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DNC 'Snubs' Climate Movement Just as Greenpeace Endorses Democratic Panel's Visionary Plan

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/23/dnc-snubs-climate-movement-just-greenpeace-endorses-democratic-panels-visionary-plan


Anybody else think it’s time for Progressives to form a new party? If not now, then when? If not us, then who?


Who could have seen this coming. (Rolling my eyes) The Democrats are worse than the Republicans as they pretend to care about the environment and citizens. They don’t. They only care about lining their pockets with bribes from their corporate masters. Fuck them all.


They could simply get behind the Green Party and make it viable. Starting a whole new party seems a bit too late now.


The entrenched DINO shills openly show their true reason for being - their raison dêtre:- is to serve the establishment and business as usual.
The reason uncle-tom perez was hand-picked by obama to run against Keith Ellison was to sabotage progressives and our issues - to continue to serve wealth and power - to keep those campaign-contribution bribes rollin-in and the Quislings secure in their house and senate seats. Whats the diff between R’Cons and DINO’s? A kinder and gentler fucking with the same betrayals. Only a private corporate entity masquerading as a “political party” could be so arrogant and corrupt they would think they can continue to get away with such perfidy and betrayals and no one would notice.


Traitors to Humanity and every living thing. Fuck them all.



Anyone surprised that Tom Perez and the Democratic Party ‘Leadership’ squashed the Democratic Party doing anything not Wall Street approved during a Biden presidency has not been paying attention.

readsludge com /2020/05/20/here-are-the-corporate-lobbyists-on-the-dnc-committee-that-blocked-the-climate-debate/


Clearly the DNC is not good for people, Earth, or for democracy.
A reboot will be painful for a time, but the Democratic Party needs to wither and die --or just merge with GOP.


the greed, the greed, the greed, ugly whether it republithugs or damn dems. what a time for them to stick their heads in the fracking.


Yes, and the chances that us lefties (advocates for democracy, the historic meaning; let’s quit tip-toeing around) could persuade enough members of the (Un-)Democratic party to bolt to the Greens to win the election are slim to none. As FDR said, their fear will be their downfall. It is worth everyone’s while to read his entire First Inaugural Address, from which that truncated quote is taken.

Given the election tampering and outright fraud of at least four of the last five presidential elections, and the lack of any wiggle-room to go full throttle to throttle the fossil fool throttle, we’re going to have to find some other path to Green. There will be lots of small opportunities if we can recognize them and act upon them. Speaking of which, the brief movement for dealing with murderous cops has already hit a wall. How do we hit back or slide below?

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The photo of Perez illustrating this article makes him look like a carny shill—proof that a camera lens doesn’t lie!


Yes, I agree that we need a progressive party. But, and a big but here, we first need to get Trump, McConnell and the many other GOP criminals out of office. And also, of course, the Democratic criminals out of office too.

Unfortunately, we will probably have to sacrifice the next four years, Presidential Office, and use this time to form a strong grass-roots progressive movement. We need to get Pelosi, Schumer and dozens of others out of office. They have been and are blocking any attempt to move the US in a more progressive direction.

Listen people, as most of you already know, we are running out of time. Two days ago in Siberia 70 miles north of the Artic Circle a temperature of 101 degrees F was recorded. Scientists are freaking out. This is the highest temp ever recorded in the Artic. The earth’s environmental systems are collapsing. We can no longer support carbon based energy development and use any longer. We also can’t continuing support for runaway capitalism that puts more than half of the wealth of the world in the hands of 500 or 600 people. The insanity has to stop or we’re all dead!


It’s 104 degrees in Siberia, need I say more?


A Dinocrat never changes it’s spots. Neither of the existing parties can be fixed. They can only be abandoned.

It’s way past time for a 3rd Party to the left of the two Repubican parties - Wall Street Red and Wall Street Blue



Not sure we need another one, just bring the Greens in with the Peoples Party. The biggest problem up to this point was how will we defeat the “Black Boxes”, that have been kicking the fool out of progressive voters, but C-19 might have taken that out of the equation if we could pass mail-in voting in all states.


There’s always something to do first. That’s why we never do what’s next.


I’m sure if Obama and Clinton and Schumer and Pelosi were president and had political power, they would eliminate the DNC for sure. All those kinds of Republican organizations would be thrown out and government would finally serve the people that’s for sure. Everything is the fault of the Republicans they’ve taken control and social transformation would happen for sure if the Democratic Party was in charge. I think we need to sign a lot of petitions and form a letter writing campaign so we can establish social justice and go back to the good days


Good one!


Once again both horses in the 2020 race belong to Wall Street. Here today, here tomorrow.


A very big “small opportunity” is available right now in Maine. Maine uses ranked choice voting for federal elections, so the Democratic Party rank-and-file can vote for the Green Party candidate without fear of “wasting” their votes.

Lisa Savage is the Green Party-endorsed candidate who is running against Republican incumbent Susan Collins and a DP establishment candidate for the US Senate seat.

This race provides proggies with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to elect a US Senator. Collins is vulnerable, Maine is the only state that uses ranked choice voting, and Maine is small enough for progressives to have influence if many or most of them across the country pitch in. A Senate seat isn’t as glamorous as the Presidency, but it has a six year term and allows the winner to have considerable influence on policies.

A win would be a huge boost for RCV and for third parties, but a loss would kill third party efforts for the foreseeable future.

Lisa’s campaign needs volunteers and money. Everyone can help at her website: ~www.LisaforMaine.org