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DNC Bars 'Propaganda Outfit' Fox From Hosting Primary Debates

DNC Bars 'Propaganda Outfit' Fox From Hosting Primary Debates

Julia Conley, staff writer

Democrats announced Wednesday that the Fox News network will not be invited to host any Democratic debates in the 2020 election, citing investigative journalist Jane Mayer's in-depth New Yorker article about the channel.

Kinda stupid missing an opportunity to educate the Right about popular Progressive policies.

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Leave it to the DNC to stop propaganda!!

Mark Harris: “But unofficial government propaganda outfits do not get to host debates.”
You mean official government propaganda outfits like MSNBC get to host debates?

And what a way to win back Trump supporters - NO DEBATES!

Moronic DNC, they can bite me.

I don’t know a single, intelligent person who gets their news from a rag like Fox. Only the peabrain congenitally stupid Conservative watches that dreck. Ken Kesey once said there are always going to be more stupid than smart people. He wasn’t wrong.

Challenge flag. Please show propaganda example of MSNBC, Preferably more than one so we can accept your claim.