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DNC Platform Committee Members Offended By Key Single-Payer Healthcare Advocate


DNC Platform Committee Members Offended By Key Single-Payer Healthcare Advocate

Kevin Gosztola

The president of a major nurses union, which provided substantial support for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, spoke to the Democratic platform committee on June 17. She advocated for single-payer universal healthcare in the United States. But two of the platform committee members attempted to intimidate the nurses union president by suggesting she did not care about those who had been without health insurance and benefited from the Affordable Care Act (ACA).


Like most corporate liberals and mainstream democrats, Barbara Lee is full of shit. They did everything they could to suppress single payer and those who lobbied for it. ACA is another “photo-op” solution that feeds big business at the expense of public health. What good is insurance that is too expensive to use? The whole mess was written by the insurance industry. People like me were left out by the hundreds of thousands.


Tearfully, I’ll have to unfriend Barbara Lee. What a shame.


Thank you Kevin for your great articles.
Thank you Ms. Demoro for your amazing work for Bernie and single payer. This is the same woman they would not allow on the DNC committee. Every time I hear the argument for the ACA I want to barf. Clearly a gift to the insurance industry, Obama took single payer off the table from the beginning and then shoved it down our throats. I don’t know anyone that uses the ACA, no one. It’s too expensive and prices are going up. Another crumb Obama threw down for us to lap up. These Democrats really think we’re fools
Go Bernie


DNC apologists unwilling to honestly evaluate obvious, major, and extensively documented problems with ACA:

  1. High deductibles that make ACA healthcare unusable for low-income people…
  1. …and even to delay emergency care:


It’s disgraceful to see Barbara Lee shill for the Democratic Party and its Insurance Company donors.

Glad to see Ms. DeMoro show Grace under Fire!


The “threatened ACA” argument Clinton used, even accusing him of disrespecting Obama when Sanders would mention single-payer, worked well for her in the primary.

The same argument will not play well in the general election and will give Trump leverage against Clinton.


The Dems should be called the “Do nothing but war” party.


Lee is trying to confuse us by equating subsidized insurance with health care.

Insurance is a financial product, not a healthcare product.


“Lee is trying to confuse us by equating subsidized insurance with health care”

that specific contrast ought, in my opinion, to be repeated early and often - I’d add one word - universal [healthcare]


Bravo, RoseAnn DeMoro! Now this is a leader who speaks truth to power with eloquence.


The major issue with the Insurance industries involvement as a whole with health care is this.

They are private industries trying to make a profit and a return to the shareholder. If there not a high enough return , premiums go up. These profits do nothing to provide health care.

In order to generate profits the Insurance industry collects premiums. They then pool the monies collected and invest the same into stocks , bonds or other investments that will generate a return on the same. The monies generated are then used to help finance health care costs with that collected over and above these costs deemed profit. Not only it in their best interests to deny claims , but as those investments returns drop (Interest paying investments can not even keep pace with inflation) , bottom line profits are diminished which fuels higher premiums to make up the shortfall.

It a terrible system as during times of economic downturn, when peoples have less money or income their health insurance premiums go UP. The more money Insurance companies lose on their investments the more their customer pays. As such a for profit system can NEVER deliver health care more efficiently or at lower cost then the single payer model.


Well-written article, Kevin. Nice to see true journalism once in a while.


Thanks for reading, Dede.


Thank you. The Democratic Platform Committee meetings have been significantly ignored or overlooked. More stories to come.


U.S. Representative Barbara Lee’s opposition to the U.S. waging illegal war against Iraq made me like her. But Lee’s inexcusable mistreatment of RoseAnn DeMoro, President of National Nurses United, infuriates me!

Lee should be sympathetic to, and supportive of, Ms. DeMoro’s heroic, persistent advocacy for Single Payer – for a truly good health care system in the U.S. – for the sake of all U.S. people, and for the sake of nurses, doctors, and all medical personnel to work in a truly good health care system. Lee should embrace DeMoro as an ally and friend.

Instead, Lee mistreats DeMoro because Lee is psychologically and emotionally defensive about any criticism of 1) the Affordable Care Act’s serious inadequacies and grievous faults, and 2) whether the Democrats in Congress (and in the White House!) fought hard “enough” for Single Payer and the Public Option. (They didn’t!)

The Democrats may have fought “somewhat” hard – but they didn’t fight hard “enough.” Obama secretly killed the Public Option by April 2009 and secretly killed it again in November-December 2009 when Pelosi told Obama that she had the votes for the PO. Pelosi could have passed the bill with the Public Option in it, but she backed off the PO because she didn’t want to put Obama in the embarrassing and shameful position of publicly opposing the PO. Also, Obama let insurance lobbyists and conservative DINOs write and manage the health care bill, and so on. Lee omits all these vital facts in her half-truths defense of the ACA and the Democrats!

Once again, we see (in Lee vs. DeMoro) the struggle between liberals and leftists, between Democrats and true Progressives – and even between half-truths and full truths! Lee can’t even agree with DeMoro that the ACA is inadequate and riddled with problems – and that Single Payer is the solution and must still be worked for and must be achieved. Shame on Lee’s bad behaviour on this crucial issue.

I totally support RoseAnn DeMoro, President of National Nurses United.
Go, Ms. DeMoro – I highly praise you and your nurses union’s advocacy of Single Payer and of Bernie Sanders.


LOL. I’d vote for you, Wicklund.


The party yes. But Barbara Lee was one of the most anti-war Democrats in Congress. She voted against the Authorization for Use of Military Force after 9-11 that gave POTUS authority to invade Afghanistan and has been used by both Bush & Obama (and will be by Clinton if she gets to the White House) to wage a global war on terror. In fact she was the only Nay vote in both houses, even Kucinich and Sanders voted for it.

So this action on her part now is very disconcerting. What happened to her integrity? Have identity politics taken her over that she has to support the ACA because it’s Obama’s key legislation and he’s black like her and Clinton is ‘defending’ it and she’s female like her?

I had hopes that Lee would be an ally on the committee to the men and women appointed by Bernie. I was naive. I should have know DWS wouldn’t have appointed her if she’s not in the bag for HRC.

I am disgusted.


How many respected icons associated with Clinton have been corrupted?

One lied about Sanders supporters chanting “English Only”

Another claimed to have seen the Clinton’s during early civil rights activities but not Sanders.

Now this.

With all the corruption shown by Democratic officials during the primaries it’s like Clinton’s corruption has metastasized.

I shudder to think what it would be like with her in the White House.


We will not have a national health program until we have improved Medicare for all in at least one state. It will be necessary to show that endorsing it is not suicide on the part of politicians that support it and that it saves money. See SPANOhio.org