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Do Riot In Your Country


Do Riot In Your Country

Honoring the tenacity of creative resistance, even in the most onerous political climates, comes "Art Riot: Post-Soviet Actionism," a London exhibit of Russian protest art over the last 25 years. Ranging from photography to performance art and marking the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, the show is a reminder of the universal power of protest in bleak times; it urges us, says Pussy Riot, to "Just do riot in your country."


In a country where participants in peaceful demonstrations are now being charged with “rioting”, I wonder how the government will cope with the real thing. Will it nuke its own citizens in order to protect the Privileged Few from democracy? We are in bad, bad need of wisdom in our government, but all I see are greater and greater numbers of stupid self-serving assholes. Not a good sign!


Through time, art is the driving force of humanity. It speaks our collective soul. If suppressed it diminishes our being from within. One might take notice that when there are democrats in office, strong democrats, the arts are front and center. When republicans are in power art looses it’s exposure at the market level and just trying to exist is front and center. This is when exhibits such as this are so important, it says things we dare not say but are screaming inside to say. Thus the term “riot”, let it out, it’s a healthy thing to do, come on now, give it a go :slight_smile:


Could not have said it Better


thank you…you might enjoy my art