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‘Do Everything They Ask So They Don’t Shoot Me’

‘Do Everything They Ask So They Don’t Shoot Me’

Noa Yachot

As 2017 comes to a close, Congress is considering an extension of a provision that allows for the dragnet collection of Americans' international and domestic electronic communications

The insanity of the USA, Inc. is escalating.
Oversight? Apparently there is none, along with nothing as quaint as actual warrants or much in the way of due process.
These wrongly accused people have had their lives totally ruined because of gross stupidity.

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Oh contraire, stupidity is the overriding factor because fascism IS stupidity on steroids.
My take and your take on the second amendment most like differ hugely.
Hint, the usa, inc. has way more in terms of fire power and weaponry than my puny little hand gun.

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Armed thugs that are all pumped up on adrenaline (or meth), who may have brand new guns they are itching to use, are NOT the sort of people you want to try to single-handedly defend yourself against with your little pop-gun! How do I know they are thugs? Because normal people respect the Constitutional Rights of others. In this totally illegal situation, surviving thru the ordeal is priority #1.


He told me his name was Columbus and I just said good luck. Bobby D.

I hate the Trump administration for what they are doing to innocent Americans. Maybe we should pressure Temple University to fully reinstate Professor Xiaoxing Xi if they have not already:

In that time, he lost his chairmanship of the Physics Department at Temple University. He was temporarily suspended from his job, banned from campus, and forbidden from speaking with his students. He could not leave the Philadelphia area without permission. His family suffered trauma, symptoms of which persist to this day.

Xi remained a faculty member at Temple but stepped down as chairman of the physics department. http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20150912_Feds_drop_charges_against_Temple_professor_accused_of_selling_sensitive_information_to_the_Chinese.html

Professor Xi has filed a lawsuit, along with his wife and daughter, against an apparently overzealous FBI agent:

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Fear of China, like fear of Russia, is not going away any time soon. The USA is not growing like these two countries are.

Those in defense, as well as those in areas of corporate competition with these countries, are spastically paranoid and imaginative about how losses might occur.

Make no mistake, I do fight back against tptb, so calm down buckeroo.

Dude, save your considerable ire for those who really deserve it.
If I’m not the only person who has suggested that you ‘calm down’, ya just might want to take a peek at that, eh?

Anyone have a constructive suggestion to fight this? Brand New Congress?

Our Congress has largely become flaccid, Rs needing only to oppose and obstruct any D proposals (well, any non-R items) especially from the black guy in the WH for eight years. Ds have flapped their hands in impotent chagrin.
Both are owned by the 1%'s lobbyists.
“Mr. Smith” has left Washington in disgust.

Suppose we should see if DHS is hiring, to refurbish Manzanar, and the other internment camps, in disrepair since the Japanese-Americans were released after WWII. They will need to house many more dissidents and other subversives and seditionists, like the vocal minority here.

Buckle up, it may be a bumpy ride! GN+GL!

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I’ve been on the front lines of many issues over many many years.
I do not condone violence.
Were you at Standing Rock? I was.

Send a bundle of sage. Thanks.