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DNI John Ratcliffe, a Trumpie Wingnut, Hilariously Blames Iran for Pro-Trump Proud Boy Email Spoof

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/22/dni-john-ratcliffe-trumpie-wingnut-hilariously-blames-iran-pro-trump-proud-boy

There is no substantiated evidence for either of the stories about Russian interference or this

blather about Iran.

So, the best Mr. Cole can do is to counter the new garbage with the old garbage?

This is typical of how delusional and arrogant USA-ans are and it is why the two leading choices

to be president are as lousy as they are.

Garbage versus garbage is what the democrats and republicans represent.

Two charlatans offering pies filled with private, secretive, ingredients laced with toxicity.


“there isn’t any glaze-eyed wingnut conspiracy theory too wild for Ratcliffe to swallow it whole and with relish.”

Mr. Ratcliffe can deep-throat a bologna. These emails are meant to hurt the Trump campaign? Seriously?

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I wonder if Putin is sick of his little puppet trump???

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C’mon Juan
This e-mail has an Ann Arbor signature to it.
How much did you pay those Pioneer HS students?

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The mainstream media continues to land credence to this proud boy spoof.

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A poor article by a normally well-informed Juan Cole.

Was it a black flag op to discredit Trump rather than intimidate Biden voters? Likely. Not beyond the realms of probability.

And as for the Hunter Biden laptop, are the e-mails genuine? Simple yes or no and nothing to do with how they were acquired.