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Do Corporations Really Need More Rights? Why Fast-Track for the TPP Is a Bad Idea


Do Corporations Really Need More Rights? Why Fast-Track for the TPP Is a Bad Idea

David Korten

President Obama is currently pressing members of Congress to pass Fast Track authority for a trade and investment agreement called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). If Fast Track passes, it means that Congress must approve or deny the TPP with minimal debate and no amendments. Astonishingly, our lawmakers have not seen the agreement they are being asked to expedite.


Brilliant article, Mr. Korten. Thank you for succinctly laying out the critical aspects of this covert (global trade) agenda.

This paragraph deserves to be repeated:

“It is expected that the TPP will include an Investor State Dispute Settlement provision that gives foreign corporations the right to sue governments for lost profits due to laws—such as environmental standards and safeguards for workers—they claim deprive them of revenue they might otherwise have received. Such claims are settled in tribunals comprised of trade lawyers whose identities are secret. The rulings of these tribunals pre-empt national laws and the decisions of national courts and are not subject to review by any national judicial or legislative body.”


Despite the legal verbage that treaties are the highest law in the land (a statutory clause in the Constitution), in actual case law, Supreme Court Justice John Marshal ruled that the Constitution was the highest law in the land and that any law that violated the Constitution is invalid. The Bill of Rights, since it was required to pass the US Constitution, is therefore the highest Law in the Land.

Since Globalization of Law, I argue that TPP is an international law that violates this Constitution.

Therefore, it is invalid.

With past WTO’s and NAFTAs I witnessed shiploads of identical commodities like papayas passing each other bound for South America and Asia. An uneccessary waste of fuel. In order to comply with TPP-type agreements countries cannot sell their own fruit to their people. They have to import it! This drives up the cost for the poor and causes massive shipping pollution which, in shipping lanes, blankets whole countries with smog.

Let’s start calling this what it is: A Corporate Dictatorship.

Let’s throw a wrench in it any way we can.



“As you know, our blockade is perfectly legal.”

“Master, you’d better get down here, this isn’t a blockade, it’s an invasion force.”


One Mexican town we visited on an Elderhostel had no teenage boys or men living there. Because of Iowan subsidized corn due to NAFTA, it put all these farmworkers out of business. They were all gone hoping to illegally get into the USA. Much harm has been done to countries outside of the USA as well. The IMF, World Bank, and World Trade Organization are all based on Milton Friedman Chicago School of Economics and are all helping the rich get richer and decimating the others. Look into the background of all the failed countries around the world.


Good post TJ!
There is absolutely NO Trade Deal what so ever that could possibly be more important than our Constitution and National (people’s) Sovereignty-And never will be…
This monopolistic corporate agenda literally spits in the face of our intended Democracy and forces ruthless, unbridled Capitalism on people of all lands-
This will be the beginning of the end of humanity if we let it have it’s way with us…
I compare it to Jack London’s “Iron Heel” on steroids-
*And one very fine and informative article Mr. Korten!!!


Just curious: When libs say, “Put workers first,” which workers? This question is prompted by the “Right to Work” fuss, which is a logical expansion of the workfare agenda, supported by the majority of middle classers. I’d also be interested in hearing why liberals largely support the TPP. I say this because (at least) the media marketed to libs have gone into overdrive selling H. Clinton to replace VP Joe Biden as the 2016 Dem candidate, and Clinton worked for quite a long time promoting the TPP.


Can’t disagree, but there’s nothing we can do about it. Since the time of Reagan’s deregulation mania, this agenda is what the middle class has chosen. With the middle class and poor so deeply divided, pitted against each other, there’s no chance of pushing back against the corporate state this time.


“Right to Work” fuss, which is a logical expansion of the workfare agenda"
You couldn’t be more wrong- Right to Work" essentially means “Right to Work for less $$$”-
It is and has always been an attack on Unions and is NOT “supported by the majority of the middle class”, the thinking middle class anyhow- The term could have easily been coined by one Frank Luntz, but outdates that little deceptive Republican word twister {“death tax”} by many moons…
I always hated that term, “Right to Work”…


" this agenda is what the middle class has chosen"
What are you talking about? The middle class had nothing to do with this scam- It is pure Wall Street, Repub/Democrat B.S.
I agree that the beginning of the end was with Reagan and his charming Ayn Randian hero form Chicago-one Milton Friedman, but I don’t see your reasoning with the Middle Class- This is pure Wall Street/Chicago Economics mixed with some Supreme Court interference and A bunch of whores in Washington colluding with one corrupt commander in Chief!!!
And I hope your “nothing we can do about it” attitude doesn’t pan out in the end…


Interesting report from Mexico.

Thank you for it.



Thanks stubones49!

We’re headed down a slippery slope and everything Wall Street does just puts us closer to the edge…