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Do Middle Fingers in New Zealand Portend a Global Trend for Trump Regime?


Do Middle Fingers in New Zealand Portend a Global Trend for Trump Regime?

Jon Queally, staff writer

After giving the world a series of symbolic insulting gestures since taking office in January, the administration of President Donald Trump is now facing literal middle fingers as people around the world appear increasingly willing to show the U.S. leadership how they really feel about their agenda.


As if it couldn’t get any worse Trump dumps Paris and…it does exactly that. At least people around the world realize how serious climate disruption/global poisoning is and how the president scoffs at the week accords. At least Paris got the world talking and seeking ways to mitigate the disaster unfolding before us. Folks are taking actions without the government’s involvement to shift their ways which is good indeed. However governments have to get involved in a big way to cause a shift as rapidly as possible and this includes regulating emissions, deforestation, chemicals, and especially the military, the largest emitter of gasses for the USA and other states as well. Trump deserves all the criticism from citizens throughout the world and I relish the fact but we all need to pressure our representatives for further action.


I think we should rename the ‘Flipping the Bird’ via the middle finger, to, ‘Frump.’

Short for, ‘Fu€k u Trump’.


Being part New Zealander this pleases me.


Ah yes… well, here’s another development noted in an article at the New Yorker: “Calling Bullshit in the Age of Big Data” A course less profanely and more prosaically known as INFO 198/BIOL 106B. Taught by Jevin West, an information scientist, and Carl Bergstrom, a biologist, it created something of an online sensation when its syllabus went up, in January, and when registration opened it filled to capacity in less than a minute.


Introduction to bullshit
Spotting bullshit
The natural ecology of bullshit
Statistical traps
Big data
Publication bias
Predatory publishing and scientific misconduct
The ethics of calling bullshit.
Fake news
Refuting bullshit


Middle fingers for this anti-humanity administration, it should catch on everywhere. The Trump salute!

I’m sure he’ll get the message! In fact he’ll be able to say the he got the biggest crowds giving the finger than any other president! He’s big on numbering crowds and all!


Will there be field trips involved for the students taking this course? I see Visualization is one of the subtopics. Hmmm… this could be a win-win for the people who who really like to know what the real skinny is down on the farm. And meanwhile, back at the ranch the evidence continues to pile up.
Once you step deeply into this topic, shovels and waders, are definitely in order. Will the supply chain be able to keep up with the demand side?
And, will the Castration Complex most bulls suffer from, finally be addressed? And, the necessary funding be steered to end this horrible practice? Plus, all this emphasis on accuracy and performance; it’s a wonder bulls can relieve themselves at all.
What’s PETA’s take on all this? And, what side are they taking, besides the backside; which seems everyone is piling onto?
Will " Shit Happens - That’s why they make the tee shirts " product merchandising become wildly popular, again?


I am waiting for some enterprising soul to come up with one of those sports hand socks with a different digit raised and T’Rump printed on both sides. They should come in blue or red to reflect the displayer’s political bent.


The only thing that will work on money worshippers is trade sanctions! Let the rest of the World tell the US that it doesn’t want anything from it, no cars, no ships, no wheat, no nothing (excuse the double negative) and especially no US reserve currency!


If only we could get the rest of the world to say, “No More” to the United States occupying their countries with our Armed Forces and Naval Bases.

The Empire of the United States of America with it’s 700+ Military bases worldwide is literally killing us and the rest of the world.

The pollution generated from these installations from the use of fossil fuels on a daily basis is bankrupting our country, and causing Climate Catastrophe.


I related strongly to the Kiwi comment in the article that the middle finger is “too weak” a gesture for the situation. I have despaired for months that my previously adequate - and I thought copious- vocabulary of profane words has fallen FAR short of the mark to describe my abhorrence for certain people and their actions!

I like the kazoo idea. It is difficult to remain too angry in the face of kazoos. I am thinking that a sense of humor is a fine thing, even in such dark times as these.


Kazoos for the orange clown. That’s a good one.
The orange clown hates being laughed at.
Flipping him the bird makes him feel smug in his success at pissing people off.
So, if we laughed at him and mocked him instead…
Kazoos indeed, and orange clown wigs.


Along with masks and puppet heads, wigs will be banned from public gatherings. And kazoos. But let them try to take my kazoo away.


let’s just see rump try to ban orange wigs and try to differentiate wigs from orange toupees.


Well, now … go the whole hog: the best way to mock anybody is to use their name as joke or euphemism. So, make up banners to display slogans such as “Hey, Trump - go TRUMP yourself” or “Just TRUMP off, asshole!” or others more imaginative than I have written. Also, consider dropping the capital T (which rhymes with P, which stands for…?) in some slogans for more, hmm, pointed butts (no pun intended) about the name of Trump.

Time to get down and dirty with the likes of this POTUS.


The entire Trump cabal deserves the ‘one-finger salute,’ they fume its toxic rhetoric in lieu of civility wherever they go.