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Do Not Play Russian Roulette With the Lives of Our Children and Teachers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/10/do-not-play-russian-roulette-lives-our-children-and-teachers


Fortunately, our teachers are well organized and capable of striking. I hope they lead the way by insisting on a science-based response to this deepening debacle. Do it right, or don’t open at all.

As Lily Eskelsen García, a sixth-grade teacher who serves as president of the NEA put forth (link below): “The reality is no one should listen to Donald Trump or Betsy DeVos when it comes to what is best for students. Trump has not once proven credible, compassionate or thoughtful when it comes to this pandemic. He ignored our intelligence agencies warning him of the pandemic. He blatantly ignores doctors and nurses on how to tackle the virus. He ignores local leaders about reopening the economy safely.” Stand up to Trump. Stand up to the CDC as necessary until it can be rescued from Trump’s clutches and restored.


Personally, given the issue of lingering aerosols, I doubt there will be a safe way to re-start substantial indoor sociality before we can all be vaccinated or otherwise come into herd immunity. Commerce, maybe, because the interactions may be kept brief. But sustained indoor activities, from churches to schools to gyms to clubs to arenas? Not likely. But, hey! I’m open to scientific updates!


Spot on Steven Singer !

Rare to find someone who can think these days.


Singer observes:

Other nations have been able to test for the virus and identify those who have the disease. They have been able to trace these people’s contacts and isolate them from the rest of the population.

But that requires a vast expansion of our testing ability through coordinated federal action.

Other countries tested at the outset of their outbreaks, when testing is feasible. There’s a compelling subject which is rarely raised, waiting in the wings: How much positivity in testing is tantamount to endemic (more or less permanent) regional infection? Epidemiologists have long-established criteria for such matters, but we don’t talk about it because it’s horrible to contemplate whether there’s hardly any point to testing anymore.

The practicality of testing declines as waiting for results stretches longer than a week, and as we see more than 33% positive in those lining up to wait all day for tests. Few other countries have been sloppy enough to render testing nearly useless, because endemic infection has been allowed to take hold. How to preserve all the institutions of our civilization despite endemic plague is a special challenge for USA.

Another anti-Russian conspiracy. No, this is a purely American style of gambling with people’s lives.


Thanks for characterizing the difference between epidemic and endemic. Epidemic outbreaks do not always establish endemic infection. Neither do endemic infections always flare up into epidemics. Bubonic plague is endemic in prairie dogs in the American Southwest, but we see only occasional cases; never–so far–epidemics. HIV is endemic, but it’s transmission is highly preventable through educated, responsible behavior. In the case of SARS-CoV-2, I’m afraid you’re right and we may be over the cusp from novel, epidemic spread to an endemic ever-after. It didn’t have to be that way; at least, not so fast. I think New Zealand’s experience in the next year will show us if, ultimately, the virus is here to stay globally. I’m thinking it is; hoping it’s not.


Glad to see someone else bring up the issue of long term effects.
Personal responsibility is not a strong suit of most americans. Witness the constant blame it on China , blame it on the who, blame it on protesters , blame it on immigrants …
All they seem to care about is protection from lawsuits.
Pathetic. This is a nation of ferengi
“Never put people above profits “

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Civilization. Gandhi was asked what he thought of western civilization. He thought it would be a good idea.
I think I got that right. Hope my memory banks aren’t getting bankrupt.


It is just basic common sense to continue schools online at least till the end of the year. But that would require (a) providing support to working families, and (b) weathering economic losses. Both unacceptable to the American capitalist religion. Marx comes to mind with his expression ‘humans are the most precious capital.’ Which is why he has been ex-communicated from the church of the American academia & Co.

First we sacrifice the elderly, now it’s time to sacrifice the children.

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Reminds me of something I read recently - may have been on CD.
Think it was the president (?) of Ghana.
“We know how to bring the economy back to life. We don’t know how to bring people back to life “.

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Exactly. Add to that common sense. Workers run the world. Rulers profit. If workers don’t show up, the work doesn’t get done. Production halts. Schools don’t open. That is our power. Not the pocketbook. Our work is our power! And what can they do when there are mass general strikes nation wide? Send the police to force people back to work by gun point? I think not.


Close enough. I always liked that one myself.

Both Ronald Wright (“A Short History of Progress”, and Yuval Harari (“Sapiens”), concur that civilization is where plants, animals and humans are domesticated.

Much is made of ‘civilizations’ economy.

But here’s the thing - domestication generally results in a reduction in vigor, strength and diversity. And our economies are not true to the initial meaning, from the Greek oikonomia, and are more akin to a racket, wherein profits are funneled to the on high elites of the world.

And who are these elites ? And are they worth keeping around ~

More to the point - can we afford to keep them around, or are they in fact, along with our domesticated populous - THE problem.

Thank you Steven Singer - this is the exact example I’ve been using with the idiots in the town where I live (a Drumpf county) for over a month now when they challenge my wearing a mask into the grocery store. Even though we have a state mandate in place for wearing masks, it’s fully political now and Republicans and Libertarians flat refuse to wear them.

I’ve pushed the example into non-fatal versions for those that will listen as well - if that bullet doesn’t kill you, it can cause life-long suffering and problems JUST LIKE Covid-19. Stop getting your “facts” from graphic memes on FB!

What you’re not comfortable with me playing Russian Roulette with your family? Can you maybe try to understand why I feel this way about you not wearing a mask around mine?

Stupidity is a terminal condition.


First they called for sacrificing the elderly

Now they come for the children


that is the evil wisdom behind tying healthcare to employment. Thats why the DNC would rather risk 4 more years of Trump than allow M4A.

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