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DNC Announces Progressive Champion Ocasio-Cortez Will Speak at Convention

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/11/dnc-announces-progressive-champion-ocasio-cortez-will-speak-convention


… due to popular demand, obviously. And not because the ruling dems want her there.

Could ya’ll (DNC) be any less transparent? (we want your vote, but we ain’t doing nothing for ya)

… organizers have lined up several Latinx speakers to help the party win support from minority groups and left-leaning voters

When republicans vote for democrats is the first clue they’ve gone too far right and speaking at the convention? Gimme a break.

… former governor of Ohio John Kasich, a Republican and critic of President Donald Trump, would also address viewers



They have a name for this. This picture gives a clue.

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Oh, happy days! Our dreams have come true! Progressives have finally turned the Party around thanks to AOC and the Squad and our big hero- you know who. Clearly, the Dems are once again “the party of the people” and, amazingly, it happened almost overnight. What better proof of this political transformation do we need than having AOC speaking at the convention right alongside that other stalwart progressive, John Kasich.

All right, I’ve got to admit it. I had Bernie all wrong. I’d concluded that Bern was a fraud when, all along, he was working his miracle within the Party, turning the Party progressive in the blink of an eyel. What a guy!


Okay, so the “moderates” in that party (i.e., the people who are indifferent to a healthcare system that kills tens of thousands a year and drive half a million a year into bankruptcy, the people indifferent to decades of macroeconomic stagnation and decline for working people, the people to a person that are corrupt, the people who don’t bother to develop actual policy responses to the environmental crisis) claim that Bernie and AOC are so radical and out of step with the country and their party. Okay, so is Amy Cloud Boot Jar and racist police lapdog Pete more in line with the rank and file in their own party on policy? Are they more in line with the country on policy? If so, citing which data? Even if you could make a claim on outcomes in primaries, we know that the party throws the kitchen sink at candidates on the left, they work with the media and their donors to undermine the left, candidates with more money in this system win over 90% of the time, older voters are a disproportionate share of primary voters in that rotten party, and in this last election those older voters were told by the sources they get their information from that they should vote for the “electable” Democrat. These “moderates” are corrupt and are paid to not change a system utterly crushing working people, the poor and increasingly the middle class and a system driving straight to environmental collapse. They wouldn’t have any power if tons of money and institutional support weren’t propping them up, and everyone knows this.

What “progressive” party would give those assholes the virtual stage during a pandemic when their policies and ideas are actively making things worse and provide no solutions what so ever? Millions have lost their employee provided healthcare, and they still can’t be moved to support single payer. Racist police lapdog Pete actually gave decent defenses of single payer when he was pretending to be progressive, pointed out that it was actually the middle ground, as the actual left position would be a Scottish NHS style system. But, he turned into a lying attack dog against single payer once it became clear that pretending to be progressive wasn’t his path to power. And that empty, self-serving, worthless hack is given the mic. Just stop the theater, let Tom Perez say his drivel, let Barney Frank take a break as a lobbyist to say worthless bumper stickers, and have these hacks of theirs go on stage and do commercials for the donors backing them like the puppets they are. Why pretend that rotten party is anything other than right wing and corrupt party who is pro-choice and for LGBTQ rights? That is all it is, the Republican Party circa 1970.

It is what it is though. This is the party controlled by capitalists and the rich, and Pete and Amy are willing puppets.


It’s great that AOC will get that opportunity.

Then again, Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris for VP indicates an embrace of moderate / right leaning platform.

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Translation: The DNC sent a message to AOC, rein it in- be more supportive of our corporatist, NeoLiberal, warmongering figurehead. You have been doing a good job of caving to us while still having the the rhetoric to dupe the progressives into doing our bidding, but we’re a bit worried you aren’t quite there yet.

Translation: AOC has gotten the message and will comply.


The first crumb is the tastiest!


I’m glad that the business wing of the party has recovered some of its brain cells from the covid’s fogginess.

I love AOC, but she probably had to say she would endorse Biden in order to be allowed to speak at the DNC CON…VENTION!

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The DNC and the rest of the corrupt Dems need not worry about AOC. She and the other so called progressives having “arrived” and tasted what political power is like will follow the same old pattern their predecessors within the Party have employed for decades. Bernie Sanders has been perhaps the best example of just how it’s done. AOC and the Squad are already stringing their constituents along on behalf of the Party, and doing a good job of it.


Yep, it’s called "sheep dogging"for the Party. AOC’s picking up where Bernie’s leaving off and I’ll wager that, over time, she’ll end up herding more sheep for the Party than ol’ Bern ever imagined possible.


Politics is a symptom not a solution . Systems are a reflection of the collective consciousness .

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I’m not following the logic (relative to my earlier comment) that I’m sure is there and that I’m just unable to grasp. Perhaps you can flesh your comment out a bit more.

As much as I love AOC, in my opinion, she will have no other choice if she remains in the DINO Party controlled by the corrupt DNC.

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…and they are busy writing the speech they expect her to give.


No they aren’t. They a reflection of power dynamics. Studies have shown the massive gap between what people want on policy versus what the state does. I also don’t agree about politics not being a solution. The pink tide had problems to be sure, but it brought clear material benefits for the people in that region, and the right in the region has nothing to offer most of the people there. If what you are saying is true, it wouldn’t have mattered if FDR won the election in 1932, or that Johnson had power, as opposed to a more right wing Democrat (at least on some core issues). Politics in this society might not be a solution, but that is because of how horrible the political system and the two parties are. That can change, but it is a massive project and may require us to dismantle the whole thing and to build something new. I think of COVID 19 as a dress rehearsal for how we are going to deal with a much larger crisis, the environmental crisis. Based on what I am seeing, I am terrified, because it is clear that we will collapse very quickly unless radical changes are pretty rapidly put into place. And this system is designed to not change rapidly. So, we are in a pickle.


I share your admiration of the woman.I believe she’s sincere in her professed progressivism and she has the capacity to seriously advance what I’ll call the progressive cause. But in my opinion, two unfortunate things are already occurring with her. First and as you suggest, she’s already compromising important principle in order to stay and play within the Party. Secondly and most importantly from my perspective, her membership within the Party is a net negative for the progressive cause, for she helps keep false hope for the Party alive and her tremendous potential is lost to a possible third party movement. It saddens me.


when did the DNC start caring about what the progressive arm of the party wanted?

the wasserman-schultz led DNC submarined bernie in 2015, she lost her job over it, and is now back on the downlow. F* her.

the pressure must have gotten to them finally, as this is not something they would do on their own.

excellent translation.