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DNC's Climate Council Urges Party to Go Beyond Biden Plan, Calling for Fracking Ban and $16 Trillion Renewable Energy Investment

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/15/dncs-climate-council-urges-party-go-beyond-biden-plan-calling-fracking-ban-and-16


Several infuriating things related to Biden/DNC jumped out at me while reading this article.

First (my bold):

"The council’s proposal reportedly frustrated DNC leaders, one of whom firmly told Reuters Monday, Joe Biden will be writing the platform for our national convention."

WHO is writing the platform for the national convention??? “Joe Biden”?? Really??
I call complete and utter bullshit on that.

Joe Biden probably doesn’t even fully grasp that there is a council and what they are advocating for!

It seems no one really knows who specifically is calling the shots in Joe Biden’s campaign.

I posted this comment under another CD’s piece which I will repost as it is appropriate here:

I have been posing the question here on CD’s comment section about who people are voting for when they are voting for Joe Biden. He is a hollow shell, cognitively impaired and people need to know who is shaping policy (such as it is).

I’ve gotten some broad brush answers such as “you are voting for the elite! or the oligarchy!”

But I want to know names of who is calling the shots because no one knows who is behind Biden specifically----who is around him shaping policy? Personnel is policy.

FINALLY! Someone addressed this today and of course, it is very troubling:

Editor-At-Large at the Jacobin David Sirota discusses the secretive tactics the Biden campaign is using to cover his potential council of advisors from the public.

“David Sirota: The real reason Biden is HIDING his economic advisors”

The other disturbing thing (there are many disturbing things!) in this piece regarding the DNC is this:

"one DNC leader claimed that the council’s proposals are “a nonstarter.”
“Nobody takes them seriously,” the senior Democrat told Reuters ."

How can one not despise the DNC? This just speaks volumes about how despicable they are.

When this “DNC leader” said “nobody takes them seriously”, who exactly is the “nobody” they are speaking of?

Not me. Not the progressives I know. Not the thousands and thousands of youth climate activists whose lives are at stake.

We need to know the names of who is shaping Biden policy, call them out for who they are and who they are really representing.


From the article [with my aside]:

*The Democratic National Committee [checking donor list] on Monday attempted to dismiss its own climate council as an “insurgent” group that isn’t “taken seriously” after the panel released policy guidance that goes far beyond presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s own climate platform.


Those who believe Biden is welcoming or even slightly interested in anything his cronies can’t make bank on, are delusional, and have paid no attention to his lifetime record.

I wont vote for a party that has lied to me for decades, and which can’t even state a positive reason to vote for Joe nothing-will-change Biden. The only thing a Biden win could accomplish is making the Republicans look good again.


How to lose an election

And a planet


I am highly confident that President Uncle Joe will aggressively pursue all of the needed reforms and changes required to address our planet’s climate crisis; that Wall Street tells him are ok to do.


There are very likely going to be from 1 to 4 Supreme Court nominations to make in the next 4-8 years. The two most likely are Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Bryer. A 7-2 Court dominated by Federalist Society rePukes for the next 3-5 decades is more frightening than a President Uncle Joe. I am just hopeful that Biden selects a VP nominee who not another DLC-type corporate whore.

I wasn’t all that impressed by Barry’s nominations, and Biden will certainly be worse. I don’t want any justices not appointed by third parties representing actual People and no more from the uni-corporatist party with two brands.

I wont vote for a party because they scare me, only one with an obvious commitment to serve me.


Do you think the Supreme Court is a reason to vote for Biden?

Biden got us Clarence Thomas. He supported Scalia. He criticized the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade as going “too far” and supported a ban on federal funding for abortion research. He stated that he did not believe that “a woman has the sole right to say what should happen to her body.”

Biden was one of two Democrats on the Senate Judiciary to vote for the 1982 Hatch Amendment, which would have effectively nullified Roe by turning abortion rights back to federal and state legislatures.

Biden will, as always, be very concerned about what Republicans want. He will, as always, pay no attention to Progressives.

And while Democrats will fight Trump on everyone he nominates, Democrats will fully support Biden when he nominates equally odious appointments.

No thanks.


Hi Caroline:
YES!!! the DNC and the RNC don’t seem to recognize WE the People. If corporations can be people—can individual people get together and take the power back from the non people? Especially when my vote doesn’t count as the electors can override it! : (


Can someone explain this ban on hydraulic fracturing? Are you banning the procedure outright or just some of the chemicals that are used?

If you’re banning the entire procedure, then I’m quite confused how your Green New Deal policy supports the installation of LDR and EGS systems?

*Climate is an Energy Issue

You must include Nuclear Energy as a big part of the solution. That’s the only way to successfully transform society. If we hope to slow down the long term effects of accumulated CO2 then replace as much of it a humanly possible.

Whichever definition limits the supply of fossil fuels the most.

No one can afford nuclear. It’s the most expensive option available and comes with enormous environmental and proliferation risks.

Better to put that money into renewable energy and storage solutions and energy efficiency.


I disagree and will be publishing my book on the subject soon. Yes nuclear is expensive but gives so much back in return that it is worth the price. Fossil fuel energy provides abundant electricity but it pollutes. Nuclear energy gives abundant energy but it does not pollute. I was once a strong liberal. I saw good things from them decades back but lately I’ve been siding more with the right because energy is so badly handled by Democrats.

I have serious concerns that Joe Biden will not embrace the opportunity to be a transformative President that these times call for. I’m even more concerned if he listens at all to the DNC establishment - these people are only concerned with their own power.

Joe Biden IS the DNC. He is a founding member. Of course he will listen to the DNC.

There is absolutely no chance that Biden will embrace the opportunity to be a transformative President. Unless, you include full blown fascist in your definition of transformative. Biden is who he is. The best we can hope for is “not too much damage”.


Nuclear does not pollute? That must be why Nevada has embraced being the dumping ground for nuclear waste with open arms. Oh wait, that’s not right…

Both nuclear and fossil fuels have enormous externalities. When those are accounted for, neither one can compete.


Hey stardustIBID, don’t forget the DNC is now a corporation, affirmed by the courts, the people have no control over them at all.

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I know, lets use the leverage gained by Sanders in the primary to push the DNC platform to the left at the convention, oh wait, he suspended his campaign and endorsed Biden…never mind.