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'Do Not Vote Twice': State AGs Forced to Clean Up Law-Breaking Encouraged by Trump and Excused by Barr

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/03/do-not-vote-twice-state-ags-forced-clean-law-breaking-encouraged-trump-and-excused


Folks, remember to vote alphabetically: Democrats vote on November 3, Republicans on November 4.


That an Attorney General of the United States can’t work out that voting twice in an election is illegal, and for the sitting (or ANY) President to not only suggest voting in person and then by mail, is absolutely ridiculous. How any member of Congress can ignore this is beyond me. Bill Barr is blatantly working to keep Trump in office, and how no one in the House isn’t writing up Articles of Impeachment is stunning. The seeds of a widely disputed election haven’t just been planted; the weeds are in bloom. If China is not on the march in the second week of November, it will be a miracle. Members of the press will no longer be able to marvel at the “non-violent” passing of power in the United States, and it’s pretty likely there will no longer be 50 “united” States.


Why can’t we prosecute “Dumb and Dumber” for inciting felony actions?


Soon it will be time to “weed” this fucking corrupt garden.


This such a stupid and irrelevant ploy, that I believe it is intended to give trump’s imagined voter fraud by dems a message. Don’t cheat.
But we know the hypocrite republicans will cheat if THEY can.


Trump is committing voluntary manslaughter with his covid policies. Lock him up.


What can you expect from two crooks whose main two preoccupation in life
is stealing and stuffing themselves 24/7?


One day the collective will realize that people as these ultimately do not belong in the U.S.

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The will is seemingly absent. The reason(s) will not be divulged.

If Obama had done this, the Repubs in Congress would be demanding he be arrested. In fact, in NC it is a crime to encourage people to vote twice. NC should serve an arrest warrant to Trump. And they should also consider a warrant for Barr for complicity. There can be no question that the USAG does not know whether it is illegal to vote twice. Unfortunately, Presidents and their minions are above the law. It is this type of “democracy” that countries around the globe are fighting against; not real democracy.


Add in Pompeo and you have the “three big pigs.” And Kavanaugh will bring the beer.



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Burn the whore house (White House) to the ground.

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here is a clear case of Trump breaking the law -along with his Attorney General --another prima facie criminal–not once but several times in the last few days–I don’t care that it is only a few weeks to the election–it is time for the Democrats to do their jobs and impeach this criminal who has indicted himself with his own words–his actions demand a better response than the garbage and NO action coming from the Democrats for the umpty-zillionth time—just a few pathetic words to combat open criminality


“He’s a lying narcissist psychopath conman, stupid!” and individual 1 with his name on an indictment waiting for an election. He will absolutely do anything and everything possible including lie, cheat, steal, con and more, like telling people to lie, cheat, and steal, and even shoot other people to get what he’s after. Any one who listens to anything he says at this point is a complete fool!


Trump and Barr are both guilty of treason, but there are about 85 million American, citizens that do not agree with us! That is the problem.


Just vote the bastard out of office, vote for Biden. Impeachment? Are you joking, it’s way too late for that and, in any case, the GOP controlled senate would shoot it down again.
Trump would just lie and say that he was joking or that he was taken out of context or whatever.

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He’s totally a stable genius when thinking up slimy, stinking, perverse maneuvers. Productive,helpful and positive paths forward… not his thing.

A portion of American citizens, including the president, yearn for a totalitarian dictatorship that is owned and directed by rich people, banks and corporations.

One can travel through the Americas and many other parts of the world to learn how corporate power projected through austerity and military might destroys democracies, human lives and Ear6h itself in order to gain wealth. Read the words of major general Smedley Buttler if you doubt mine.

Another portion of US citizens understands that democracy expresses the wisdom of a national citizenry,

A conflict arises when citizens clearly see wealth seekers out of control and off the rails. Insatiable want is a mental illness. After some point we should all agree that insatiable want is incurable as well as measurable. Bands of wanters occupy government preaching herd immunity as part of a policy designed to divide living Earth among fewer and fewer people insanely afflicted with wanting more.

The insanity of insatiable want can be understood by stepping back and noticing capitalism is designed to grow faster and faster forever. We know Earth is already being poisoned by a system that has grown to need more than one Earth. That is why some wanters are privatizing space travel. They know fascist capitalism can grow forever on new planets ready to colonize, even if the indigenous people already there must be wiped out.

Now the US citizenry has reached a point of choosing between lunatics. Trump and the surge for totalitarian dictatorship vs. Uncle daddy Joe good-guy Biden and smooth talk’n military empire bringing home the goodies and maybe killing less innocent citizens here at home.

Do not vote twice yet consider that whoever you vote for is part of a government gone crazy attempting to serve corporatistas afflicted with insatiable want.

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