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Do Something, Anything: Naming and Shaming in Yarmouk


Do Something, Anything: Naming and Shaming in Yarmouk

Ramzy Baroud

The population of Syria’s Palestinian Refugee Camp, Yarmouk - whose population once exceeded 250,000, dwindling throughout the Syrian civil war to 18,000 - are a microcosm of the story of a whole nation, whose perpetual pain shames us all, none excluded.


Suffering, albeit difficult to measure, is as bloated and unnecessarily (due to unjust dealings and fomented conflicts) inflated as the global market in derivatives; nor are both unrelated.


Prayers for the good people of Yarmouk.

The call for residents to leave is not the optimal solution. i.e. Temporary displacement could become permanent. It is a stop gap measure only. A multi-faceted approach is required for Syria. A balance of sefirotic qualities. i.e. Real co-operative ceasefires (Not SAA inspired satanic “Kneel or Starve” humiliating surrenders/capitulations) and de-escalation nationwide ASAP. Yarmouk is a test case/microcosm of the entire Syrian Civil War. (To put it another way, when a patient is wheeled into emergency for triage the doctor will check the vital signs to get an indication of the condition of the person’s whole body. Yarmouk is the vital signs. Syria is the whole body.)

Certain people are trying to push the “Evacuation En Masse” scenario right now. Why ? They want to control the area. How will they do it ?

(1) Yarmouk is evacuated completely.

(2) Non SAA/Assad Aligned groups, like JAN, The Islamic Front fill the void. (See how Scipio tricked Hannibal’s elephants by creating a gap in the frontlines at the Battle of Zama.)

(3) The SAA then barrel bombs the camp to smithereens killing many of the “enemy” in the process.

(4) The SAA takes over.

(5) The result…18,000 more internally displaced people to house, clothe and feed. The Syrian Civil War continues. No chance any of the “sides” wins any time soon. Ongoing deaths, maimings and injuries. Spillover effect to other nations continues, i.e. Terrorist attacks, cross border jihadists, disease, refugees etc. etc.

The UN must answer these two questions 24/7 re. Yarmouk & Syria. (An Oversight Team of 42 persons is needed. “ITOCS2020”)

What is important ?

What is urgent ? I believe the situation can be redeemed/counter-balanced if the right moves are made in the coming hours and days. The forces of reason and moderation must prevail.

Many people forget that the Al Nusra Front headed by Abu Mohammad al-Julani’s أبو محمد الجولاني, helped secure the release of the Maloula Christian Nuns in early March 2014. Thus there is a chance that Aknaf al Maqdis, the PFLP-GC, Fatah al-Intifada, the SAA, JAN, Jaysh al Islam and the NCSRO (ISIL is a “Bridge too Far” perhaps ? Baghdadi and Hudna in the same breath ?) can co-operate for the benefit of the people of Yarmouk.

The role of UNRWA and the UN Special Envoy to Syria’s team, including Ramzy Ezzeldin Ramzy who is in Damascus is vital at the moment. Believe it or not, the Palestinian leaders in Ramallah, Jerusalem, Gaza City and Doha also have a pivotal role to play in ending the Syrian Civil War.

P.S. See the heartwarming photo of Pierre K., mother and child. unrwa.org/newsroom/emergency reports/yarmouk-situation-update-2 “Where there is life there is hope”