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Do the Right Thing: Obey RBG's Last Wish

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/19/do-right-thing-obey-rbgs-last-wish

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Expecting the Reich to act with any semblance of ‘honor’, ‘Integrity’, consideration for people or the nation would be a foolish waste of time. Everet Dirksen was probably the last republican that could manage that. It sure as hell won’t happen with the current Fascist Crime Cabal


The fascists will thoroughly enjoy denying RBG her last wish.


They don’t need to rubber stamp anything. The pugs have the necessary votes to confirm anyway. Pay attention please.

The Democrats all voted against Trump’s last nominee.


Her biggest decision, not to retire in 2013, could be her most lasting one. It’s sad, but true.

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Do the Right Thing: Obey RBG’s Last Wish

Is that a serious headline? When was the last time the fascist party did the right thing? The majority of the Republicans detested RBG!


I never said it was. I only said that the fascist will particularly enjoy dishonoring her desire.

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I think the use of the word fascist is now appropriate. - not hyperbole - not at all.

I am reading Madeleine Albright’s book “Fascism” (2018) right now, and finding her take on things superior to anything I have read to date on fascism, not that I am fully read on this topic.

Albright is Jewish by ancestry, of course, as was Justice Ginsburg.

"Moyers recalled what Ruth Bader Ginsburg said shortly after she was sworn in: "I am a judge born, raised, and proud of being a Jew. The demand for justice runs through the entirety of the Jewish tradition. I hope in my years on the bench of the Supreme Court of the United States I will have the strength and courage to remain constant in the service of that demand."

  • from the article

and also from the article:

"Many have noted, including her old friend Nina Totenberg, NPR 's longtime Supreme Court correspondent, that according to tradition, those who die, as Justice Ginsburg did, on the eve of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, “are the ones God has held back until the last moment because they were needed most and were the most righteous.” They are called tzadiks , possessed of a special gift to make the world and beyond a better place."

Here I am reminded that Moyers was the interviewer of mystic Joseph Campbell in “The Power of Myth”, a favorite of mine.

In Albright’s book fascism, I thought her definition of fascism superior:

“Fascism is not an ideology; it’s a process for taking and holding power.”

  • Madeleine Albright, “Fascism: A Warning” (2018)

I think it’s time to bring back the Liberal Class (Chris Hedges).

The Democrats are Neo-Liberals; the Republicans are not Conservatives, but Neo-Conservatives.

If this is true, fascism has been here for a long time, n’est pa ?

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Asking R’Cons & trump to “Do the right thing” is like looking for chicken lips. That request assumes people of integrity, truth, honesty, and wisdom, not the current few hyper-partisan hacks and extremists making far-reaching decisions for everyone else. Such a lack of wisdom and integrity has been extinct for some time.

It seems to me the SCOTUS once was a more varied group; whether justices nominated by R’s or D’s. The presidents, nominees and eventual justices, along with the senators that approved them, were (with exceptions) more educated, more experienced, more dedicated and impartial, respecting precedent and honor, older and wiser as a general rule.
Today in this hyper-partisan time that dynamic has been altered, justices (and family members) become part of the partisan rhetoric and activism in some cases, and that likely to continue as far into the future one can see, unless steps are taken - those to try to rescue our republic from corporatism and extremism.

That said, that new reality demands a reformation of the court, and that means more varied voices to attempt at least partial restoration on the court to an impartial arbiter, and that means more justices on the court. The Nine have been made extreme and partisan to serve politics they are supposed to rise above; rigid and contemptuous of precedent and independence, and that translates to a de facto dictatorship of ideology; not the law or precedent, not the people, and not the Constitution or Bill of Rights.

The court therefore should be reformed to end any further politicization of the court, including very young, unqualified, extremist nominees, and faster turnover to more accurately represent the Republic and people in these fast-times. An enlarged court is therefore needed. Some have mentioned expansion to 15 justices to restore as much as possible some measure of independence and wider views - 11 seeming too few and 13 too “unlucky” or something… More rapid turnover, more qualifications and history/record should also be demanded - increasing refusal to answer questions regarding the law and/or their beliefs in vetting citing some new imaginary principle should not be tolerated - either one believes in something or they do not - the issue revolcves around truth and honesty and whether a nominee tells the turth - secrecy for a lifetime appointments is not acceptable. .

~https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/04/why-it-matters-that-trumps-judicial-nominees-refuse-to-answer-questions-about-brown-v-board.html - apologies for the infuriating advertisements in this piece.

The title and entire foundation of this article goes against any democratic principles. RBG, while a dedicated professional, was not a monarch whose wishes must be followed.

What is wrong is the obsolete model of the “Supreme” Court itself, that gives extreme powers to a few individuals. I wish, while still living, that that would change, and the infrastructure of the country would become more democratic. And also, while showing respect for RBG’s good work and contributions, let’s not idolize her, or any other individual. She worked within the system, worked smart many times, but she also voted against certain important issues, including very very recently.

Had she put principles and country above her own interests and wishes, she would have retired a few years earlier when the seat would safely go to a good replacement.

I never read Madeline Albright’s book but I do remember Madeline’s infamous quote when asked about the killing of 500,000 children in Iraq: " WE THINK IT WAS WORTH IT".