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DNC Showing It’s True Colors (Again)

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/01/dnc-showing-its-true-colors-again


Mr. Weis…
WHY do you call Bloom berg a “CENTRIST”?!
He is clearly right-wing garbage and a full blown DINO!!! (Of course most damnocraps are DINOs these days.)


The Bernie-supporting youth need their “Greta Thunberg” equivalent to rise up and motivate them to take on the Machine known as the DNC. Let it be known that the YOUTH DO NOT SUPPORT THE STATUS QUO! Don’t count on the youth vote for a “D”. No, they have heard truth from Bernie and they thirst for more. Let not your corporate masters completely turn you into Republicans you corporate Democrats. Right your souls to those ideals of your youth. Remember the badges of honor that having worn one’s shoes through the soles bestowed on an individual. Go back to that romance. Many are there and many will follow. Closed-door fund raisers were anathema to you in your youth. Find you again. It will lead you to:
BERNIE 2020!


I was from NYC and Bloomie was our mayor then. He is a liberal not a progressive. He is centrist but not a Republican. He is notably intelligent which I wish more of our politicians were. An advertising man’s politician if you catch my meaning. He is no crude boob like Trump is but quite personable and adroit.

He is not Bernie by any stretch of the imagination but he isn’t Warren when it comes to fighting Wall St and the oligarchy either. He is smarter than Biden and a richer older Buttigieg type.
Is he centrist? A liberal centrist maybe only because he is sane about climate change. He is there because the centrists want to stop Bernie and Bloomie knows how to present himself as a competent executive and can sound like one.

Go Bernie


The truth is no one from West of NYC cares about Bloomberg. He will do worse than HRC who was the corporate dream candidate. The only thing he has is money. Advertising works. Let’s see how many of the persuadable will be persuaded. That is his ceiling.


Don’t underestimate his media savvy. Where others stumble, he glides. The oligarchy is worried that Bernie also appeals to educated and well informed people despite their trying to promote the idea that he doesn’t. People have medical bills, people want their kids to go to college and it is educated and informed people demanding action on climate change. Biden bumbles and stumbles. He is not up to snuff to be a president. He doesn’t have it anymore. They hate Bernie because his supporters are intelligent. The shy away from Warren because they fear she will disrupt the cohesion of the oligarchy. They like Buttigieg but fear he just can’t muster enough votes in the long run. In rides the corporate white knight Bloomie to save the corporate day.

Go Bernie


Beat me to it. I was coming here to say the same thing!

Bloomberg is still in single digits after $117 mil spent


Bloomberg will take votes from Biden. Nice.
Meanwhile, among likely Dem voters, Mike’s negative numbers are very high.
Because he was a Repub just a few years back.


Tom Weis of Climate Crisis Solutions, don’t act like a stupid, naive, dumb, rube so easily manipulated by the powers that be.

“DNC Chair Tom Perez cannot credibly refuse to allow a DNC-sponsored debate on the existential climate emergency.”

What makes you think that? Of course he can. Why? Because the DNC doesn’t care about the climate crisis anymore than Trump and the Republicans and all their base. The only difference is that the DNC corporatists will once in a while spout something that sounds like they care- then they’ll do nothing much like accept the empty Paris Accords then boast they’ve increased off shore drilling.

Of course the DNC won’t have a climate debate and the corporate candidates won’t do a damn thing about it. I’ve said it over and over, THEY ARE THE CANDIDATES. All they need to do is is answer every question with, “That’s a good question when we aren’t in crisis. So let me answer this other question instead despite the powers that be not wanting us to debate it. How do we deal with the climate crisis? Well…”

But most of them have no courage, no boldness, and they don’t care about it either.

Tom Weis, do you really think the corporate Democrats have any concern?

I don’t. They only do what their plutocratic owners want and those owners figure climate change will make them RICHER.

F them.


This is a nitpick. Proceed at your own risk.

I doubt that the DNC - the Democratic National Committee - made this change in the rules. Tom Perez did it.

The DNC is the Democratic Party’s “legislature”; it consists of several hundred members, and it gives the Party a small-d democratic facade. The DNC’s meeting schedule is at aitchttps://www.democracyinaction.us/2020/parties/dnc20.html, near the bottom. Their previous meeting occurred over a weekend in August, and the next meeting will occur immediately after the convention.

The Party bylaws empower the DNC executive committee to manage the Party’s affairs between the semiannual meetings. As chairman, Perez is the day-to-day boss, the excom goes along with his decisions, and unless the entire DNC is now voting between meetings and over the internet, the rule change was Perez’s decision.

The chairman’s power, illustrated by this rule change, is why the Clinton-Obama DP establishment recruited and pushed for reliable Perez.

Anyone who is interested in reforming the DP from within might want to start by electing proggies to the DNC. Immediate action is imperative - delegates to the DNC are elected in the Presidential primaries, so you must start yesterday or earlier. They serve for four years, and because they take office at the end of the convention, they can’t influence the current primary season. They have little choice but to support the convention’s nominee.

If enough proggies were elected to the DNC, they might be able to outvote the Clinton-Obama faction and reform the party. That would justify a few celebratory pierogies, which I understand are readily available in Milwaukee.


Your comments also apply to Weis’s naive belief in the importance of the party platform.


The Democrat elites favorite color is “green.”

Not for everyone, only them.

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Again, stop calling candidates like Bloomberg a centrist. By any measure, he is a Nixon republican, just like Bill, Barack, Hillary, and Biden.


This conversation is desperately in need of perspective. What passes for DNC-sponsored debates is just an exhibition of soundbites to one-inch deep questions asked from a corporate-friendly and imperialist frame. How many times have we seen “debate” about U.S. health care, in which virtually the only question asked is how to publicly finance Medicare for All? The corporate press can talk at the “issues” for hours without providing any sort of balanced perspective or depth. A DNC-sponsored debate about climate crisis seems hardly worth the effort.

Secondly, who is the audience? How many voters actually watch these exhibitions, and who benefits? I would argue that Sanders hasn’t been helped or harmed much by the debates because much of his base doesn’t watch, and much of the usual audience for the debates has already made up their minds about him. Bernie has blown past most of the field with alternative media and good old fashioned organizing. Putting a candidate in a TV debate is simply signaling to likely Democratic primary voters that he is a “viable” candidate. So Bloomberg on the debate stage will draw support away from Biden, Buttigeig, Klobuchar, etc.

The party leadership and its rules are corrupt. If you have the money - regardless of whether it came from actual supporters - Democrats will never shut you out of their process. No wonder Paul Street calls them “dollar-drenched”. But Bloomberg is already all over TV. I guess I don’t really care whether he gets a few softball questions thrown at him while he’s camping out in front of a camera.

Bring it on.


We really need a billionaire as president. Obscenely rich people are so worried about us working class people. They can all go to Hell. Bring back the guillotine!!!


It is fascinating, though gruesome, to see how rhetoric twists around as successive acts of bullying get accepted. The DNC rigs its operation for Bloomberg, having rigged it as well in '16, but Tom Weis, who is clearly against all this, must continue to call it “dithering,” as though it were just nettlesome and foolish as opposed to ferocious.

It is not apt to do much that the Democratic candidates do or do not discuss climate in a basically closed-forum discussion moderated by corporatist spin-jockeys in a rigged nomination process run for people who hold political influence because they sacrifice human and environmental interests for money.

Discussing these sorts of things as though they were collegial differences of opinion held by well meaning and truth-seeking colleagues is closer to dithering. What the DNC is and has been doing is a good deal darker than that.


The fact that when he started the campaign, he ordered his newspaper (Bloomberg Financial) not to investigate or print anything negative about him or his family tells me all I need to know about Mike.


Another businessman out of touch with the reality of regular working people is another horrible candidate for any political office. The only point that is positive here is that it should be clear that age should not be a tool used against Bernie. Now there are three old white men in the running.


I really do not think the DNC understands the implications of the backlash that will occur if they rig the system to see Sanders defeated again.

IF that occurs I would not be surprised to see an entirely new party on the left from and the Democrats that remain getting absorbed into the Republican party.

Of course that might well be the end goal.

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Mike Bloomberg:
Republican 2001–2007,Independent 2007–2018, Democratic 2018–present.

If he was a democrat before the past 20 years, I don’t think it counts.