be cheering him on.


The GOP for the longest time have been anything but lacking in divisiveness. What they have lacked is to “...offer alternative ways and means to govern.” Their creativity overflows when it comes to strengthening and growing the status quo, a 'virtue' the New Dems have become enamored by and adopted as their own religion for a generation. If you look really close at the media images, you can see the Chichester Cat grin of Edward Bernays imprinted as a perpetual watermark.

If fermentation and breaking out of the box was a sure fire means of getting media attention, along with the concomitant and lavish supply of advertising cash flow, then Bernie Sanders would be a horn of plenty. Trump and the gang are doing it by acting as if they've got fifteen pints in their blood stream. But Sanders is talking about real changes. Real changes. As in status quo changes. This is more than mere 'divisiveness'. That is the real thing. The reactions of the elites and their mouth piece, the msm, reflect this with crystal clarity.

Human interactions can be immensely complex but methods of exercising power in societies have always been straight forward. They are independent of time or technology or evolution in rational thinking. They don't involve 5th order differential equations or abstract concepts, but rely on the effects of propaganda and deception. When Les Moonves says what can be bad for the country but good for CBS, he's covered by laws made for just that purpose. He must legally maximize profits for the company and its investors. Now, if some source f**ks with that reality it's more than 'divisiveness'. It's not people acting as if they couldn't pass a blood alcohol test...but a corollary to Les Moonves's comment that shows what's good for America can be bad for CBS. The wizard without his curtain.

The real danger to the status quo is the population. The threat of protagonists such as Sanders is communicating that to the population. It's that basic. And thus that 'dangerous'.