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DNC Appears Ready to Sideline Progressive Standout Ocasio-Cortez at Upcoming Convention

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/07/dnc-appears-ready-sideline-progressive-standout-ocasio-cortez-upcoming-convention


this smells bad…like what wasserman-schultz did to bernie in 2016.

it’s why i am no longer a Democrat.


Pretty evident, the Dems don’t want to win!!!


WHO exactly is the DNC that is sabotaging all of us that see the need for real existential political change beside the Obama-orchestrated shill Uncle-Tom Perez, Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer, the Clinton and Obama camps - all the other liars for status quo? we the people have been sabotaged and our progressive voices silenced by that DNC leadership of sold-out lying divisive scum serving big-money and campaign-contribution bribery! The Democratic party has been subverted and is now a private corporation looking after themselves and using the rest of us and wider public as votes to sanctify their betrayals. No, the DP is not the party of the people - not the party with integrity or honor. Not the party that serves working people and environment or anti-war or supports Universal NFP Single payer - thay are the flip-side of the Republicons with a smoother line of BS and lies serving big-money, corporate greed and the obscene war-machine!

It appears we will really get nowhere really needed until both political fraud entities - being the people in control - are smashed, dead and buried, and the 99% have real progressive/left (used to be the center) representation and party to match!


The DNC will do whatever their Wall Street Masters tell them. Wall Street is perfectly satisfied with Trump or No Show Joe.


Just watched the trailer for Knock Down the House, featuring AOC.
I want to watch the entire film this weekend.


Of course I can’t prove it on an individual basis, but I am as certain as I can be that the corporate establishment Democrats are after the same thing as Republicans, and ran as Democrats only to make it certain that opposition to fascist ideology was eliminated.

By making sure that the two parties in the two-party system are on the same page, when either wins, they both win.


They should be careful dismissing AOC. I don’t think she’s been completely bought out yet and she could come out of this fighting! Maybe Bernie will let her have some of his left-over millions (he didn’t hand them over to the DNC did he?!?) so she can buy herself some alternate air-time during the convention and deliver the messages the people are really wanting to hear.


the squad knows what it is doing. impressing you is not part of it. Justice Democrats


Gluttonous rats in suits gnawing away at any chance of lifting others up.


They own the DNC, everything else is nothing but a farce for the most politically gullible VOTERS in the world: THE DEMOCRATIC, AMERICAN VOTERS! The Wall Street Masters selected Biden/Harris a long time ago. They allow Progressives like Bernie and OAC to con well meaning people to make them believe they live in a democracy.


I agree…which makes it that much tougher for the “newProgressives” coming in. In my opinion, all corporate entities are after the same thing. Fascist control of the government.


The establishment is scared to death of AOC, that’s what they are.


“It would be stupid not to give” Ocasio-Cortez a role at the convention, Corbin Trent, a former top adviser to the New York Democrat, told Politico . “She’s one of the best speakers the Democratic Party’s got.”

I agree Mr. Trent, but AOC is also one of the best truth tellers! That is too embarrassing to too many hypocritical dems!


Norman S. Noam Chomsky . . among others . . what do you have to say to this?

It’s not about “feelings” right?

So to all the sexual assault survivors------just set aside your feelings related to being assaulted, your PTSD . . . as you watch Bill Clinton yet again taking center stage as if he is some paragon of virtue and wisdom (and I’m not even highlighting his horrific political record as well as HRC’s)

Or better yet, let’s all just keep pretending all of his accusers were lying and none of this happened!


Well, we are going to see a lot of anger, frustration and learned helplessness over the Dems parading out the oligarchy (and toss a few bones to progressives) at the convention.

Maybe they will have Jim Clyburn speak too! After all, Obama and Clyburn are the prime characters who deserve credit for bringing us Joe Biden!(h_ttps://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/mar/04/joe-biden-jim-clyburn-endorsement-super-tuesday)

Then there is Michelle Obama and her “low grade depression”. I guess that goes to show wealth, multi million dollar estates don’t cut it. If she is depressed about trump and this racist country than perhaps she should not be backing the f-----ing oligarchy, enabling it and get on the ground with real people who are suffering and advocate for them. Maybe part of her depression is that her core values are in conflict with the actions of her spouse.
Maybe she can turn over her spot to Nina Turner! (right)

I know many of you feel Bernie is just a sheepdog or whatever and this again is most likely pure fantasy but couldn’t he insist he speak with AOC? Better yet, have the whole Squad with him? After all, it wasn’t about “him” —right? It was about the movement?

When will those f----ing Clintons ever go away??? Can’t they just retire and go play pickle ball somewhere? (sorry to those that may love pickle ball, didn’t mean to offend)


If only there were a way for Justice Democrats to break away from the fossilized Undemocratic Party. That would be a change the country needs. Bernie had that chance four years ago, and he blew it.


So glad I’m longer a Democrat and don’t give a s**t about this event!!!

YAY!!! Freedom from their bull***t


Michelle Obama’s laments are not very different from The Donald’s laments. Powerful people who play victims… to get attention…and market shares. Anything to do with hypocrisy? Nooooo.


When you refer to AOC:

The last thing we need is more alpha male sh$t and AOC knows this.
She is a strong, brilliant, wise young woman who recognizes toxic male power which the phrase “grow a pair” metaphorically implies.


Wow ! Just Wow! That is beautifully poetic as it is political. Thanks.