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DNC Rejects Ban on Corporate PAC Money, Delaying Decision Until 2020


DNC Rejects Ban on Corporate PAC Money, Delaying Decision Until 2020

Julia Conley, staff writer

After rejecting a proposal to reinstate a full ban on corporate PAC donations earlier this week, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) decided on Saturday that the party's Platform Committee would review a possible ban in 2020.

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One Pelosi wants to ban PAC money.

And the Pelosi with all the power got that power by amassing PAC money.

Remember this in November 2020: Some combination of hippies, Bernie Bros, Russia, and Jill Stein will be blamed for back-to-back losses to Trump. The inability of the d-party to excite voters will be dismissed as usual.



DNC will ban corporate money when Rip Van Winkle wakes.






Oh, but the as yet unannounced DNC chosen candidtate, Joe Biden, needs those PAC dollars to ensure that Donald Trump gets re-elected.




So it’s a perfect plan–generate a new progressive scapegoat, then lose in order to avoid all responsibility, and keep the cash flowing in! Brilliant!



Just like Springtime for Hitler!



Nailed it.



From what I can tell, because the democratic, party, elite are so corrupt, it looks like Biden is their boy in 2020. Biden probably, like Clinton in 2016, knows he has most of the SUPER CORRUPT DEMOCRATIC DELEGATES SEWED UP FOR 2020.



I’d argue Harris is their pick. She already is getting endorsements from super delegates and big names even though her site doesn’t even have a policy vision.



I’m pretty sure her policy vision is, “vote for me! I can tick off many id politics super important boxes! You get female Obama! I mean, talk about a win for everyone with an income in 7 figures or higher!”



ho hum. corrupt party is still corrupt.

and now for the real news: Russia Russia Russia!



The Turd Way is setting themselves up to lose again. They still have the Schumer attitude. Remember when they didn’t need the progressives, they would get republicans to cross over? They didn’t, did they.
They seem to be assuming that ANYBODY can beat Trump this time so they don’ need the progressives… again (this time for sure - hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.)

Wall Street Red or Wall Street Blue. Its your choice

Here’s the big problem



The ‘DNC’ is not a political party. It is a 501c Private Corporation that owns the democrat party. The 501c is a section of the Internal Revenue Code that allows them to keep the loot paid to them by their corporate masters tax free. Anyone out there believes the DNC Platform Committee will more than ‘consider a possible ban’ of the easy corporate loot?



This gives cover to the candidates allowing them to say, “I refuse corporate PAC money” while still have the DNC spend on their campaigns in the background. It is actually spending by individual billionaires and LLCs that are a bigger problem than corporate spending anyway. Corporations, as public entities, have to show where the money is spent and most give money to both sides. The Sheldon Adlesons, and yes George Soros, of the country can spend hundreds of millions of dollars on one side with absolutely zero visibility through the use of Super PACs.



Candidates will be out and boasting about not taking PAC money, but don’t think for an instant it means not taking corporate money. Does not mean that at all. It still leaves a candidate free to take donations, directly from corporations, banks, Wall Street, lobbying firms, attorney firms and, of course, donations from billionaires. In fact, some of those candidates promising not to take PAC money have already been soliciting donations from some of these sources. Gillibrand, for one, has already been knocking on Wall Street’s door. Not taking PAC money does make it easier to track a candidate’s financing. That’s a good thing, but nowhere near what is needed for campaign finance reform. Our political system is still very much a system of legalized bribery.



Green is the color of my true love’s eyes, in the morning, when we rise.

We still live in the dawning of the age of Aquarius.

Vote green or none of the above in 2020.

Reject the lesser evil and go for the greater good.

Throw a monkey wrench in the capitalist machine designed to destroy Earth.



“The Democratic Party - Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory since 2000!”
The DNC is hopeless. They play their little power games and PR bullshit and the rest of us lose big time. I gave up being a registered Democrat back in Billy Bob Clinton’s second term and I never saw any reason to go back. I will still vote for some Demos but I am not some sheeple idiot who toes the party line and has little or no problem with all of the compromises and sellouts of this bunch of triangulating, incrementalist, “New Democrats”.
OK, kids, get ready to be vilified and called “purists” and worse next year when Trump is re-elected president (unless he has a hoped for stroke or heart attack) when the Demo apologists look around for any excuse to explain their own incompetence as they suck up to the rich donor base and water down their party platform in accordance. There is no room in the Demo party for real liberals and progressives who truly reflect the desires of many tens millions of Americans. Nope, they have to play the political game in the same old way. I still remember when Jill Stein took all that heat after 2016 even though she got less than 1% of the national vote. Even good ole Thom Hartmann called her a “bottom feeder”.



As investigative journalist Greg Palast wrote we have “The Best Democracy That Money Can Buy!” And that book came out before “Citizens United”.