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'Do the Right Thing': Veterans Call On National Guard Members to Refuse to Deploy Against Protesters

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/02/do-right-thing-veterans-call-national-guard-members-refuse-deploy-against-protesters


“Theirs is not to reason why, theirs is but to do and die” - Alfred Tennyson, The Charge of the Light Brigade

165 years later, perhaps its time to render the eloquent words of Baron Tennyson obsolete ?


“We know the consequences you may face for disobeying orders. Many of us have faced them ourselves. And many of us live with the consequences of following orders we shouldn’t have, and can tell you that the cost of moral injury is far greater.”.

Wise words.


Yes, yes, yes


Again, excellent. We need thousands, millions of public statements denouncing this early-stage direct military take-over of the USAn government and suppression of popular voice.

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The only hope for successful revolution is exactly what is laid out here. That the uniformed personnel charged with protecting the empire, soldiers and police, resist and refuse.


Let’s just hope that we don’t see why an all volunteer army is part of the problem. As much as I have always opposed the draft, at least with conscription you’ll find soldiers willing to actually follow the constitution and disobey unlawful orders.

That the military seems to be piping in FOX News to military bases is equally problematic.


As for the military, our military, doing the right thing?
I won’t hold my breath.


In 1971, at the height of Vietnam War protesting I was stationed at Ft. Lewis, Wa.
Regular army. We had riot control practice a couple of times a week. If a major protest (riot) were to break out I would have been face to face with my civilian friends in Tacoma or Seattle. I still don’t know for sure what I would have done if we deployed.
I can tell you that the thought of going to a military jail, possibly prison, would have been a consideration.
It must be the same today.


Honor your oath

Defy your orders

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If a good portion of a squad, platoon, or other group can be persuaded I say go for it. As an individual you only become a martyr. Maybe remembered, but maybe forgotten, and would likely serve more time that trump’s convict sidekicks.

I did just get a little laugh as I clicked through the right-wing cable stations. Lou Dobbs, now there’s a piece of work, blurted out a query. Was this whole thing an orchestrated event, or was it a spontaneous thing.
He immediately settled on the former as though there is a conspiracy, rather than a protesting of police abuse. This is a sick man who I think believes the crap he spews.

Warrant Officer Hugh Thompson and his crew were few

But their actions were momentous.

Hi unikeysource!
YES! 3 men in a helicopter stopped that mad rage of a those soldiers. Funny though how that one military guy didn’t serve that much time. Ca!ey, i think his name was.

If you’re deployed on the street and you see peaceful protesters, and you are ordered to fire tear gas, rubber bullets or something worse at the protesters, then know that you are in violation of two laws.

The President has the right to order you into action if an illegal insurrection is taking place. If in fact no crime is taking place, this is called martial law. Under martial law the President has no legal authority under the United States Constitution to either supercede any governor’s orders, nor the District of Columbia’s orders. You have taken an oath to defend the United States Constitution. Your orders are to carry out that oath that you swore.

Second, the Constitution states that all treaties duly ratified by 2/3 of the Senate and signed by the President are United States law, equal in the eyes of the courts with bills ratified by 51% of both houses and not vetoed by the President. Certain Geneva Protocols prohibiting crimes against civilians have been so ratified and so the Constitution declares that they are United States law. Again, you have taken an oath to defend the Constitution.


Sometimes, there actually are “a few good men”.

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It is just a shame they are taken in by such a horrible culture.

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This is taught to every soldier early on.
However, U.S. Army soldiers protected young black children walking into what had been white schools in the southeast states - Eisenhower.
A couple years later, I had the good chance to spend Thirty years in Leavenworth.

Posse Comitatus is about our U.S, military taking over an area and governing. I myself have happily violated the P.C. as a soldier. And I would do it again.
A beautiful Saturday Alabama May morning. A group of elderly black ladies marched from their church to the county courthouse protesting to get their right to vote.
Think about it !! They had never been allowed to vote.

I was the best armed soldier in world history.

13 KKK armed deputies were standing on the sidewalk in front of the courthouse facing north.
At me. They did not dare flinch.
I was elevated about six feet above them on the south side of the street in an alley with brick stores on each side. There were 2 rocker arm guys on roofs to east of courthouse and another 2 at west side. Likely another couple on roofs to my sides.

The ladies walked by. Two elders also were with them. No young people or children.

So, to the criminal element who choose to loot, burglar and set businesses afire.
(Baltimore had black owned businesses burned near the CVS a few years ago)

I would shoot you with real ammo into your rear end. Option is to use water cannon with dye that lasts a week so we can positive identify you to pay a fine, do community service and restore the owner or their insurance company.

What is wrong with this prez threat is he does not distinguish between legit protest and his criminal buddies.

The national guard is legit.

I approve of a military draft that has republicans, men from gated communities and country clubs serving too. They did not serve in Viet Nam era. Not to be found in desert storm.
And yes, I was drafted twice along with 87 other guys.
In January / February 1951, our neighborhood had the second draft call out to ww2 veterans. Many had their points. They had jobs, families, house payments. Korean war went big.

Remember Lt. Calley and My Lai

Active Duty Military and National Guard - If Trump orders you to attack American citizens on American soil - lay down your weapons and DISOBEY that order.

The Military has a long a long and storied tradition of saying “Sir. No, Sir.” to the military’s civilian leadership. It is time for the Military to stand up for the People, again.

Stephen A. Justino
CPT, USAR, JAGC 1986 - 1992

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