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“Do Kids Die, Mom?”

“Do Kids Die, Mom?”

Frida Berrigan

Facing the Future With Trepidation in the Age of Trump.

"The country -- if it even exists as the United States of America decades from now when they’re adults -- will undoubtedly still be waging war across the planet." (Photo: Angus Chan/flickr/cc)

You are most definitely not alone in your worries. I am a grandma of two beautiful children who don’t live that far from you. Some times at that old 3 AM hour of terrified musings I try to think of where they and my daughter could go to get away. Then I realize there really is no away. The best any of us can do is try to plan as self-sufficient a life as possible, off the grid, grow your own food, learn to make soap, etc. But the other part, the one your uncles and father were so brilliant at, fighting against injustice and the war machine, is important as well. I too, don’t think becoming a “prepper” is the way to go. Just as day to day the steady drip of injustice wears away at our lives, the steady hum of loving refusal can still have power.

You’re doing just fine, Frida. Soon enough the present occupants in the White House will be history and the world will be better for it. Your parents and Dan helped you to become aware and active and you will no doubt help your children to become the same. Right now that’s your A#1 priority, as it should be. Soon enough they will be joining you in the struggle. Onward!

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