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Do Corporate Media Need to Lie to Promote Trade Deals?


Do Corporate Media Need to Lie to Promote Trade Deals?

Dean Baker

I understand people can have reasonable differences of opinion on trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), but why is it that the proponents have to insist, with zero evidence, that not doing the deal was an economic disaster? Yes, I know the political argument, which seemed to arise late in the game, that US standing in the world has collapsed because we didn’t follow through on the TPP. But let’s just stick with the economics.


The biggest concern with the TPP was its sell out to corporations who gained the ability to sue nations for losses that would occur due to regulations that would prevent profitable operations. That aspect of the TPP should be considered unconstitutional by all nations involved.

Aside from that most important point, housing in the USA comes with car-dependency. Banks gladly finance the homes knowing they’ll finance automobile sales as well. This issue - car-mageddon - just like global trade, benefits fuel/oil industries whose leaders couldn’t care less about miserable traffic nor the specter of global warming disrupting ecosystems and weather patterns. Trump is leading the GOP’s final solution to, in their view, world over-population. The more dependent we become on global trade, the more vulnerable we become to any disruption to the transport of essential goods and commodities. When the oil companies decide to turn off the spigot, starvation and bloody battles for food and water will erupt worldwide with armament supplied by fattened corporate golf buddies.


Corporate media does not lie to promote trade deals. They just don’t talk about the horrific and current threat–the TISA. It is the ultimate pact of the global corporate/oligarch coup that is in ongoing, secret negotiation:



Did you read the article? Watch the news? They absolutely lie to promote trade deals.
I also believe since corporations are citizens (according to S. C.), when they advocate deals like TPP, that undermine our constitutional rights, they should lose their citizenship. We don’t need corps. like that.


During Obama’s POTUS stint all mainstream media including NPR and PBS when addressing TPP, TTIP, TISA, etc. serially extolled alleged virtues of trade AND characterized opponents of the “deals” as “anti-trade”. Media failed to mention that most opponents were not anti-trade and would support the “deals” if the intellectual property provisions were made more equitable AND the deals omitted regulatory capture that enables corporate tribunals to extort money from signatory nations when regulations allegedly impact corporate profits.


Corporate Media is paid to lie. As are Duopoly politicians.

Judases the lot of them.

Burning in Hell for eternity doesn’t seem to deter them.

Their God is Money.


Yes, though it wasn’t the first time NPR evidenced its capture by the neoliberal corporatists, that sort of pro-“free” trade propaganda from their desks was what really awakened me to that sad fact and, along with their subsequent championing of Clinton and virtual ignoring of Sanders, made it clear that said capture was complete.

And you’re right…to whatever extent they even bothered to mention any opposition to TPP, etc., it was summarily distilled into “anti-trade” activists. To this day I can not listen to NPR.


Do Corporate Media need to lie, dissemble, distract and obfuscate to protect their owners, the ruling class? Do prostitutes sell themselves for money (at least honestly)? Are there such things as mercenary soldiers and professional hit men for hire?

Geez, I guess I’ll have to ponder these tough questions.