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'Do As I Say, Not As I Do:' Rand 'Socialized-Medicine-Is-Slavery' Paul Headed to Canada for Some Surgery


'Do As I Say, Not As I Do:' Rand 'Socialized-Medicine-Is-Slavery' Paul Headed to Canada for Some Surgery

Jon Queally, staff writer

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), one of the most vocal libertarians in Congress, is reportedly headed to Canada later this year to receive hernia surgery and it's pretty clear that a lot people on Monday are going to be calling him out for this.

While building a career on promoting the libertarian myth of what Paul and others like to call the "free market," the "irony of it" was just too rich that he would travel to Canada, which enjoys a socialized, single-payer healthcare system, to have the procedure performed.



Look here you Libertine, pooling our money so that everyone is covered equitably, less expensively with single payer and with dignity makes for society and not slavery.

Contact Rand Paul yourself at:

(202) 224-4343



Yes. Apparently Paul and his ilk reject slavery only when railing against government, but have no problem if we’re all made slaves to the Almighty Corporate Person.



Also, corporate lackeys in both parties don’t mind socializing the military and sending our youth to get their brains and limbs blown off in unnecessary wars of choice for other peoples’ resources.



How dare he save the man who attacked him some money by going to a cheaper, private hospital.

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A joke I overheard at the gym: “My daughter told me that she wants to be a Libertarian when she grows up. I told her that it’s not possible to do both.”



In no way do I endorse this disregard for his stated position regarding Canadian healthcare but this article is suggesting that anyone can go to Canada for elective medical treatment and not pay for it. I sincerely doubt that to be true. It would be interesting to find out a bit more about this situation before the rotten egg storm begins.
Common Dreams I thought you were better than to publish a half written article. This is a fine example of the yellow journalism so common in other publications.



Single Payer is NOT socialized medicine. It’s SOCIALIZED INSURANCE.



Hayek (father of neoliberalism), James Buchanan, Milton Friedman, Ayn Rand, the Kochs, Jeff Bezos… all libertarians. THEIR ideology has been running this world - to the ground - for 40 years now.

Anti-war? Hardly.

“If you’re not willing to kill everybody who has a different idea than yourself, you cannot have Frederick Hayek’s free market. You cannot have Alan Greenspan or the Chicago School, you cannot have the economic freedom that is freedom for the rentiers and the FIRE (finance, insurance, real estate) sector to reduce the rest of the economy to serfdom.” ~ Michael Hudson

“From wanting to privatize healthcare, to doing away with federal agencies and eliminating minimum wage laws, libertarianism put the interests of billionaires and the wealthy elite first, and the interests of everyone else dead last. And I do mean dead.”

Read this article and tell me that both parties aren’t ALL libertarians in disguise.



After 2 failed hernia repairs by doctors who said they could do it the way the Shouldice clinic did it, I went to the Shouldice clinic myself. Done without a general anesthetic and no problems years later.
It is a mystery why they have such a better success rate.
I paid for the surgery myself but I do not know if this is subsidized by the taxpayer. I am a Canadian.



So, in your opinion, it is completely okay to rail against the “evils of government,” but then turn around and take money from them?

Also, I think the greater point to make is that Canada has excellent universal healthcare that can be supplemented by private insurance and their society is not in free fall. In fact ,their care has better outcomes than the U.S. and one of their private hospitals which is subsidised by the gov is good enough for a libertarian.

If your morals are that you shouldn’t have to pay slightly higher taxes to make all of society better off, including yourself, including cheaper and more effective healthcare for everyone including you, then your morals suck and you don’t deserve to vote.

Also, before you think I’m completely biased (yes I am about as left as they come by US standards), but I’ve voted for libertarians in the past and will continue to do so in the future based on their platform. But history will not be kind to their fiscal and environmental policies, nor should it.



You may have paid for it yourself but i am sure you put in a claim & got reim bursed for most if not all your costs.



Shouldice was founded in 1945 by Dr. Earle Shouldice.[1] While private hospitals are not allowed under Ontario’s Private Hospitals Act,[

]2) Shouldice is one of seven private hospitals in the province grandfathered under the Act.[[2]] The hospital has been continuously family run from its inception.
The procedures used were developed during the second W War by Dr. Shouldice.



You are correct, Mr Paul had to pay for this. Medical Tourism is big business in many Countries but it important to keep in mind that even if you do have to pay for a medical procedure In Canada , it is generally cheaper than the equivalent procedure in the USA , this due in part to Canada’s Government involvement.

Just as an example. On a per capita basis the USA has about 4 times as many MRI machines than does Canada. One would think it a purely competitive marketplace the USA charge per MRI would be less. People that are not covered by Canada’s system , such as tourists can get an MRI in Canada and pay out of pocket.

The average cost for an MRI in Canada is about 1/3 the average cost of an MRI in the USA. Ie here in Vancouver if you not a citizen it around 700 dollars whereas in the US the average is 2600 dollars (Yes you can likely find it cheaper in the US )

This means a lot of Americans who do not have enough money for an MRI in the US might well go to Canada and pay out of pocket. Many US Citizens also go to Mexico for things like Dental procedures which are a fraction of the cost as in the USA.

in Japan an MRI on average is 98$ yet they still make profits off that 98$$ fee. Japan has the highest number of MRI Machines per capita in the world.

What this example seems to demonstrate to me is that the claim the US system is not a “free market” system. They are not competing on price as much as they are gouging the patient. They gouge the patient because they know these procedures are very often life and death decisions and individuals who might put off buying a car because they can not afford it, are not going to put off care for a loved one that needs it.



“If your morals are that you shouldn’t have to pay slightly higher taxes to make all of society better off, including yourself, including cheaper and more effective healthcare for everyone including you, then your morals suck and you don’t deserve to vote.”

We can pay for true health care by shifting money from the bloated military budget and the bloated big ag subsidy budget and bloated big pharma subsidy budget to start funding organic farms and real food and real health instead of the pseudo-food and snake oil scams we have going on now. With the military war budget alone costing 32 million dollars an hour, we don’t have to pay more taxes for health care.



Please re-read the article. It CLEARLY states that although its a private hospital, it receives a major part of its funding from the govt. And the people you are referring to are not “socialists” but “social democrats”. Lastly, whatever happened to the favorite Libertarian mantra of “free market”? Either they are all hypocrites or they have no clue what a free market is.



Our whole society is in the hands of these libertarian types. They are the drivers of the AI research that is changing everything, even as many believe we are still living in the same world they/we were born in.

The EU is formulating ethical guidelines for AI. There’s a few days left, please comment on the implausibility of an ethical outcome in the context of capitalism which itself is unequal and unjust. https://ec.europa.eu/futurium/en/ai-alliance-consultation



Just wanted to clarify a few things. The article stated that the Shouldice’s services are covered by The Ontario Hospital Insurance Plan. OHIP actually stands for the Ontario Health Insurance Plan, it covers in and out patient services. Secondly it correctly stated that most hospitals are privately owned, as is the Shouldice Hospital, I want to clarify there are different levels of “private”. The vast majority of hospitals are private, not for profit, offering only insured services, and they get their funding through global budgets funded through the Ministry of Health, currently fed through a system of Local Health Integration Networks. So, while you need OHIP to go to the hospital, the hospital only bills OHIP for upgrades such as semi-private rooms (if you have an upgraded insurance plan), and the doctors caring for you bill OHIP for their services. Otherwise, the cost of your hospitalization is paid for through the global budget. In the case of Shouldice, it is completely private, and for profit. It does not get a global budget from the ministry, but if an Ontario resident wants to get their surgery there, OHIP covers the cost of the surgery/surgeon as hernia surgery is a covered procedure.

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We advocates for Medicare For All believe in love and compassion for our neighbors.

Libertarians would allow their neighbors to die in the street rather then agree to a Health Plan that covers everyone.

Mr Paul give up the free socialized health plan you receive in the Senate.

If we do not pay Health Care Workers slave wages they are not slaves. If we do not force them to work they are not slaves.

Doctor Paul and his father are afraid they will have to stop cheating their patients out of their last dollar and bankrupt them if they are unable to pay their exorbitant fees.

Yes that’s correct Doctor Paul the days of bankrupting patients are coming to an end.



Good point!