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Do the Democrats Have a Plan for General Motors?


Do the Democrats Have a Plan for General Motors?

Les Leopold

President Trump has GM egg on his face.

He repeatedly promised that the car industry would create more and more jobs in the U.S., thanks to his “magic wand” of aggressive tax and tariff policies. But by announcing the elimination of 14,000 U.S jobs, GM revealed that conjurer tricks are no match for voracious capitalists.

Trump, of course, can never appear to back down. Instead, he is threatening to cut all subsidies to GM like tax credits for electric cars, which are vital to their development and sales. But, it’s doubtful he has the power to match his bluster.


What the Dems should do is gather the info on how many jobs returned to the US since Trump became President. The figures should be readily available to them from numerous govt agencies. Take these “Trump figures” compare them to Obama & Clinton and pound them up all the ignorant Republican voters asses. Do this thing (among plenty of others) and continue to hammer this in paid ads and op-eds until Nov 2020. Jesus, collect half of the crazy, stupid and downright bad for the US and Ronald McDonald can easily beat this clown. Pun intended.


When a guy like Trump is beating you on labor, your party sucks. There’s no way around it. Even if he’s lying most of the time, he’s still beating you, because he’s at least acknowledging the problem exists (even as he has no intention of dealing with it). The DNC can’t even do that.

So sure, Les, they’ll break out of their “neoliberal box” someday. After the world is in ashes and we’re long since dust.


If the Dems’ 2008-2009 GM bailouts are any indication GM shareholders and mahogany row denizens will make out like bandits while taxpayers and GM rank and filoe take a bath.

GM used the 2008-2009 bailout money to close down US plants, buy back stock, build plants in China to the extent that Chinese made Buicks have been flooding US dealers’ lots for the past three years.

Sanders and Clinton looked silly at their rustbelt rallies during the 2016 campaign where they bragged about how great the bailouts were. Nobody employed by GM today was there prior to 1981 so the strip mining model is embedded deep in GM culture…not something that can be changed.

GM pioneered the “Wall Street strip mining model” in 1981 when Roger Smith became CEO concurrent with Saint Ron launching his revolution. Nearly four decades later strip mining is so embedded in GM culture that it will be very difficult to ever change it.


GM has received massive amounts of public money. It only exists today because it was bailed out at a time when its greed and irresponsibility had bankrupted it. Since when it has simply assumed that there are no limits to the tricks that it can get away with.
There is a very simple and obvious plan: take the Corporation into public ownership, audit it with a view to determining what it owes the people of America, deduct that amount from the compensation paid to shareholders, fund the compensation at current interest rates and then get back to the business of manufacturing vehicles.
Profits could be used to fund Medicare for all.

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Car builders suffered due to cash flow due to the housing bubble and speculative finance gamblers. A bailout by the government (the people) was the only way to save GM from bankruptcy. Ford happened to have enough cash to ride out the recession without help. The democrats don’t have the power, position, or the money to do a darn thing about GM’s plight at this juncture. And I doubt congress would give Trump any money for that even if he asked for it.

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The dems are also in the ivory towers, and do not care about the so called working class.


Exactly- work locally and statewide, and not just in national elections.


Strip mining?


Pretty simple move for the Dems would be to restore the Obama CAFE standards. The scaling back of this standard is one of the big reasons GM felt it could discontinue its efficient Cruz model.


Agree, and we should all try at the local level, but the odds are that all living things will be destroyed by climate change before the duopoly is taken down.