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'Do F-35s Fight Pandemics?' Amid Covid-19 Outbreak, Lawmakers Pushing For Even More Useless Pentagon Spending

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/20/do-f-35s-fight-pandemics-amid-covid-19-outbreak-lawmakers-pushing-even-more-useless

This shit will continue even with a President* Biden


There is simply nothing more bi-partisan than military spending.
Ask yourself how Joe Biden would have voted on this waste of money when he was in the Senate.

The United States has descended into oligarchic farce.


They were grounded for almost 24 months because of corrosive paint and then we taxpayers ended up (started to pay all) paying 50%! outrageous is a mild word. GM or Ford would have had a recall instead we are paying.
What is our congressional budget for the military industrial complex at now 65% ??


My God. The unmitigated gall.

From CNBC:

The private-jet industry is asking Congress for bailout money, even as many private jet companies say sales are strong as wealthy flyers avoid commercial flights.

The National Business Aviation Association, or NBAA, which represents private-jet companies and corporate jets, sent a joint letter with other industry groups to congressional leaders saying the industry is facing “increasing financial uncertainty” and that private-jet companies should be included in any airline or aviation bailout.


You can produce about 4500 ventilators for each one of those F-35’s…


Yeah, but Lockheed has already bought the congressanimals that come with them.


I’m sure Joe Biden never met a military budget he couldn’t vote for.


When pigs can fly … a flying pork barrel. Norway bought a few F35s only find out
they required millions of dollars more for special hangars. Seems they don’t like being left out in the cold. Boeing has already lined up their bailout. Looks like Lockheed execs are in for a generous bonus.


More accurately you can purchase about 4500 for the same money, if you pay the going price. We actually don’t know what it costs to manufacture a ventilator. My guess would be around $3-5 thousand. Although, after seeing the story of the two Italians who 3-d printed a valve for a ventilator for about $1, while the patent holder for that valve charges $11,000, it could be well below $1,000.

In any case, the actual cost of manufacturing is far less than the $25k price of a new one. If you only paid the cost, not the price, perhaps you acquire 20,000 or more.


What if we gave a war but there were no humans left to fight? None left to fly these planes. What if we gave a war and no one came because they were mourning their dead and nursing the living. What if we finally just didn’t give a fuck about war and the war toys these boys(and some girls) just love to use to kill people far away.
And, if they even think they can say…well, these planes can kill microbes…ask how? By dropping vials of anti-viral and anti-microbial meds in places. One problem with that, as we found out with c. difficule, we’d kill off the good microbes as well, releasing a new plague. And I’ve had c.diff…


Unfortunately, quite a few humans are fascinated with killing.

Been that way from the beginning of humankind.

Real shame these folks don’t act, “human” or “kind,” now that we are all civilized here in the 21st century.


Hi Younger:
Wow! 4500 ventilators for the cost of one F-35! That is amazing and the Pentagon appears to have no moral compass, or even know the value of a dollar

Was anyone on the Pentagon ever held responsible for the pallets of missing money in Iraq?


Are they planning now to go to war against bats?


And the rights of that patent-holder to charge whatever the market will bear will take precedence over the lives of those afflicted, who will lack lifesaving equipment.


Clostridium dificile is a bacterium, and a nasty one (I’ve had C. dificile enteritis, following a course of broad spectrum antibiotics.) The ‘antibiotic bombs’ that could result in C. diff infections should have no discernible effect on Coronavirus, while ‘antiviral bombs’ would likely have little effect on bacteria (like C. diff.) All the trillions we’ve spent on bombers, bombs, fighter jets, and the other weapons that were supposed to keep us safe are entirely irrelevant to our safety, in the face of a “silent enemy” that our protectors ignored, in the face of repeated warnings, over many long (and misguided) years.


Yes, because the Tangerine Twit won’t exercise his authority to order the manufacture of these goods outside the patent rights.


Random (as usual) reflections from Jeffrey:

  • Trump just said COVID-19 crisis could last until “August, maybe July.” He didn’t specify the year….

  • Mike Pence is at the National Prayer Desk, taking your calls…

  • If you’re really rich, money right now is free.


Where can we find a list of the 130 lawmakers who signed this letter?

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Yes, but, look what it does for the economy! ( while the nations infrastructure crumbles )