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'Divisive, Illiberal and Calculating' Theresa May to be Crowned UK Prime Minister



And in these troubled times of countless neo-liberal failures, U.K. welcomes the 2nd incarnation of Margaret Thatcher!

I guess in the same way that elites found it strategic to prop up a Black President and now a woman (in the U.S.), it's easier to task a Minority Candidate with bringing the hedge hammer down heavy... and by that I mean, using every pretext of Terrorism and/or violent extremism to enact the Austerity Measures already on the 1%'s wish list.

It's particularly loathsome when a Black Leader decries Affirmative Action or a woman, Equal (Gender-based) Rights. But it's precisely these types of turncoats that Establishment Powers welcome to the circle... so long as they remain willing to turn on their own and do NOTHING to improve the lot of those they would arguably most wish to serve.

"In fact, as the Independent noted on Monday, much of May's decades-long career has been marked by opposition to legislation that "guarantees equality and human rights."


A May/Clinton era would give the term MEGATHATCHER new meaning.


So much for Women's Lib and the mantra 'if only women ruled the world we would have a more peaceful and just society' (or words to that effect).


I'm sure the two will get along famously - at least until one does something the other doesn't like.


I am really tired of this!

Why can't you understand that ANYONE outside of typical Patriarchy (i.e. not a white male) can only climb the ranks IF they adopt the ideology, practices, and demands of Patriarchal Capitalism.

Lady Macbeth was that type of female. Most women are not.

Lady Macbeth was so keen on becoming Queen that when her husband could not kill the innocent, sleeping king, she did so.

There are numerous archetypes that represent the spectrum of Feminine Essence and experience. There are also numerous archetypes for males that are FAR healthier than Mars. However, so long as society is centered upon war and the lion's share of its financial resources dedicated to that dark objective, many men will be conditioned to think their validation for being men only comes from carrying a weapon and wearing a uniform.

I have explained many times--as drawn from the work of Jungian Teacher and Psychoanalyst, Jean Shinoda Bolen--that the female archetype (one of six) that gravitates to positions of power is Athena.

Athena denies having a mother or having been born through a mother. In other words, she deviates from the whole notion of woman as primal nurturer.

Instead, Athena asserts that she was born from her father (patriarchy) Zeus' head. Zeus, as the basic CEO of Olympus runs things. He is the man of power and in charge.

The Daughter of Zeus is the woman who does NOT identify with women or motherhood, but rather, in her lust for power... derives all that she is from her father's head, or ideology. She is a champion of war and patriarchal capitalism.

One mostly sees THAT type of female in any position of power because the nature of the beast is that it self-selects ONLY that type of female to serve in positions of authority. She is no threat to the system.

However, she only represents a minority of women.

Do you honestly think if Vandana Shiva, Jill Stein, Berta Caceras, Amy Goodman, Dr. Flowers, Michelle Alexander, Kshama Sawant, Abby Martin, Naomi Klein or others like them had positions of major authority... that the same lethal priorities kept in place through fiscal and military muscle would remain the governing protocols of our times?

People like you, admittedly or not, don't like women. You are uncomfortable with women having as much (or more) authority as men; and you're arguing for the status quo which IS male Dominant. Those positions are anathema to Progressive values or even those of Marx.

Tainting 3.5 billion women due to the actions of this handful... is like calling all Blacks Criminals, or all Mexicans rapists. No doubt, you're another tunnel vision Trump Supporter whose only real driving political agenda is to retain as much power for white males as you can. The only way you know to do this is to attempt to destroy the credibility, value, and virtue of other sects.


"Crowned", now there's a term...


Seems like we need to take this whole world back. It's broken everywhere.


I think you mean, women can be, and are corrupted too. However, if only women were allowed to hold public office, I suggest there would be far less corruption overall.


Bad to worse in the UK - with this Thatcher clone.


"Do you honestly think if Vandana Shiva, Jill Stein, Berta Caceras, Amy Goodman, Dr. Flowers, Michelle Alexander, Kshama Sawant, Abby Martin, Naomi Klein or others like them had positions of major authority... that the same lethal priorities kept in place through fiscal and military muscle would remain the governing protocols of our times?"



What more infrastructure decimation can be done after the parched earth policies of Thatcher? MT dismantled the public rail access system that severely impacted the low-wage workers that used it to commute to work and the system has never recovered. She was an inveterate warmonger and pawn of the Lords/moneyed elite and now the phantasm of MT has occupied another body: T. May. The medical service program in the UK has been under fire by the conservabots for years and it appears that will be a big bullseye for May after her "coronation." Is there no human compassion left among the politicians world round?


Amazing how the warmongers always find a way to continue to stay in and hold on to the power.


You know how soldiers sometimes have to be deprogrammed or debriefed after a particular trauma?

I think I could make a compelling argument that so much in the history of patriarchy, and of late, Patriarchal Capitalism, has produced enormous trauma.

I'm mentioning this because with the conditioning of this top-down system that allotted privileges mostly to white males for centuries, with everyone else treated to some variation on the theme of abject slavery, for women to open their wingspans across the true Feminine Essence will require something equivalent to massive debriefing or deprogramming.

Nor can men avoid that same education.

There is no respect for life because there is little respect for women and/or the birth canal.

Sure, there are some men who get it and some women who act like men... since they seek the validation and power that exists within the current deeply flawed system.

I've shared this anecdote from my college days before, but it's powerful and apt... to those who have the insight to recognize what it imparts:

I was a sophomore and had a circle of friends who were juniors and seniors. On this particular night, about 30-35 college students were gathered in an apartment and lots of joints were circulating. The subject became that of INFINITY.

My best buddy then, who's now the head of 2 major N.Y. hospitals, and I had a lot of fun with that discussion. We were reading things like Edgar Cayce, Carlos Casteneda, and mystical literature.

What it boiled down to was that the math, orthodox science, and engineering students were absolutely sure one could MEASURE infinity.

And those of us, shades of Jimi Hendrix' s rhetorical question--had been "experienced" on altered consciousness planes, and therefore could see the inanity of the assertion.

At essence, the very meaning of infinity makes it impossible to measure since measurements involve beginning and end points.

Einstein explained that no problem could be solved form the level of thinking that generated the problem.

Patriarchy IS the problem. From patriarchy--given its hierarchical operations and castes/classes of privilege--came capitalism.

Only those who can transcend the mindset and conditioning of patriarchy can begin to express their truer essences, or come to realize that human "nature" and human possibility have NEVER been properly expressed through the limited channels left open by the systems of control, of domination, of male-emphasis, and of yesterday.

To those who get upset with me because they think I am condemning all males... perhaps they might understand that I am talking about conditioned consciousness and how it operates on the basis of gender. And that both genders HAVE suffered from it, and both require RECOVERY from its program.

Like a dashing attorney I dated some moons ago, I am going to copy him and pat myself on the back. I think this is my best explanation yet for this subject, a subject I have revisited often (some would say too often) in this forum.

Of course, if I thought the needle had moved one iota in terms of demonstrating increased enlightenment on this subject, I would not need to repeat myself at all!

(I am not aiming that at you, Lucky. You're far kinder and less misogynistic than the majority who post here.)


Their natures comport with the Mars Rules Required Resume and assorted bona fides.


I personally have no problem with Theresa May becoming the pm. At present Im very pleased how Brexit is unfolding. British politics has most definitely shifted to the left. We can now start saying goodbye to migration led growth and what a disaster that turned out to be. A drop in sterling and controlled immigration means we can start investing in home grown talent and businesses instead of the ridiculous warehouse factories employing minimum waged eu nationals steadily littering our greenbelt and we can start democratizing corporate governance. All going according to plan in my opinion and so continuity is exactly what we need right now. And of course getting out of the eu as quickly as possible.

Democracy is not just about elections, its about engaging with existing processes including writing to mps.


Conservatives hunger for power derives from the fact that conservatives live in fear and want to control everything that might make them afraid:



Maybe if we just turn it off and turn it back on again, it will run better.


Well, well, well. As I predicted. Brexit is a victory for the loony-tune right and will drive the UK deeper into austerity-driven depression with the complete destruction of the former British social democracy that once upon a time made it a reasonable place in which to live. As Thatcher, Blair and Cameron have proved and as now proved by this right-wing loony, shit certainly floats to the top. Thank you, Nigel Farage and your skinhead louts of UKIP; thank you Boris Johnson. 37 years since the much-mythologised "winter of discontnent" and it has only got worse; Arthur Scargill got it right. Thatcher, close friend of the criminal dictator and mass-murderer General Pinochet of Chile, was the start of right-wing police-state Britain.


One can only pray that anthropogenic global warming gets us before the right-wing loonies in the the USA and Europe start WW3 and the consequent nuclear winter. It is the lesser of the two evils.