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Do Republican Defections Spell the End of the Obamacare Repeal?


Do Republican Defections Spell the End of the Obamacare Repeal?

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Despite their dogged pursuit of an Obamacare repeal, Republican leaders may no longer have the votes to dismantle the law without a viable replacement—and may have blown their chance of destroying President Barack Obama's healthcare plan altogether.


If we had an opposition party worth a damn, none of this would be happening, as the Republicans would have about three people elected to government. There is no popular backing for what they want to do, none, and they have no solutions. The truth is that whatever they will propose will make things much worse, at most it may help a tiny bit here and there, to be far outweighed by other stuff. The other truth is that whenever an actual long term solution is being attempted at the state level (Vermont and Colorado), many in the Democratic establishment come out swinging against it. Let’s not pretend that the Democrats offer a real solution. They are fighting to keep the ACA, and that is good, considering what the alternatives are. However, there are better alternatives from the left, but they won’t be fought for any time soon because of BOTH parties. So, I hope they can at least protect a good portion of the ACA, and let the Republicans only moderately fuck everything up.


The truth is that the chickens are coming home to roost for the republicans opposed to Obamacare and the Democrats who refused to create something “for the people” instead of this compromise to corporate interests. Medical care is never going to be good as long as it is a part of the “market competition” ideology.


I disagree. There is unfortunately significant backing unless you want to dismiss perhaps 30% of voters. (Gallup today said 37% of adults are conservative) They may not be a majority but they are quite significant. In southern and midwestern states they are probably a significant majority. You may not agree with their views (I don't either) but the are there and cannot just be ignored. Many of these people are the ones who are absolutely adamantly opposed to government "interfering in their lives" and will oppose single payer healthcare with a fierceness that will take your breath away, I think.

Democrats may not support single-payer either at this point but I think their minds could be changed with reasonable effort. There is nothing you can do about the views of conservatives and for that reason I personally think the changes of single-payer healthcare approaches 0 for the next few terms no matter what.


From the article:
There is "never going to be a Republican plan," he argues, "because it is conceptually impossible to design a health-care plan that meets conservative ideological goals and is also acceptable to the broader public."

But, actually, Obamacare is a Republican plan. It's based on Romneycare from Massachusetts, and it's designed to funnel ever-more money and power into the corporate sector. Just as Hillary Clinton's "managed care" would have done if she had passed that in the 1990s.

The range of "acceptable" plans remains strictly within the corporate-controlled profiteering sector.


Don't they get medicare and Medicaid? Me thinks they protestith too much. These idiots live in states that get the most fed aid, but they rebel even if they have no teeth, and crawl on all fours.


BTW, many of these Southeners hate Yankees and do not trust our gubmit. As far as I am concerned these idiots can secede and have their own leader as long as they do not start another civil war that we have to finish. Only this time instead of slavery it will be about the ACA!


Sorry, but those polls on what people call themselves are worthless. How many people, if asked on the spot, could give a decent definition of what a conservative, liberal, libertarian or socialist is? I’d be shocked if 10%. Look at the actual polls on issues, the public takes positions on issues that are solidly on the left, almost across the board. In fact, self-identified Tea Party folks take positions on some issues that are 100% in opposition to their own stated philosophy. Some of them have taken to proclaim that the government should keep its hands off their Medicare. People make fun of them for saying that, as if they don’t realize that Medicare is a government program. I think that’s a mistake, they obvious do and don’t want the state to mess with a program that works already.

Single payer right now has a strong majority support from the public, even though one party is entirely against the idea, the other is divided (at least), and the media is openly hostile to single payer. Almost no one in power supports the idea, yet the public still supports it. Far more people support single payer, and far more people oppose “free trade” deals, and far more people oppose cutting taxes on the rich, than the percentage of those that self-identify with the left ideologically. The right has won the label war, but their ideas suck and are deeply unpopular. Any half way decent and progressive party would take these amazing starting positions and drive long-overdue structural change through. Problem is, the Democrats are corrupt and aren’t going to undermine the interests of their top donors. It’s also why they won’t do anything at the WTO about intellectual property to benefit the public and not corporate interests, why they won’t fight to allow government agencies to use their economies of scale to negotiate down drug prices and why they won’t even fight for the right to re-import drugs. That’s how pathetic our system and the Democrats are. We can save money by re-importing drugs, drugs produced here and bought elsewhere, but won’t even do that. Don’t tell me that is because of some polls showing people calling themselves this or that.

Beyond that, does the left continue to just write off large parts of the country without at least trying to offer them an actually leftist platform? It isn’t as if the national party has even given them that option in decades, or that the neoliberal Southern Democrats have often pushed for candidates offering progressive policy stances. Maybe they’d fail (although that wouldn’t be certain, given that the positions of the left on bread and butter issues are wildly popular), but it seems that tons of people in the unDemocratic Party don’t want to even bother. Let’s just accept the situation and assume nothing can change. Say, how many people in those Southern areas don’t even bother voting? Hell, almost half of Texas didn’t even bother voting this last election. If the wining candidate won 60% of the vote, they’d still only have support from about 30% of the voting age population. Again, the left’s platform isn’t on the table and the left’s ideas are popular. Seems like there’s some obvious lessons here.


Repugs are so stupid that they want to get into the bedrooms of people ( sick perverts) but they want small government!


Democrats are brilliant too. They saw a dangerous train wreck emerging on the Republican side and collectively said, “I got it! Let’s nominate a historically unpopular candidate, someone that makes his election far more likely, someone with a ton of baggage and a long list of potential scandals on the horizon, and then let’s run a crappy campaign aimed at winning over the two dozen moderate Republicans nationally willing to vote for her. In the meantime, let’s slime, talk down to and belittle the people in our party to Clinton’s left, people supporting Sanders. Let’s call them Berniebros, and sexist, and lie about them with help from our media friends and the leader of the DNC. Let’s lie about chair throwing, and English only, and other stuff. That’ll help our already historically unpopular candidate.” A majority of rank and file Democrats saw that and said, “Yep, works for me.” Now, many of those same people, after a historically disastrous election (nationally and at the local level), after decades of decline nationally, can’t be bothered to self-reflect and instead are clinging to conspiracy theories about Russia and are taking the claim of intelligence agencies at face value, agencies with decades of blatantly lying and manipulating the public, agencies that haven’t shown a shred of evidence to back up any of their claims. Like I said, Democrats are brilliant too. No wonder voter turnout is horrible and trending downward, and no wonder 40% of the public now refuses to identify with either party.


I agree, and whatever happened to O Malley?


From the fifth paragraph:

"Only 22% of Americans say they want the ACA repealed and do not favor replacing it with a federally funded system."


My guess is that he’s doing speeches blaming Russia for this or that, like the rest of ‘em. This will become the Democratic talking point over the next decade (Putin, Putin, Putin) and it will make them look like a bunch of out of touch fools. The current head of the DNC, Donna Brazile, named a bunch of Clinton hacks to the DNC’s “war room” against Trump. See, when you want to form a team to beat Trump, you hire the people that couldn’t beat the most unpopular major party nominee in history. What’s even better, their areas of focus are not on policies and helping to uplift people, nope, cause the Democrats are a lost cause. Not only have they learned nothing from the last election debacle, they still want to argue that Russia cost her the election? Why? Because Russia, they claim, leaked information about what Clinton and her team were doing and saying. The Democrats now want to argue that knowing more about Hillary Clinton cost her the election. Mind you, the leaks simply proved that the critiques the left articulated of her were valid. Beyond that, we got access to her Wall Street speeches, and learned that DWS and Brazile were corrupt, so DWS had to resign and CNN fired Brazile. So, naturally the Democrats say, lets increase tensions with a nuclear superpower.

Key priorities for the new DNC war room will be to shine a spotlight on Trump's conflicts of interest with his business enterprises as well as on Russia's alleged interference during last year's campaign. U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia hacked DNC emails, as well as the private email account of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, to influence the election in Trump's favor.


It's probably more like a giggle and back slapping room.


Yeah, Lincoln should have let the South go. They have always been a drain on us. Remora fish, sucking the host dry, getting a free ride! The North has been subsidizing the South ever since the Civil War.


Correction: "When republicans set their sights on something, they don't stop until they've convinced their constituents that they got it done. Then, they turn their backs on it and deny that they ever had anything to do with it." Remember Raygun's "I don't recall."?