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DNC Vice-Chair Resigns, Throws Support Behind Bernie Sanders

DNC Vice-Chair Resigns, Throws Support Behind Bernie Sanders

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii announced Sunday that she will resign as vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee and endorse Bernie Sanders for president.

"I think it's most important for us, as we look at our choices as to who our next commander in chief will be, is to recognize the necessity to have a commander in chief who has foresight, who exercises good judgment," Gabbard said on MSNBC's "Meet the Press."


BRAVA Tulsi! Thanks for standing-up for America’s (and the worlds) future! Many have chosen cowardice or political opportunism and complicity with vast wealth to support the candidate of continued business as usual and rule by big-money, the uber-wealthy 1%, banker/financial usury, corporate domination, and for-profit wars/conflict. More people of conscience must follow your principled courageous action! Liz warren comes immediately to mind…

The corrupt media, talking head liars, and Clinton stooges would like nothing better than for voters to believe this primary is over - but reports of the demise of Sanders’ campaign are highly exaggerated!


Second that, Emphryio
This offers some relief after the ??? that was S.C. last night.

Don’t even want to get a glimpse (televisions are so ubiquitous now, it’s hard to do unless I stay in the woods) of the nauseating MSM post HRC “Crush” as they are calling it.


“Ahhhh, daylight in the swamp!”


You said it Toulouse!

Help spread the word. It’s not even close to over yet, and Bernie can win big – despite the obvious biases of both the DNC & Corporate Media:

“Bernie Sanders Will Win Huge in California, in June.”


I just heard her endorsement on Meet the Press and what struck me most was that she said Sanders had the ‘military mind’ to be commander in chief. Host Chuck Todd sarcastically said something like “Do you really think Bernie Sanders has the military mind to be commander in chief?” Gabbard said, yes he did because military decisions require foresight of the consequences of war.

Hillary Clinton has consistently shown poor judgement in war matters. Not only her poor judgement in Syria, Libya and Iraq but also that she values the advice of Henry Kissinger, who in the breadth and depth of his disastrous war policy is the undisputed champion war criminal of the 2nd half of the 20th century as he both actively participated in and enabled a multitude of war crimes in places like Bangladesh, East Timor, Chile, Cambodia and God only knows where else.

That Hillary Clinton is a close friend and solicits the advice of a man who should rightly be in prison in the Hague, should have disqualified her to be Secretary of State let alone the President.


Now that Trump cannot be stopped, the dynamics of the November election are becoming more clear. Gabbard realizes that although Bernie will have a huge challenge beating Trump, Hillary has zero chance of beating Trump.


If Bernie is smart, he’ll announce right now that he’s consider naming Tulsi as his VP nominee if he wins the nomination, and they should start campaigning together right now. He should also start making a much bigger issue than he has been (next to nothing!) of the need for a huge shift away from US imperialism and power projection, and the Neocon/Neoliberal policy of overthrowing governments all around the world, creating ever more instability and chaos. He should announce that he would pull back troops from most foreign bases, and slash the military budget by 25% upon taking office, turning that “Yuge” peace dividend over to funding the programs he’s calling for: free public college, improved public education funding, etc.

He needs a big jolt for his campaign, and this Tulsi Gabbard’s defection from the DNC could provide it.

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net


You have my respect and admiration for your choice. Shultz is a little nazi wanna be. (small letter nazi) She thinks the DNC belongs to her and she has the choice of who we will have for president. She and Gabbard have had run- ins previously, I’m surprised she didn’t quit when Shults uninvited her to a DNC function (can’t remember which one it was).
It would behoove Ms. Gabbard to reveal anything she knows about Debbie’s decision to block Bernie and sabotage his campaign. Abuse thrives when the secret is kept. Let’s start cleaning up the corruption in the DNC.


The following from CNN:

“In 2008, 55% of voters were black, but now African-Americans made up 61% of voters. In 2008, 78% of black voters went with Obama and 19% backed Clinton, according to exit polls at the time. But this time, 84% of black voters went for Clinton and 16% went for Sanders.”

It is difficult to top the irony of the Ft. Sumpter primary. I take special interest in the Illinois primary, I live there, I think Bernie has to rethink the demographics of this race. Somehow he has to appeal to the working classes of all races, that is the ticket to success. He went to Chicago State University (South Side of Chicago), had a pretty good crowd, not overflowing, now it is time to hit East St. Lous, Peoria, some of the mid size towns hit by deindustrialization, i.e., Decatur, maybe a speech at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. He has to go where potential votes are, maybe try to get some disillusioned Trump people, etc. Illinois should be an easy win for Bernie, unfortunately, it isn’t.


Yes, I definitely agree. I’m originally from Decatur and have family there and in Peoria. Central and southern Illinois were hit hard by the recession and haven’t recovered. I don’t think it’s an “angry” state in the Trump sense, but they definitely know the country’s in a mess and could well go for Bernie if they understand his stance. A good friend I have there who calls himself “apolitical” says he’d probably go “centrist” because he’s so frightened by this campaign season. Bernie needs to make it clear that good change is always a little scary, but there’s a big difference between that kind of scary and the Trump scary that will only grow under a Clinton presidency.


Aren’t people surprising? How extraordinarily ethical (I figure she resigned because the DNC was rigging the game) and also profound (as an indictment of the direction that America has taken since Bush/Cheney destabilized the Middle East). The “consequences of war” - a phrase rarely heard in this endless war we have become mired in. Hillary laughed and never gave it a thought.


This is NOT a national statistic. Is it referring to South Carolina?


Diogenes would be proud! Give vice-chair of DNC, U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard a lot of credit because being a DNC insider Rep. Tulsi no doubt sees the DNC/ HRC corruption and wants to be no part of it.


Debbie Wasserman Schultz has already caused us to lose the House, The Senate, and Governors Offices if she doesn’t resign we may lose the Whitehouse. I don’t understand why she still is the Chair of the DNC, she has been terrible.


Yes, I know. It is referring to South Carolina.

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Clinton has a pretty good defense against this criticism of her, which seems valid, by saying she put together the negotiation that that avoided a military confrontation with Iran and even convinced a country (presumably Israel) not to attack Iran. This provides with some evidence to back up her statements that she supports avoiding war through negotiation. And both Clinton and Sanders supported several interventions. In any case neither is a pacifist and both support the bombing of Syria and drone strikes in many parts of the world. I think both believe that somehow Assad has to go in order to ever achieve a political settlement in Syria.


smallisbeautifu: I agree with you 100% I saw that “interview” with Todd…the stupid man thinks having a “military mindset” means being pro-military/pro-military intervention…Pro-Pentago/// - Pro-War and that is a good thing for a President to be. Thank God Gabbard clarified her statement to mean that having a military mindset means you understand the consequences of military action. Unlike Hillary, who seems to care less what the consequences are.


Don’t you think it curious that Hillary claims credit for what is clearly John Kerry’s signature achievement as Secretary of State and that she also claims credit for Obama’s signature domestic achievement the Affordable Care Act?

She’s like the kid on the playground that claims a found quarter someone else picked up by saying she saw it first.