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DNC 2016: Worlds Collide as Bernie Meets Hillary


DNC 2016: Worlds Collide as Bernie Meets Hillary

Ruth Conniff

Democratic convention got off to a rocky start, as Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz abruptly announced plans to step down just as delegates from around the country were arriving in Philadelphia on Sunday. Leaked emails had revealed Wasserman Schultz and her staff making derogatory comments about Bernie Sanders and apparently coordinating with the Hillary Clinton campaign to try to defeat him in the primaries.

Sanders supporters didn’t need much more proof that, as Sanders so often said on the campaign trail, “the system is rigged.”


"The mood in the hall when he left was elated, not defeated. That, in itself, was a victory."

I am curious to know how this squares with Sanders delegates walking out on the proceedings.
Similarly, the photos of Sanders shortly after his speech do not show a happy camper.


This is off topic but I want to get it out there. Since I don't pay much attention to the MSM I tend to miss some of the propaganda. It looks to me like the corporate state has gone insane with all the Russia nonsense.


I still think about peace



Seriously?! WTF!!


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While I cannot support Hillary and will be voting for Jill Stein in the upcoming election, I would be severely disappointed if Commondreams only ever posted news and views that I wanted to read.

I think it is important to step out of one's comfort zone. If really understanding what is going on in the world is one's goal, then read opposing viewpoints, read tangential viewpoints, go look for foreign sources as well as domestic sources, and never be content to let one's own views go unchallenged. Even the news services that are making a legitimate effort to convey the truth are still run by human beings, being limited in their ability to know everything.

Commondreams has certainly presented articles that I've disagreed with before, and in such contentious times, they're certain to post more. But I suppose I'm more aligned with the Louis Brandeis school of speech. "If there be time to expose through discussion the falsehood and fallacies, to avert the evil by the processes of education, the remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence." - Concurring, Whitney v. California, 1927


Dear Ruth Coniff----Woman to Woman:

I have longed for women to take on leadership roles that move the world toward a place of grace and humanity by standing up for peace, equality and justice.

As such, it is devastating to witness the nomination of Hillary Clinton for president.

This is a horrific moment in history for women. It is a time when we are seeing the glorification of this woman---- Hillary Clinton----promoted for doing whatever it takes to feed the beast of capitalism. And tragically this is being celebrated by many women as an achievement.

She is a hubristic woman----no hint of humility or compassion in her character or her actions. She is leading by embodying the destructive forces of patriarchy: power, greed, ego and subjugation. When she is questioned about her mistakes, she consistently and vehemently blames others.

She and her campaign use the term: “Breaking the Glass Ceiling”.

Where does that term come from?

The term was used in a book (coincidentally written in 1984),The Working Woman Report by Gay Bryant. Later it was used in a 1986 Wall Street Journal article on barriers to women in high corporate positions.

It is significant that the germination of this metaphor("breaking the glass ceiling") came from, in part, the Wall Street Journal and was related to barriers that keep women from securing high corporate positions.

So yes, HRC broke the metaphorical glass ceiling with a sledge hammer built from literal lies, manipulation and intimidation.

This is not a woman. This is a cog in the wheel of the killing machine that is capitalism.

We can look at her as having broken a glass ceiling. But it is a glass ceiling that smashes the way to more corporate control which will ultimately feed the other looming beast that is fascism.

To quote Richard Moser:
“Fighting Fascism with the corporate power seems a doomed project since it is precisely the merger of the corporation and government that sets the conditions for the rise of fascism. That is the historical moment we are in and paradox we face”


It is Dr. Jill Stein...sucks when you have to raise money. Thats why bernie ran as a democrat.


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Excellent comment.


What she met to say was those few who were left in the hall after he left were elated. :slight_smile:


Well written. Can you give some info on Richard Moser? Perhaps a citation for the quote?


Alan, should have provided the link---sorry! Here goes (and thank you):


Why is the Sanders campaign described as "insurgent"? It was a campaign for an alternative candidate for POTUS. That's all.


Every time iread Ruth Conniff's writing it reminds me how much I miss Erwin Knoll (who preceded her as editor of the Progressive). Well, at least she has a nice cheesy smile! What will be intersting will be to see how many of the Bernie supporters who have promised to never vote for Hillary either vote for Jill Stein or just stay home.

Short attention spans afflict the Bernie crowd just as much they do the corporate Republicans and Democrats. Short attention spans are fed by ceaseless exposure to TV advertising. That should be enough reason to embargo TV watching until after Nov 8. If you need some more motivation to vote for neither, consider their vice presidential candidates.


Thank you for your kind words Bliss.


That's plausible and almost certainly what's been happening. I just posted on another article's thread my own theory, tongue in cheek, yeah, but I've been pretty good at predicting till now. So here goes: one evening a year or so ago, Donnie, Hill and Bill were sitting around enjoying after-dinner drinks, and Donnie said, "Hey, Hill, how about when you run for prez I do too. And I'll be so crazy and scary that even the Kochs" (he loves that word!) "and the banks and all that bunch will vote for you." And they laughed, and then Bill said, "Well, why not?"