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DIY Democracy


DIY Democracy

Jim Hightower

What do the workaday majority of Americans want their lawmakers working on? Check any legitimate poll — or just listen to most any barstool conversation down at the Bottoms Up pub — and you'll hear them saying clearly and consistently that they want such basics as middle-class jobs, health care for all, a fixed-up infrastructure, a government uncorrupted by corporate cash, a little less greed... and, you know, the Common Good. And what have they been getting from their national and (most) state governments?


“When government fears the voters you have democracy. When voters fear the government you have tyranny” - Thomas Jefferson

Its been at least 40 years since the US Government felt ANY pressure to deliver for the 99%. Other than a few social issues that cost the 1% nothing, legislation at the national level for the past 37 years has benefited the 1% at the expense of the 99%.


Good assessment, I’d say–what we have done has not worked. And by we, I do not mean the government.

Let’s do something different.

Let us divest persistently and progressively from the major powers of abuse. This is longer and slower than a boycott. It cannot be done all at once because we have our own dependencies and because our ruling enemies exercise considerable coercion. But we need to progress towards not paying in to destructive systems and not working for them.


Good idea in theory Jim, but in practice even this method is co-opted by the 1%'s human tools at the state and local level. Take a look at what Maine has done since the voters legalized weed by referendum, everything they could to override the will of the voters. We will see more of this if the voters try to legislate using this method, and if the voters become successful with it, expect to see laws outlawing this method. Ray’s posting above with one of Jefferson’s quotes hits the mark and rings true even today.
We must invent a method that makes them FEAR us, and I mean really fear us. I’ll leave it up to you to figure what that method is.