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DNC Betrayed Bernie Sanders and the Rest of America


DNC Betrayed Bernie Sanders and the Rest of America

Dahleen Glanton

Bernie Sanders' supporters have a right to be angry.

The leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee apparently confirmed what they have said all along — that the political system was rigged against their candidate in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Top Democrats essentially dismissed Sanders as a viable candidate during the primaries, attempted to undermine him with voters and even took steps to derail his campaign, according to hacked emails that were recently made public by WikiLeaks.


Great piece -- thank you, Dahleen Glanton. I disagree with your ending, though. We will not allow ourselves (most of us anyway) to any longer vote for the lesser of two evils. Holding a Trump gun to our heads won't work this time because if Trump doesn't get in there--- They will just run a WORSE Trump next time AND the fake Democratic candidate will be like the current Trump. See where we are going? I do. I'm almost 60 years old and I see the pattern. NOPE -- If they want to hold the Trump gun to our heads -- go ahead and shoot. I won't vote for Hillary. This sick game has to end sometime and it may as well be now.


Sorry Dahleen, making apologies for Dem establishment - DLC sellouts/betrayals will not fly!
"Long before the primaries ended, Clinton had tried to open the door to Sanders' supporters" really? Clinton's style of politics was born of dirty Chicago Daley machine politics characterized by Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Hillary and others. Clinton and the DNC betrayed Sanders, his supporters and our issues from the very beginning and never really gave anything while sabotaging our fight!

This isn't really all about Trumps pathology and evil, its about betrayal after betrayal from the Dem/DLC/DNC machine and THEIR servitude to banker/wall street, corporate usury and greed, their betrayals and all the issues the Dem establishment, Bill & Hillary Clinton & Obama, failed to fight for, or simply paid lip-service to, while actually working for big-money and profits over people and our environment.......

Do you really think people that have woken-up to the two-party fraud will go back to sleep to support the "lesser evil"? The answer is hell no! and all the BS about what few crumbs they concede to the 99% - ending for-profit prisons (thanks to Bill Clinton) or close private detention centers (Obama deported more Latinos than ANY president) or $15 wage (Hillary only wanted $12) - there are MANY issues Dems must support visibly and vocally or lose the awakened voters Sanders energized!


I second DLT88's feelings.

Although I offer a slightly different variant: by moving more and more to the right every election cycle, the DNC has actually started cornering the political right (pro-TPP, war mongering, etc) to the point that the Republican candidate actually needs to move somewhat left on some issues to create a bit of a contrast between him and the DNC candidate, thereby actually reversing who is the lesser evil. Consequently, in applying the lesser-of-two-evils approach, I will actually be voting for Trump here in PA, in an effort to deny Hillary Rotten Clinton the electoral votes of my state. I hope all Bernie supporters in states where the vote in November isn't close will support Jill Stein.


Between Trump and Hillary I don't see much difference. Both are equally evil to the commom people. This nation is trapped between this two. I think in the next move we should find another political party. Bernie Sanders' success is a great lesson to all. Just by pitching $5 bucks we can build a party which will be much viable, honest and stand for our interests. Just think about it. It is much positive rather than shouting and yelling about a monster or wicked witch. It is a high time to think.


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Sanders dutifully took the stage on opening night of the Democratic
National Convention on Monday in Philadelphia and, in effect, told his
supporters not to harbor any ill feelings over being stabbed in the

What, is he crazy? Is anyone else of us crazy. They, the Democratic Party, are douche bags, one and all. "In effect", means noting to me. I will have nothing but respect for Sanders. But he is gone. The role he played is history. You all must move on. The Democratic Party as we knew it is gone. It's dead, dead and rotting. Good riddance to whatever is left.

Not if the Queen of Darkness takes out the Drumpf Dunce in the circus that the ever oblivious to reality US voters engage (except the sage, progressive Millennials who have the presence of mind to realize that the the otherwise blighted US voters are unintentionally screwing them) and give her the US presidency and she dirties her hands again in that imbroglio in Syria that she created wilts serving as US Sectary of State before spineless Obama gently kicked her out. She will spank the mindless, deluded NATO allies, with perhaps the exception of Frau Merkel, into submission to her bellicose ways and quickly send the US and clueless Europeans hurtling into WWIII with Russia. Who needs global heating to eradicate the human race and most other living species when we have a fine old Nuke war to do the trick, thanks to Hillary?

Dr. Stein, whatever else she has to offer, can give us of the human race some possibility of hanging on as a species.


"And in November, they will opt for equality and fairness and for a country much better than the one Trump has to offer."

Damn right!--which is why I'll be voting for Jill Stein.

We have just seen in neon what Clinton's definition of "equality and fairness" is--raising money primarily for herself through the fraudulent "Hillary Victory Fund" and celebrating the fraudulent actions of the DNC that will get her the nomination, without which we'd very likely be seeing the candidate who could beat Donald Trump fair and square getting nominated.

Of course, as many have said here before, it is not the goal of the Democratic-Republican Establishment to nominate a populist candidate who would actually advocate for the common people. As long as a 1% candidate wins, it matters not to that 1% whether the person is male/female or Dem/Rep. The charade will perpetuate itself until enough people say, "Hell no!" and muster the courage to ACT on the fact that BOTH the anointed Emperor and Empress have no clothes.


No, Hillary must LOSE this election, and we must send a clear message that it is because of what they did to the progressives/liberals who supported Bernie and were screwed by her. So, we MUST turn out in the swing states for Jill Stein. The message will hopefully be that Hillary loses by the margin that Stein gets. I welcome being accused of costing Hillary the Presidency because I voted third-party. She deserves it. Lying, CHEATING, crooked, should-have-been-indicted Hillary totally deserves the opposition from the left that she and the party have crapped all over. It's time to turn our backs on the Dems for the rest of the year, until they lose the election, and the power that goes with it, then work like crazy to finish throwing them out of the party and taking it over for The People over the next several years. It took a decade for the oligarchs to capture the party, taking it away from them will not happen overnight, or in one cycle. #NeverHillary. Jill Stein 2016!


Unlike rotten fruits and vegetables which have a positive effect on the environment when tossed away, The Republicans and Democrats are 100 percent toxic.


"Though vocal and demanding, they are in some ways fickle and vulnerable. They aren't timid about saying what they want, but no one is sure whether they can be counted on to show up at the polls. Four years ago, Barack Obama won 60 percent of their vote in his re-election. That was 6 percent fewer than voted for him in 2008."

"Vocal, demanding, fickle and vulnerable". That's guaranteed to win them over. Why not "better educated, more active, more courageous, less affected by MSM fear propaganda, more interested in their future than the old conservative establishment DNC that depends on corporate bribes and the status quo, etc."?

Were they being fickle when 6 percent fewer voted for Obama in 2008 after he caved repeatedly, triangulated, and named Wall Streeters to highest positions? Or were they just better informed?


I can understand why people are angry and hurt and I know not everyone is going to like this but...

I hate that Bernie endorsed HRC and no matter what he does, I can't bring myself to vote for her knowing how she and the DNC, MSM, etc. have rigged the outcome of this election. Additionally, I'm tired of voting for the lesser of two evils; it must end. We need at least one viable third party. But, I cannot discount what Bernie has done for us; I still believe he cares about the majority, not the 1% and those that do their bidding. I do not believe he is a traitor.

If I instantly turned my back on everyone/anyone that has supported me but then did something I didn't like or I didn't agree with 100% - especially not knowing or understanding why people make the decisions they make - I would be completely alone. What good would that do?

I don't know why Bernie did what he did but I won't support HRC. She's a neoliberal/neocon that cares nothing for anyone but the concerns of the moneyed interests that support her and the wealth and power that comes with them. She, the DNC, and MSM know voters know this thus they must resort to thievery, collusion, and deception to get her elected.

I appreciate what Bernie has done for us and I hope at some point the reasons for his recent behavior become clear to everyone.


If there's one thing the DNC crowd is as happy about as Hillary's nomination, it's Trump's nomination.

Because they Looooooooove rubbing progressives' noses in it. You hear the interviews from the convention? The media was gloating about it: "So what are you gonna do? Vote for Trump?"

When the campaign season started, Hillary was convinced that she was entitled to every vote in the party primaries. How insulted we were by her arrogance.

When progressives reminded her that she is not entitled to our votes, they came out with insults--you're racist, sexist, a nativist hardly any different from Trump supporters. They hated it.

But now that Trump is the R nominee, they can go back to actually believing that Hillary is entitled to our votes. And they mock us. They sneer at us. They are giddy with laughter when Hillary gets booed, just as the author of this article seems to be: "Ha, ha, go ahead and boo. What are you gonna do--vote for Trump?"

And you know, some people might be insulted enough by the arrogance to do just that.


I thought this article was going somewhere else entirely! But then there it was, the same insulting & old DNC, can't we all just get along, we welcome you all "back" crap that means absolutely NOTHING.

The Dems have no intention of sticking with an actually progressive platform,. And Hillary? Well, we know how trustworthy her word is. She'll "stick to her words" just long as the audience she's attempting to persuade is still in the room. Then she'll do whatever her Corporate owners want her to, & then she'll say something entirely different to another audience in need of "persuading".

I've known since at least 2007 that I could never vote for Hillary Clinton. So this wasn't just about being a Bernie supporter. And I know I'm not alone in that respect!

We have a very good Plan B -- who truly deserves to be Plan A.

Jill Stein of the Green Party has my vote.

And how do I feel about the DNC? Well, 2 weeks ago, after 39 years of solid loyalty as a registered Democrat, I changed my party affiliation to Green, & I will not look back! I am DONE with the DNC (I waited just long enough to be sure my vote for Bernie in the primary was counted, tho who knows?!), & they truly have themselves to blame for that. I hope they suffer a landslide of membership losses. I really do.

During the shameful Dem Convention, Jill Stein nailed it all with a series of ferociously on target tweets. She is an amazing woman & her positions & values are very much in line with Bernie Sanders. So to me this is a no brainer. And we desperately need a 3rd party.

Green Party nominee tears into Democrats

Go here: https://www.facebook.com/drjillstein/?fref=nf

Or here: http://www.jill2016.com/

And GO Jill !!


Dahleen, if you believe that it's only 19-29 years old rejecting Shillary, think again. Many aging Boomers are with them in refusing to support H>ER and the blatantly corrupt party she represents. Grandmothers for Jill!!!


Count me as a third. This is not my first political rodeo, and I think Dahleen is mistakenly assuming that millennials and first time voters are the ones who are "Bernie or Bust." I'm sure they make up a significant portion, since now fully 45% of Sanders supporters self identify as "Bernie or Bust," and that number is from before the wikileaks emails proved the corruption of the DNC and Hillary's campaign. I am going to finally stop capitulating to the corruption of the two party system. For too long, I have fallen in line behind a candidate I didn't believe in to stop a candidate I thought was actually dangerous. Each time we as a nation have done that, the options have gotten worse and worse. I actually believed in Barack Obama when I voted for him the first time, but he not only failed to live up to his promises, he actively did the opposite and became just another corporatist Democrat. By his re-election, he had become another "lesser evil" candidate for me, but it stung worse than before, because I had really believed him. No more. I'm done with the gradual shift to the right. We have already lost our Democracy. I say no further. Hand me that Trump gun, DLT88, I'm voting for Jill Stein.


I have to wonder if you're part of the Media collusion with the way you're trying to spin this story. Much of what you said is correct. But in all of the current stories regarding election fraud through the DNC, NOBODY is mentioning the worst of it.

  1. Voter Registration switches or cancellations
  2. RIGGED voting machines to switch Bernie votes to Hillary votes or cancel them altogether
  3. Extreme redistricting and closed polling stations
  4. Voting instructions that were deliberately created to be incorrect
  5. Shredded Bernie ballots
  6. WHITED-OUT Bernie ballots
  7. Deliberate changing of voting procedures & rules within hours of voting meetings & polling
    ...and so much more.

WE HAVE BEEN DENIED OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. Meanwhile Obama remains complicit and silent.
And now you and the rest of the political 'left' want us to fall in line like good little Clinton victims.


Hillary Clinton and her cohorts can suck a big one. I'm voting for Jill Stein and I hope Hillary loses, gets indicted, and goes to prison. But I won't hold my breath.



Agreed! I am in my 50's and most of my friends are Bernie supporters! WE ALL WANT CHANGE. We see what is happening with Climate Change, Fracking, the TPP, and we're scared as HELL. This election feels like a Hail Mary pass in a football game, which is why so many of us are so, so upset. We're trying to effect enough change to create the possibility that our world will still be viable 100 years from now, when our children's children are grown. Politics and big business is ruining this planet.


Hey, we're about the same age -- not Millenials, and I share your sentiments. However, the D party can't be trusted to go left. Indeed, we now have a one party system, a political system that serves corporate America. Of course it's a lousy idea, but that's what they've done.

It's up to us to prove that money (and advertising) won't sway us into voting against our own best interests anymore.

Sanders, I do not blame him. He has been consistently supportive of the working class his whole political career.

I do blame the DNC for their short-sightedness -- no visionaries there; only concerned with the bottom line for this quarter is the way things will go. They are not even good capitalists! They are intent on killing the host in their greed and will continue, like locusts to destroy the world's economy because they are cushioned from the effects of both a Trump or Clinton presidency through the entitlement of money. That the vote was rigged was evident from the first primaries for those who were paying attention. That the DNC showed favoritism at the git-go, allowing Sanders to run only if he would concede to Clinton when she was nominated, was a first clue as to how they were going to play the election. It's a game to them.

It's terrible that the voting population in its' entirety couldn't figure out that Sanders was the best choice, because for the 99% there really was no better candidate. Though we'll never really know what the vote was since Clinton statistically did so much better in every electoral precinct that had no means to verify the vote. Statistically, it was too anomalous to be coincidental.

Disgusted with the idea that the Dem party support a rigged election (and anyone who votes for Clinton, btw), I turned in my Democratic voter registration as soon as my primary was over and registered as Green. So, I will vote for Jill Stein. As much as I cringe at a Trump presidency, he does not have the support of corporate America and will be impotent in many regards. Pence isn't much better, but we'll probably do better in many ways than with a Clinton presidency. With Trump, the effects will probably be more local, with Clinton, the effects will be felt worldwide. Don't even ask me about Kaine.

The Dem party is just now comprised of Republicans who've moved into the party, leaving their own party to the far-right fringe. They don't care which party they own, so long as it does their bidding and can fool enough loyalists to continue to fund and support them.


Before Trump was the bogie-man, "too scary to elect" it was Mitt Romney. Before Mitt Romney it was John McCain and on and on and on...... Every four years the same rancid, stale old arguments get pulled out of the closet, dusted off and recycled to trick people into voting against their own best interests. It won't work this time, the corruption has been exposed. The jig is up, the mask is off and a whole lot of us have gotten wiser. Jill Stein - 2016.