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'Do Not Do What the President Directs,' Warns North Carolina AG as Trump (Once Again) Urges Residents to Commit Felony by Voting Twice

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/12/do-not-do-what-president-directs-warns-north-carolina-ag-trump-once-again-urges


If something like this is alleged to have happened in a Foreign land , the USA uses it as an excuse to proscribe sanctions, support a coup or send in the bombers so as to “restore democracy”. Trump labels those Countries as shithole countries.

Evo Morales won a free and fair election in Bolivia. The OAS (Canada and the USA included) refused to recognize the results claiming they fraudulent when it fact their claims were fraudulent. The NYT and other newspapers got on board with this crap labeling this elections as frauds.

How will these same Countries react to US elections when Trump openly suggesting using voter fraud to get elected? Will they issue a statement in the next few days at the OAS?


Of course they won’t…unless they’re sure Trump will lose.

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I am forty years old with a wife and a twelve year old child who asked me about presidential leadership. Aneurysm.<

Not married. No children. Wish I were still forty.

Wish 45 were somebody else…


Why doesn’t the NC AG indict his sorry arse?


Why is he (el trumpo) not charged w/felony and arrested? Why has el trumpo been above the law so many times in these last 4 years? We sure need to address these felonies Nancy andn Chuck, if not now when he loses in November.

There is NO Law and Order under el trumpo and the complicit republican legislators and his administration and donors…


So does he intend to say that the election was a fraud because millions of people voted twice, once by mail and once in person and since mail-in voting is more popular among Democrats than Republicans a Biden win is obviously fake?

That would be extremely odd, extremely idiotic and extremely in-character.


On the contrary, let them do it. Thousands of wingers’ votes disqualified and them in jail would be a net positive, not a negative. Wingers are terrorists and should be treated as such. And yes, this includes so called centrists, who are just blue maga cultists pretending that they like people of color and gay people.
They are just as much the enemies of the people.

Presently it boils down to a waste of time since he can only be impeached while president. And we know the senate republicans want nothing to do with impeaching trump. So trump walks.

Words fail me, they really do so I shall, once again quote Neil J. Smith:

The stark difference between the ’60s’ and now, 2020, was the brilliance of its music and eloquence of its leadership. Despite all the hardships, Civil Rights struggle in the South, riots in the North, and protest against the senseless war in Vietnam et al., there was also an abundance of Hope unlike now. President Kennedy’ administration ushered in an era of thought, of activism, and is best remembered as “Camelot,” an age of Hope and daring. Our youth were energized, engaged, and empowered unlike presently. (Though there is a nascent effort). The fault is that this current administration (the watch-dogs of our democracy) is undemocratic. However, its most venal sin is its vile president, Donald Trump, has issued in an age where ‘idiocy is acceptable for the Common Good and stupidity reigns in place of Hope. And that, to my mind is “His” darkest offense. His crass attack on Our sensibilities, and promise of Hope shunted well aside.


Trump is simply, and I mean simple, running a TV reality celebrity show. A snake oil barker. An actor with a very strange audience.


That is the question everyone here in NY is asking, “where is Chuck?”

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“Camelot” was a fraud, a product of marketing. It’s pretty sickening, the number of people who don’t grasp that, or that “the best and brightest” were screwups on a global scale.

Yes, if this were to happen in some country of the international community, internationals in international lands would be livid, as they should be. And why is the current white house occupant allowed to say this stuff without any consequences?

Time for the AG to issue felony warrants for Trump? Why hasn’t he?