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Do Not Be Impressed by Mark Zuckerberg's Phony Generosity


Do Not Be Impressed by Mark Zuckerberg's Phony Generosity

Ted Rall

CEO Mark Zuckerberg promises to give 99% of his Facebook shares to charity — eventually.

Exact phrasing: the stock, currently worth $45 billion, will be donated "during [he and his wife's] lives." He's 31 and she's 30, so actuarial tables being what they are, by approximately the year 2065.

If Facebook or the Internet or the earth still exist.

Whoop de doo.


Philanthropy has become an Orwellian term.


The fact that this guy became a billionaire from some crap like Facebook only goes to prove that Americans don't actually create anything worthwhile anymore. I don't use his little Internet toy; there are other "real" ways to communicate & make friends (and if you don't think Facebook is selling your personal information, including some you didn't even provide, you are truly naive. Where do you think all that money came from anyway?) There is no real value to any of this.


Ted makes a point that has bothered me for some time. If something is that important it shouldn't be left to the whims and "good graces" of the wealthy to fund through charity. The "charities" that really piss me off are the ones for veterans, police and firefighters. In the world of ALEC we have no social moral responsibility to adequately compensate those who do our dirtiest work, but they want us to feel guilty enough to fund them out of our meager charitable pockets. Bullshit.

Not to worry though, our most demented techno-wizzes are working hard to create a robotized army. I feel better already.


"Too young and too rich to have a clue" - Yeah, having it made when you are a kid skips a lot of the painful "growing up" that the "adults" have to go through. But then, worthwhile people aren't born, but must be created by rising to the challenges of the trials & tribulations of life.


With Yahoo CEO and other tech moguls having their first kid(s) Zuckerberg's PR folks figured this stunt would be a good way to make him stand out and get more attention than the others. The LLC his attorneys devised sounds like a new spin on the holding companies the trust busters broke up a century ago.


By founding Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has created value for everyone who uses it. Becoming a billionaire is more than a just reward for doing this. For someone like Ted Rall, Zuckerberg's wealth automatically makes him a sack of shit so he cannot admit that Zuckerberg has ever done anything good. Simply by creating Facebook, Zuckerberg has done more good than than Rall can ever dream of doing.


Rall cuts through all the crap and tells it like it is about how the elite behave. Marx was so right about this.


If 1957 is your birth year you should be smarter than this by now


Excellent article and dissection of this tasteless PR/propaganda event. Truly charitable and humanistic people, do not go around publicizing their deeds. The couple's video and public letter to a baby on facebook are clearly professionally choreographed and do not have much of the elements of a spontaneous genuine event. It is actually disgusting to see Mr. Mark, use such a sublime event as the birth of his child, to further his cheap and unethical business of selling people's personal data and info to predatory corporations. This article should be a must read for high schoolers and uni students.


An LLC? An "Initiative"? "Charity"? The Rockefeller "Foundation" and the Gates "Foundation" were horrific enough scams to maintain personal and family control over looted wealth. It just gets worse and worse.

These raging egos can just say any fucking thing they want about it, and the monstrous PR machine that is the "mainstream" communication media is guaranteed to ignore the ugly reality in favor of sycophantic spin.

Always refreshing to read Rall cut through the crap. We the People have a much bigger pile of crap to cut through if we're going to reclaim the looted wealth and get out from under these lumbering oafs. If we can't imagine overturning a lot of what passes for "reality" in this delusional economy, to build something that respects our humanity and the Earth above the raging egos of looters, then we'll never develop any effective resistance. Diddling Facebook apps on our iPhones as the ecology dis-integrates.

And irrespective of ecological and civilizational disaster, nowhere is anyone giving attention to the actual implications of the network for humans. With the predatory structure embedded in the corporatist OS of the burgeoning network, the data being mined and the wealth being extracted will be run through the bio-chips connected directly to our brains. Meditate on that for a few years and think about where this network and these apps and these chips are leading us.


Perhaps Jed1957 meant "MZ has created financial value for" SHAREHOLDERS, and vanity value for "users" ?


Why? A billion dollars confers more than just the ability to buy Teslas and Lear Jets, it confers raw power over other human beings. In a truly just world, there is nothing - absolutely nothing a human can do that justifies the accumulation of such power. Zuckerberg is rich and powerful because he wanted to be rich and powerful and the capitalist system provided the means to do it. There are many people who have provided far, far more useful or beautiful things to society than the creepy fad-gimmick "Facebook" and died poor.

We need to smash an render to oblivion everything that enables ANY human to wield power over another human - starting with capitalism and ending with the State that enables it!


Thanks Ted. I love your writing style now that you are not constrained by employment by the scumbag corporate media (LA Times)...


"Raw power over other human beings" in the first decade of the 21st century means having enough disposable wealth to buy politicians in every nation on earth. FDR's New Deal came closer to remedying that dynamic than any other attempt. It was moderately successful until so many Murkins signed on to the Raygun revolution that accelerated the demise of the New Deal and greased the skids for the neofeudalism that is rapidly saturating the globe..


Well, he certainly has created a data-delivery system that is of use to the NSA.


When YOU--who understands so much about economics and the political duopoly show--push a "blame citizens" narrative, I find it distressing.

Reading "The Devil's Chessboard," which exposes just how powerful Allen and Foster Dulles were, one learns that it was their job--along with J. Edgar Hoover and Joseph McCarthy to WEED OUT any "New Dealers" from any prominent govt. position.

Power worked behind the scenes to do a lot of things. One was to begin the evisceration of the New Deal, another was to set a permanent spy state into the DNA of this nation, and another, to equate anyone who dared to speak up about Labor Rights (or against militarism as an ongoing aspect of U.S. policy AFTER W.W. II)--with the Communist Menace.

Citizens can be swayed. The majority of persons in ANY society can be influenced and that is why teachers, a mass media alleging to express the views of experts, and religious authorities hold CLOUT.

The fact that this clout is so abused in order to nurture the worst of values (added to full-scale distortions in basic understanding) in citizens is much more indicative of malfeasance on the part of those using the Black Arts of Deception, then it is an indictment of the naïve-minded citizens who fall for the bamboozles.


By "Founding" Facebook?
What does that mean?
Pulling a idea out of his privilaged ass and getting a hundred coders to do the dirty work?
Can you Explain how the revenue stream has made him so wealthy?


Excellent analysis and a deep understanding of the system of privelege surrounding philanthropy. Thank you.


But even aside from the money-bought politician problem, concentrated wealth in a so-called "free market" confers enormous power to subjugate the bargaining position of the great proportion of humanity who only survive day-to-day by selling their labor to The Rich. And if the worker tries to organize collectively to increase their bargaining power, the wealthy have the power to attack, including historically violent means, the organizing workers to assure their efforts go nowhere. A world with billionaires - or for that matter millionaires, is utterly incompatible with a world of justice.