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Do Democrats Really Need Wall Street?

They started strangling the trend when they dumped Henry Wallace for Harry Truman when FDR was too impaired to fight them.


Schoen ignores the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation at which point the Democratic Party DID “drop FDR’s progressive coalition and strengthen ties to Wall Street” and proceeded to dismantle the New Deal.

The DLC’s first victory pandering to the 1% at the expense of the 99% was what Democrats continue to call “bipartisan 1986 tax reform”, the most regressive tax reform in history.

Schoen’s conspirators at NYT have been spreading DLC propaganda ever since and his faux news conspirators have been spreading it since they started up in 1996.


Yes, it is! Not surprised though since Howdy Doody ( Obama) never even thought of putting Wall Street on trial.

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You should save your criticism for the Republicans. It is wrong to try to prevent people from voting (although the Democrats have probably also been guilty of this). Instead of complaining about the DNC, which probably has trouble finding good candidates to run because it is not easy, maybe you should join the People Power grassroots movement of the ACLU and work to make it easier for people to vote.


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I don’t necessarily agree with Schumer but in Wisconsin the problem for the Democrats was the Republicans suppressed the urban vote according to the Mother Jones article that I linked in a post above.

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Great article!

You make a valid point here. To a large extent, the upper, say, 15-20% are getting what they wanted, and apparently okay with it.

Bravo, Mr. Kaye. I am oh so tired of James Earl Carter’s post presidential humanitarian schtick somehow eclipsing his role as the guy who made the assault on working class America a truly bipartisan affair. The Democrats have been stabbing us in the back since 1976 because, in the words of W J Clinton, “Where else they gonna go?”


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I agree. Except for people like Warren and Sanders who are up there is age , the rest of them are all smoke and mirrors. Bernie is 75, and Liz I think is 69.