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DNC Vice-Chair Resigns, Throws Support Behind Bernie Sanders

Look on the bright side, Bernie’s odds since he first announced running for POTUS, have gone from about 40:1 to about 10:1 and it would be a lot better than that except he is up against the corrupt Debbie and the DNC!


Because of his beliefs re foreign affairs. Go Tulsi! Go Bernie!


As I’ve said many times (and apparently will have to continue repeating many more times), the #1 task of the leadership of the Democratic party is to do everything within their power to lose to Republicans, in as many elections as possible. Once you understand this basic fact, it all starts to make perfect sense, including the tenure of this woman at the head of the DNC.

I know this sounds crazy and bizarre, but just remember that the leadership of both parties serve the same corporate interests. In this scheme, the Democratic Party only exists as a safe receptacle of the anti-Republican votes that naturally emerge after any extended period of Republican rule. Then Democratic politicians have no choice but to win some odd election or two, take office with promises of changing things, but of course they proceed to rule in essentially the same way as Republicans, ensuring a return of Republicans to office following the next election in which disaffected Democratic voters stay home on election day. This cycle gets repeated endlessly. Republicans can rule much more comfortably because their policies are consistent with the trickle-down philosophy they promote publicly. Democratic rule, on the other hand, tends to be awkward because of the inherent tension between what their politicians promise, and what they are truly committed to (i.e., serving the interests of the 1%, if you will).


I hope that Tulsi’s presence and obvious knowledge and passion for this subject will encourage Bernie to do exactly what you say – make a big issue of the need for a huge shift away from US imperialism and power projection and overthrowing governments. He’s indicated that he wants to get away from imperialism, but said little more than that. Like you, I also suspect Tulsi would be a great running mate – personable, articulate, and knowledgeable and passionate about an area where Bernie is perceived as weak. She also clearly has guts. I’ve little doubt that Wasserman-Schultz (and Clinton) will try to ruin her.


Hasn’t anybody noticed that for the past few elections, the Republican party has come up with total crazies as candidates. people nobody would elect. This virtually ensures a Democrat win.

  • A Democrat is elected, who, in the interest of “bipartisanship” gets his/her party to support the Republican program. Thus things get voted in which nobody likes, or would support if a Republican was in power.
  • Øbama is the poster boy for this. HRC is worse.
  • Remember, the 0.001% don’t really care which sock puppet is voted into power as they own and control them both.
  • Perhaps Bernie hasn’t yet sold his soul to the company store. Worth a try?

Exactly! What I have said for a long time; the Democratic party is: THE FAKE OPPOSITION PARTY. Well said!


I just emailed Representative Gabbard here:


I congratulated her on her courageous commitment to progressive change in our government and for our society. Supporting Senator Sanders for president can only help the working class, poor and elderly of all races. That last part’s implied but some people need it explicitly stated.


I find it commendable that a member of the DNC considered neutrality an important obligation.

I’m so sorry, this comment of mine was completely uncalled for.


It’s the DNC Chair, not the Vice-Chair, who should resign.


You bring up a good point that seems to escape notice too much in the media. Hillary’s warrior queen stance on war. She wants to prove that she as a woman can lead a war.

What would Hillary do with Iran? Her recent unquestioning support of Netanyahu is a recipe or an invitation to expand the endless war in the Middle East.

Kerry avoided war with Iran not Hillary. To my recollection Hillary’s last act was to cause the war to spread to Syria after laughing (psychologically disturbing that) at the deaths (the consequences of war…are the collateral ones which she never thought about).

People should seriously ask whether Hillary would extend the endless war to Iran. She wants to prove something and where else is left to have a war? She has pursued the same neocon destabilization policies since voting for the war in Iraq which somehow have always seemed targeted to war in Iran. Kerry avoided it but she is not Kerry.


The general naivety of the African American voter in South Carolina is astounding. Sanders would do far ,ore for this group of people than other groups. However, they choose en masse to vote for a white establishment woman with strong ties to Wall Street and the war machine. Reap what you sow in the future years and don’ t cry to me about why black lives matter!


As I recall, Tulsi objected to the meager debate schedule, joining with Sanders and O’Malley who were asking for more debates. DWS refused and then wouldn’t give her an invitation to the next debate.


The people Bernie needs to vote for him are more concerned with personal economic issues for themselves and their families. When it comes to foreign policy, most folks just don’t want more war, death, lost limbs and minds, and lost national treasure. Bernie needs to highlight his life long WORK and legislative victories for everyday people to grab the demographic groups he needs in the numbers he needs to win the nomination. There is an insightful YouTube video showing Hillary lying about all manner of things for 13 minutes straight. Even I was appalled. Some of those out takes would be great commercial exposing her duplicity. You could make it very simple: Bernie helps people. She lies.


It’s referring only to registered democrats in SC ( and they are outnumbered by registered republicans by a nearly 65 to 35 clip. So, at the end of the day, unfortunately the black votes cast in the old confederacy really won’t matter a hill of beans in November anyway)


Tulsi Gabbard should be made Chair of the DNC
Wasserman-Schulz should be the one resigning …

I just received this email from Alan Grayson
Fortunately it’s reproduced on tumblr


The Democratic Establishment: corrupt, mendacious sellouts.

There, I said it.

You’ve seen what I’ve seen. Take the Presidential campaign. The Democratic Party schedules Presidential debates during NFL playoff games, to try to ensure that no one takes any interest whatsoever in our Presidential campaign or our issues, so that name-recognition will carry the day. The Democratic Party cuts off one Presidential candidate’s access to the most important tool of campaigning, the voter file, not long before the first primary. The Democratic Party quietly repeals the prohibition against accepting campaign contributions from lobbyists.

God forbid that our voters might choose someone that our party elites might not want – someone who is not as corrupt and feckless as they are.

Why don’t we just call it what it has become: the UnDemocratic Party.

If you despise the UnDemocratic Party as much as I do, then contribute $10 or more to our campaign to Beat the Machine:

And the funniest/saddest thing is that the Party Politburo does it with one excuse and one excuse only: that they are choosing “the strongest candidate for November.”

Excuse me?

These are the losers who have taken us from +20 to -8 in the Senate, in just six years.

These are the losers who have taken us from +83 to -59 in the House, in just six years. Including the biggest wipeout for the Democratic Party in more than 100 years.

Six years ago, the Democrats controlled 16 state governments (House/Senate/Governor), and the Republicans controlled eight. The party bigwigs – these are the losers who now have left us with control of only seven state governments, while the Republicans control 27. They have taken us from +8 to -20, in just six years.

Our Party Politburo is so deeply incompetent that they shouldn’t even be choosing lottery ticket numbers, much less candidates. Based on their track record, I wouldn’t even trust them with paper vs. plastic. They would screw up a one-car parade.

And yet the party bosses want to seize the power – from our voters – to decide whom our candidates should be.

Much more here: http://alangraysonemails.tumblr.com/post/139253926421/the-undemocratic-party


The Queen’s dog whistle calls “Vote for me, I’m a woman.”
Since the 1990s Hillary has operated solo in public life and has compiled an even bloodier history both in the Senate where she was an ardent supporter of Bush Jr’s War on Iraq and then as Secretary of State. All of this is in service of making her President.
Excerpt from:


OK. So Clinton “saying” one thing is “evidence” to support something else she says. Got it. Thanks.


Agreed! Very nice timing by Ms Gabbard. Good news for Sanders’ supporters feeling a tad dejected and dispirited after last night. I hope we shall be hearing from her often, from here on.


Gabbard sez: “… after much thought and consideration, I’ve decided I cannot remain neutral and sit on the sidelines any longer.”

Interesting construct. That an entire organization functioning as an arm of the Clinton campaign is officially “neutral” (are these folks not among the hundreds of superdelegates who have pledged to her?); while one person outing herself in open support of the usurper is compelled to resign as “partisan”.


Yes, and Gabbard knows this well. It is significant that this young woman, obviously a “comer” in the party given her DNC placement, would put it all on the line just as Clinton is riding at her highest point since the voting started.
This, folks, is what Bernie’s revolution looks like. Or must, if it is to succeed. Bottom up.