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DNC Achieved Unity Through Forced Conformity And Manufactured Consent


DNC Achieved Unity Through Forced Conformity And Manufactured Consent

Rania Khalek

After returning home from the Democratic convention, I was shocked to learn that friends and family who followed the extravaganza had no idea that there were protests on the inside.

How was this possible? I was there. I witnessed the tension. Each day of the convention was marred by protests, with hundreds of Sanders delegates chanting, booing, walking out, and waving signs in defiance of Hillary Clinton’s coronation.


You all need to get behind Hillary, so get rid of that "no TPP" sign! And, by the way, how come people think Hillary's lying when she says she opposes TPP?


The media already boosted manufacturing of consent and faux news long before the Philly convention site was selected.

Thanks Rania for your blow by blow that fully validates my decision to not watch or hear even one minute of Philly convention broadcasts.


What is so wonderful about this is that it furthers the political education of a whole new generation of activists. Clearly the ideological chasm in the Democratic Party is deep and permanent. There is no way to reconcile the positions of the two camps. One is the Democratic establishment owned by finance capital and the other, ours, is truly a movement led by working class people. One is the represent of a dying crony capitalist order and the other represents revolutionary change. The Clintonites may have "won" this battle, but they are ideologically dead and our people will be the ones writing the history books.


You got everything right except for one fact the sycophants refuse to accept to their own demise. Sanders Supporters and Progressive Independents (the REAL ones not those calling themselves Progressives while condoning massive corruption) will not under ANY circumstances be voting for HRC. It is basic math really! See Progressive Independent voter's outnumber Democrats & Republican establishment parties by double digits (that's 44% of the vote for those who don't know) and will win by a Landslide for whever they stand for. As they won't be standing for ANY establishment candidates who have used pure unadulterated corruption not seen in ANY US General Election in all of US Political History they will stand with an outsider in order to finally break the establishment's back and give our government back to We The People. As it was Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz who either ordered or were directly responsible for the illegal activities of covertly coluding with the DNC which was required to remain unbiased throughout the primaries and did everything it could to undermine every candidate for HRC's campaign. We all know what she did. We all know that it was as corrupt as sin and we all know that HRC is already rattling her saber threatening YOUR children and grandchildren's very lives with her perpetual wars. Yet here you sit making comments as though we have to do anything for that woman? If you believe that then you truly are a special kind of stupid because if Trump wins it will be entirely her sycophants fault for accepting such a weak candidate who after this primary cycle cannot honestly be under any circumstances trusted with the safe guarding of this country in any way, shape or form.
No Matter how many positives you can list, the very fact that this nomination was made with nothing short of Election Fraud, Voter Supression and outright illegally stripping people of their right to vote and have their votes counted and that is just evil. So when Trump wins, pat yourselves on the back because you didn't need OUR votes to steal the election so you won't be getting them in the General Election either.
By the way, that candidate we are all throwing our weight behind now is Jill Stein so get ready to see no less than a 44% vote for her giving her what We The People have been demanding at every single one of Bernie Sanders Rallies.
#DemExit #RepExit #JillStein2016


This election is bizarre. Two years of hype and billions of dollars of propaganda has led us to this. I just watched the movie, "Clinton Cash", which opened my eyes to the corruption of the Clinton Foundation. Hillary is not only a war criminal, but she and Bill will sell their souls for personal gain without a second thought. That the convention was cleansed is no surprise. Seems to me it's all been preordained. I'll vote for Jill, but will have no faith my vote will count or that anyone else's will.


Regarding "manufacturing consent".

Is Professor Chomsky still suggesting holding our noses and voting for the Queen of Chaos?

After all these years and all those books, is this all he's got?


And does the DNC think that Sanders supporters get our news from the MSM and will now vote for Hillary? This is just making things worse, not better.

DemExit is a real thing.

Independents support Bernie over Trump and Trump over Clinton. We're 43% and growing.

Back when the DNC was stealing the primary for Clinton through election fraud and other crap, they kept taunting us with "feel the math." So how's that math working out for your now Hillbots? Do you think you can steal more votes than the (R)s who control most of the states and thus the state elections and who hate you with a passion? If Stein gets above 5% it won't be from disgruntled Republicans.


I have to agree with Trump: the whole con/ convention was rigged against Bernie. But the fact that Bernie bought into the con and failed to walk out and join Jill Stein ( who offered Bernie to join her campaign rather than selling out to HRC ) and never complained about being screwed by the DNC and its rigged convention, tells me Bernie was disingenuous and acquiesced to the big $ that he so vehemently decried.


Great article, Rania.
I would like to remind or perhaps inform you that Bernie DNC volunteers were no longer given credentials after Monday. I was one of them; it was a real disappointment to those who had come across the country to participate.


If you believed the illusion of unity at the Democratic National Convention, you probably also believe Secretary Clinton won the nomination fair and square.