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DNC Leaks Reveal Party Insiders Promising Access to President in Exchange for Cash


DNC Leaks Reveal Party Insiders Promising Access to President in Exchange for Cash

Nika Knight, staff writer

Wealthy potential donors to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) were courted with promises of access to the president, a Washington Post analysis of internal DNC emails released by WikiLeaks has found. The party insiders' pitches appear to be in violation of White House policy, the newspaper notes.

On Monday, the Post reported:


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No surprises here. They would sell Granny for a half a mill. And we thought the Republicans were so bad. This rivals them pretty well I would say.
At least Trump is against the TPP and wants to close unnecessary bases all over the world.


Bush-dark, Her Reprehensible Criminal, and Dastardly Washerwoman-Sch1tz are the best whores the 1% have ever had!


Thank you for the link.


I'm going to be disappointed - more like deeply concerned - if this revelation does not receive a full on "it's an outrage" treatment.

To my observation Washington and all the institutionalized power groups involved are 'shot through' with all imaginable quid pro quo and pay-to-play arrangements. Worse, it's also my observation that many main street citizens shrug the practices off, "waddya gonna do".

Also worrisome: This is too big a gift to Trump et al at GOP. It confirms Dems as corrupt as if that's the one place where anti-citizen, anti-democratic rot exists. We need matching revelations to be made of similar practices inside right-wing conservative political activity - Koch brothers paying to knock out selected Dem candidates state by state?; ALEC money movement and activity?


Organized corruption at the heart of the Democratic Party establishment and DNC is now a fact - where is the Justice Dept investigation, indictments and prosecutions of the conspirators? Is justice just a word used to distract the gullible, not an actual goal? - apparently - only directed at some, ignored for others.
The claims from the Clinton camp are transparent diversion - "there is no proof whatsoever" that Wikileaks got almost 20,000 hacked Democratic National Committee emails from Russian intelligence — it's what's in the emails that's important, not who hacked them"! - Julian Assange

The Convention rules have been fatally compromised and must be altered, even if the Red Queens coronation is put on hold! The primary results are shown to have been manipulated by the Clinton camp. Unless the progressive/Dem base and independent voters are given the status and power they earned and the fraudulent primaries repaired there will be no "unity"!
You cannot commit crimes and fraud and just let it go, saying "well, in 4 years you'll have another chance".....to be screwed again!

No Justice, NO Peace!


And this is only the beginning -- the Opening Act for the return of the HillBill administration.

Plus, by now, we fully understand that Bill is a serial assaulter of women.

And Trump seems to travel in those same circles as reported by Ivana in her beating and
"rape" by Trump. And both Bill and Trump operating in Jeffrey Epstein circles.


Its called prostitution, • the unworthy or corrupt use of one's talents for the sake of personal or financial gain.


Koch bothers have endorsed Hellary.


In case any here who don't know this, Koch Bros. are John Birch Society family --
who have been working for 75 and more years to overturn democracy in US.


This is just too much corruption. I mean, I know Washington has normalized bribery, but maintaining spreadsheets of the ambassadorships campaign contributors are buying?

This is like the last days of Rome.


Totally apropos: "I'm shocked---shocked!---to find that gambling has been going on here!"
"Your winnings, sir."


Agreed! Turn off the TV; as much as possible, do not buy corporate products, including its "entertainment"; do not sign up for the military and dissuade others from doing so; buy locally, buy sustainable, and support progressive activism and political candidates. Read, converse, and above all, THINK.


More felony fraud from the least worst?

And of course none of us are the least bit surprised. You know, it has become painful to discuss politics with libertarians and Republicans because they assume that I have some intention of defending the Democratic Party.


Fred Eychaner gave The Clinton Foundation many million of dollars. He gave Obama & DNC millions, too. He's a big donor to LBG&T causes. Also, the arts. So's his brother, Rich. Buying access, even with good intentions, is just asking for trouble. Public financing of all national elections is what we should aspire to. States should run the primaries with national uniform standards for voting, et al. Election reform now!


Best advice from anyone!


That's a good one celticfire.


It is not coincidence that open corruption and the down fall of America's working class both started in the 1990s. The Clinton's invented to big to fail, too big to jail bankers and reaped the rewards.


"...leeway to collect expansive contributions for new accounts to pay for building, LEGAL (my emphasis), and convention expenses." How very prescient of the DNC to know they'd need more money for those pesky legal expenses!