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DNC: To Be or Not to Be? That is the Question


DNC: To Be or Not to Be? That is the Question

Donna Smith

What a week for those of us who support Bernie. I almost typed Senator Bernie Sanders, but then pulled back to re-type Bernie because even formalizing his title and his name seems somehow a concession. Bernie was not defeated. The movement for climate, economic and social justice was not defeated. And I was certainly not defeated.


It should be noted that early on in his first term and perhaps prior, Obama did state the need to be pushed by the people. As much as the people can feel that Obama let them down, perhaps the people let him down in regard to social issues. I'm not giving him any passes on continuing the foreign policy blunders that started well before he took office. No, he's been the blunderer-in-chief for those...


"And it is way too early for Bernie supporters to walk away from the fight for the agenda with which Bernie inspired many millions of us. We, the aforementioned Bernie supporters, are a force to be reckoned with, and we are a movement borne of decades of waiting to be heard and waiting to be represented."

This is an important statement.

What I've already noticed is the deliberate way that the original Sanders' opponents are quick to enter forums like this one to CAPITALIZE on the sense of frustration that so many of us now feel.

That frustration is not based on anything done by Sanders.

It's the product of, and natural reaction to all the systemic frauds that shut Sanders out of his rightful position. He had the numbers! He just didn't have "the machine" which had an outcome preordained that it used every manner of trick and machination to attain.

There is a tremendous groundswell of opposition to corporate policies... the same ones the DNC is embracing and ENFORCING onto all citizens.

This whole election run-up has been clouded by smoke, mirrors, and all sorts of vote count counterfeiting. It's meant to give the ILLUSION of Democracy whereas, Power is writing the script and that script--as represented by things as odious as TIPP and TPP has NOTHING to do with the will of citizens; nor will these treaties deliver anything but more harm in the form of greater environmental desecration and more vacuum-suctioning of good jobs out of "the homeland."

The force of opposition must not dissipate! I've watched it morph from OWS to the Sanders' support (along with support for 350.org and other important timely causes).

It's my view that those chastising Sanders and his supporters (and exploiting the current sense of betrayal) WANT to see this force dissipate. For all their grandiose talk of revolution, Marx, and the "true Leftist purist," they HAVE to realize that most Americans don't understand these ideas or identify with them.

Democracy means that all citizens have a say and while certain laws protect the minority from the "mob," essentially, law is intended to represent majority opinion.

Therefore, this Leftist Purist stance that always comes off as so rigid (which is a right-wing trait) and punishing (which is a fundamentalist Christian response) strikes me as being insincere. I believe it represents the Talking Points handed over to trained specialists in Crowd Control, disinformation tactics, and possibly affiliation with one of the authoritarian alphabet agencies.


The TIPP and TPP codify and concretize corporate hegemony.

Obama is pushing them because it's part of the deal he made when he ran up a campaign tab of $1 billion dollars.

As many here understand, and a few have pointed out, the RETURNS on that investment (to the corporate world) have been exponential!

The Obama health "care" plan was a payoff to Big Insurance.

TPP and TIPP essentially hand the planet's agricultural lands over to Monsanto with NO strings, neither regulations, applied.

Exxon, BP, Mobil, and the rest will NEVER see another day in a court!

Just as the military (kangaroo courts) tries soldiers within its own venues, using the "logic" of militarism... which would rather punish the whistle blower (Chelsea Manning) than CORRECT the action; these treaties entail Investor State Dispute courts that are made up of their own. That is, people who share the same "sensibilities" as Supreme Court justices so repugnant as to disable Democracy by passing such undemocratic rulings as "Citizens United." That ruling gave corporate behemoths free reign in purchasing candidates and through them, preferential policy.

When a handful of companies control the nation's food supply (along with much of the world's), and a handful of companies own ALL mass media channels; and a handful of companies control all pharmaceuticals; and a handful of companies control all of Hollywood's films... these gigantic entities can and do merge in ways that allot to very small numbers of people phenomenal power and control over citizens' lives.

TPP and TIPP are DESIGNED to further that process of control and consolidation. They are toxic to lives, liberty, public health, the natural world, and the faintest premise OF Democracy.

Obama should be tried for treason for this alone! Shame on these party loyalists for showing support for policies that will be completely detrimental to U.S. citizens and the LIFE of this planet!

The problem is, some of these corporations control greater economic portfolios than entire nations; and with that monetary power it's not difficult to purchase a private army for hire. That's what Erik Prince is all about. And even the Hague is unable to stand up to THAT ominous threat.


Facing popular "reality" never sits well with me. The DNC' s recognition of a Sender's platform could now be nothing more than a gesture. People are still speaking and working toward a Sender's victory - many people. Excuse me, but I too have not conceeded.


Couldn't agree more Ms. Smith. The DNC has soundly rejected the progressive agenda. That's all we need to see to completely turn off every progressive that ever considered voting for her. If they really wanted party unity they would have taken a more serious look at what the platform could be. They had no intention of listening or acting on any of Bernie's suggestions, still believing we will circle the wagons around the criminal Clinton.
The complete out of touch and tone deaf behavior of Clinton and her DNC is expected but not well received. Even a few overtures on our behalf would have helped, but we got nothing. So they will get nothing from us. Not a dime, not a vote, nothing but protest from now on.
I am encouraged by the coming together of all the issues groups under one banner. That's where our strength is as Bernie has wisely brought out.
If we unify we win.
I've noticed a few on CD comments trying to convince us that since Bernie said he would vote for Clinton he has betrayed us. I don't believe that. He knows what he's doing or has to do. He wants us out here fighting and him in the Senate fighting. He's our inside guy. Assuming they crown the Red Queen.
We have seen a few on the inside fighting for us but only a few. With Bernie writing bills and millions of us demanding they pass we can push and continue the fight. Jane Sanders has said he will lead the revolution whether he wins or not. I don't plan on throwing up my hands in defeat anytime soon, we've come too far. This isn't just Bernie's fight, it's ours too.
We wouldn't have gotten 43% of the vote and I'm sure he would have won, if we had given up too early, we can't do it now. This revolution is now in the second stage. Let's break the DNC and build a third party of the people.
Never Hillary


Thanks, Donna.

Resigned here. Not Hill, yes Jill.

Did you hear them laughing after West's sincere declaration of abstinence? Such hateful people we have in power in what was my Party for a very long time.


Yes! We may have to start as a Party w/in a Party, i honestly don't know.

But this proved to us that we can coalesce under a broad banner, with a fiery leader and a shared passion for equality and justice. The time is now to put aside petty issues and stay united.

"A people, united, can never be divided!" (Occupy chant.)


I will vote for Berniecrats and probably Jill.


Hillary isn't an option, there isn't an option. Just me, I won't be going through the motions to go through the motions.


"Earlier in the week, a wise advisor and mentor of mine said any person or group will be forever ostracized if that person or group in any way screws up the optics of the prime time HRC coronation that will be the DNC convention. OK. That is probably true.:

DNC FRIENDLY ADVICE TO SANDERS SUPPORTERS: Disrupt HRC's coronation convention and you'll be "forever ostracized"...

...even if you're almost half of likely Democratic Party voters...

...and even if you're protesting because we refused to compromise - even in token and nonbinding ways - on the Party Platform...

...and, oh, did we forget to mention: although you'll be ridiculed now and in the future for protesting the Party and candidate that refused to negotiate with you...

...you'll still be POSITIVELY EXPECTED to pull the handle for HRC...

...hopefully with a bit of the (chuckle) sweet enthusiasm you unrealistic millenials and hopeless idealists showed for Sanders.

Sincerely, Your 'Big Tent' Democratic Party

p.s. - Sorry, last little request: after you pull the handle - with vim! with vigor! bright-eyed and bushy tailed! - send us lots of little donations like you did for Sander. Because if you don't you're a Trump supporter.


I welcome their hatred.



The more that people talk about voting symbolically (for Jill Stein), the more depressing this all gets. Voting for Stein may may you feel better but it will not change anything this election. That is the reality. So here it is a month before the convention and we see progressives pretending that voting for Jill is a political stance instead of it being merely a symbolic act. It doesn't actually accomplish anything except to offer people a feel good excuse to help wash down a difficult reality that they know that they must swallow. They have lost their votes in reality and now they would rather not have to face that it is up to them to do something about that, so they pretend they do something with a symbolic substitute.

The election has been stolen (almost but not officially as yet) from Bernie and all these supposedly high principled types who say they 'wont vote for the lesser of two evils' show no principles whatsoever when they do not stand up for their democracy and fight for it with protests and demonstrations. Instead they cop out and blather about how firmly they will vote for Jill as if their doing so will teach the DNC a lesson! What a joke! A self delusion that is only to avoid facing that THEY might actually have to do something to fight for their own democracy! Instead these pseudo revolutionaries choose this symbolic vote as a sop to their wounded self image and prefer to pretend that it makes a real difference.

If we let oligarchy, Wall St, the MIC and a consolidated media manipulate us and rob us of a people's candidate then we will and that is that but stop pretending that voting for Jill will accomplish anything. The reality will still be that we watched them steal our democracy from us and we did nothing about it except to then vote symbolically for someone we know cannot win. We pretend to be true progressives but we proved that we had no strength nor courage nor self respect when it really counted and that is what history will show. This election is not about Jill Stein and never has been. Stop pretending.


Donna Smith almost made an excellent and important point, but I'm afraid she's still hinged too firmly on that capital D to recognize how far it's walked away from the small-d of democracy. The Bernie movement is about the latter and unconcerned with D "control of Congress." The corner that has been turned, and which the unpollable generations will insist upon, those who are having to crowdfund their way to exercise the representation to which they've been elected by their neighbors, is voting policies, not parties. That's the opportunity that the DNC platform committee and the rest of its leadership have missed. If they try to punish us (including those of us who grew up with the 2-party hegemony) for disloyalty, we'll shrug our shoulders and go on looking for the future of American governance. We're done with campaigning being the most important activity of our leaders.


I'd have to agree with you. I'm a life-long independent, which makes me a member of the voting majority (currently 43% independent, or "unenrolled", if you like; 30% Republican; 27% Democrat). From what I've read, the rampant voter disenfranchisement and vote manipulation, that occurred in Democratic primaries across the U.S., was accomplished mainly by Democrats, not Republicans. Therefore, I would consider it a waste of my vote to not vote in a manner that would ensure that the DNC's HRC does not become President. If Sanders were to run independently, with or without Stein, I would certainly vote for him. But, if he eventually chooses to support HRC with the intent of defeating Trump (or whomever is the Republican nominee), I will have to vote for the Republican nominee; because, I will not have it on my conscience that I did not vote to ensure that HRC is defeated. Any other vote would merely be a gift to the DNC and HRC.


Thanks for the link. Indeed, the best analysis I have seen so far. And here her evaluation of the choreographed Peoples Summit.

"Unfortunately, the answers to the key questions facing Sandernistas were not on offer: discussion of who to vote for in November was shockingly kept off the agenda, Jill Stein was denied a chance to speak, concrete strategies were not put forward (except to support “down ballot” Bernie Democrats), no organizational forms were proposed, and audience participation (by “the people”) was excluded.

At the Summit’s first session, Juan Gonzalez of Democracy Now! opened by telling a cautionary tale of 1968, when some activists refused to vote for establishment Democrat Hubert Humphrey, ending with a warning not to repeat the “mistakes of the past” (translation: not voting Democratic). These comments were later repeated and fleshed out for Monday’s Democracy Now! audience."


Donna, this sounds like more of the same "educational" propaganda that our leader has been defeated but the movement must continue. Sorry but you surely must understand that movements take leadership to take shape. Kill the queen and the hive disperses. Metaphorically, our leader has been killed. At least that is the message. At this stage of its existance the movement has in all probability been dispersed. If you disagree please explain why. If you agree then please, as head of the progressive democrats, tell me who you propose to take up the leadership? Who can replace Bernie Sanders at this point? Donna, why don't we just replace the Democratic Party, a party reeking of hypocrisy, deceit and corruption, instead. If we are going to start over then let's start completely fresh. Trouble is, Donna, we don't have another decade to waste. I'll hang in there with Bernie, thank you.


Really? Read your own post and ask yourself why the world is in the mess you describe. The statute book gets fatter every day and people's wishes get increasingly trampled in the dirt. How does that work?

Maybe the Athenians of a couple of thousand years ago thought as you and so many others still do. But go make yourself a cup of coffee, look in the mirror and ask yourself if the law anywhere in today's world is anything more than a tool of the powerful to suit themselves. Sure - they still dress it up as those Athenians did and pass the odd law to shut the masses up... but the sincerity is all gone. The system now runs on full strength cynicism only slightly diluted by a few drops of naivety. Like him all you want, but Bernie has defused some anger and is politically cringeing as he now suspects he'll hand a number of followers over to Hillary. Don't be angry. Learn. And because it is hard to see any other way, does not alter the facts.

The world will never be fixed until hearts and minds are changed. It will never be changed until the essence of law is seen as restricitng freedom - and culture therefore realises that those Athenians were like Karl Marx in that they failed to take into account how legal systems are in fact tools that enable human exploitation. Look at today's world and try telling me I'm wrong.


I don't know what people expect from Bernie. He is a democratic candidate and not the leader of his own party. He should be though imo. He must play by the rules as a democrat. He can only do so much as a person. He did more than anybody else could have. Yet people act like he should suddenly become Che Bernevara the revolutionary out to overthrow something. Baloney! He is a sitting senator running for office and while I am of the opinion that he should have contested the rigged game more than he did, I am privy to all the details of what is going on behind the scenes. For example, Hillary may be indicted and is under a cloud of possible treason for giving USA secrets and information to foreign interests on her own say so and then destroying evidence that she did. It would not be wise for Bernie to suddenly be anything other than a democrat before the convention.

Bernie came this far and if we don't like the way that WE have seen OUR democracy undermined, manipulated and stolen right out from under our noses then it is up to us to protest that. Not Bernie. Us! it is up to us to care about our votes and the integrity of the process. We cant expect Bernie to act like Trump. We cant expect Bernie to call for protest marches about it either. We need to want to do that. we need to show the DNC and the super delegates that democracy matters to us.


You really have to wonder if Trump is trying all that hard to win these days. He seems playing a role as a foil to Hillary almost like his part is to be obnoxious enough to make moderate conservatives vote for Hillary.

Wall St Hillary does not scare republicans like does Bernie. She is one of the corrupt elites and they know it. She is an insider who won't do all that much to change anything and knows full well how the game in Washington is played.