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Do Media Really Care About Money in Politics?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/04/do-media-really-care-about-money-politics

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Mike Pence cares more about his rich donors than working people.
We gotta give Bernie a chance!

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The headline asks, “Do Media Really Care About Money in Politics?”

The answer is, of course they do. They care that there’s not enough of it.


Hello No, they welcome it.

So the answer is yes. The real problem is media that is not accountable to anyone, particularly the electronic media floating around in the cloud.

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PACing in the profit

The MSM depends on income from the quadrennial horse(s-asses) races for their survival the
same way that retail merchants depend on the annual winter solstice “christian” buying frenzy.
Of COURSE They Care — Big Time!!

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I sooo wish that these CD writers would stop acting like “the media” is anything but “the money.” Enough already. They are not there to inform and advise. They are there to make sure oligarchy prevails. (Jeeezereezer!)

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Of course they care; they get the money, as Julie Hollar amply points out.

The article is excellent. It is worth knowing, however, that most of what they are paid for is not what the call advertising, but what they call content

Sure they do if it claimed the Russians spending it! The Media still claim Russian interference led to Trumps win in 2016.

As per testimony to Congress , spending attributed to the Russians to influence the last election, this resulting in a Clinton loss and a Trump victory. 100,000$$

Meanwhile Bloomberg spends 500 million$$ and ended up winning Samoa.

I mean come on.