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Do These 10 Things, And Trump Will Be Toast


Do These 10 Things, And Trump Will Be Toast

Michael Moore

Friends, I welcome you to “The Michael Moore Easy-to-Follow 10-Point Plan to Stop Trump.”

First, let’s acknowledge what we all know to be true: Trump is in deep, deep trouble — in the pocket of Russians, surrounded by alt.right idiots, alone in his bathrobe in a mostly-empty White House — and caught inside a disgusting “shit-sandwich”, so said his supporter who turned down the NSA job.

Only one month into his So-Called Presidency — and yet there is good news, as this is what the American landscape looks like:


Yes, resist and this list of things to do is useful.

And also build resilience in yourself and your community. There were challenges before Trump and there will be after -e.g., climate change, extreme and growing inequality, continued pursuit of material growth in the face of finite resource, republican fascists like McConnell and Ryan. Resisting Trump is not enough.


You had me Michael until #6, 'Take over the Democratic Party.'

The Democratic Party Establishment submarined our one chance at 'Real' change in this country by throwing all their support to the weakest, most corporate aligned candidate.

Now, we must endure the unimaginable.

Michael, I know you have a thing for Hillary, so why don't you contact her now, as her hourly fee is most likely significantly less than her Goldman Sachs speech days. Goldman Sachs has found their new Golden Goose. Thanks in part to Hillary.

P.S. The rest of your article is spot on. Thanks.


"in the pocket of Russians" If Mother Teresa was President and she wanted to make peace with the Russians, she'd be getting the same treatment as Trump.

Shame on you MM. You are a fool!


I don't know how doable taking over the DNC will be since I admit to my own naivety/ignorance in that regard. However, I do admit that progressives must unite somehow, someway whether by creating a political party from scratch or taking over an already existing political party. Currently, no one really represents the majority of americans. It will be a long uphill climb forming/taking over a political party and convincing all those americans who don't believe anyone represents them that someone now does and who don't believe that their vote matters that now their vote does.


Though Trump's statements are often silly, dangerous and unrealistic, I don't think he will be allowed to put into practice policies that are not approved by what might be called cooler heads.

The cooler heads I refer to are not his cabinet or other of his appointed advisors, or the US congress, but instead people who's names are not mentioned in the media - people who represent The Bilderberg group, The Council on Foreign Relations and other similar shadow organizations that really control what goes on in world capitalism and the USA.

Both Democrat and Republican presidents are allowed to institute policies that do not conflict with the wishes of these shadow groups. Even crazy policies.

Trumps immigration reforms and Mexican wall-building likely do not conflict, but his denigration of NATO does conflict, so we see Pence in Europe making nice (in contradiction to Trump's statements) with the members of NATO.

Also his cozy relations with Putin are likely viewed unfavorably by these shadow groups, so we see congress critters and others strongly damning Trump's favorable statements about Putin and Russia, while Pence also carries this message contradicting Trump to Europe.

Trump must be a figure head for these shadow groups whether he likes it or not, or pay the consequences.


You are conflating a physical organization with the ideology of its mortal members. You might as well say there is no point in any reform to the USA itself because it is the way it is and will always be that way.


But 4 months ago, wasn't your "deep state" supposed to have prevented Trump from getting elected at all?


Would you be writing what you are writing if it was found out that Trump was in the pocket of, say, Germany? A foreign state worked to affect the election (to what degree is uncertain - I think the British firm Cambridge Aanlytica had a greater psy-op role) and that foreign state happens to be called "Россия".


Great ideas Mike but you left out the most important thing, demand hand counted paper ballots in all U.S. elections! How else do you think Republicans control our government? The congress gets 8% approval ratings every year, Democratic candidates get more than a million more votes than Republican candidates every 2 years in congressional elections, and most importantly, exit polls repeatedly show Democratic candidates winning elections where the Republican wins in the "official" count. This has happened in scores of races for the House, Senate, governorships, and president since these electronic voting machines were introduced 16 years ago. The discrepancy between polls and results always favors the Republican, it's called the "red shift". Why will you not at least investigate all the evidence pointing to this massive election fraud? We are trusting the companies who make these voting machines to count our votes in secret because they keep the software that runs the machines secret. Even where there are still paper ballots they are being counted on hackable optical scan machines where the software is kept secret by the companies who make them.


This is spot on. I believe we are involved in a coup d'etat, especially at the state levels where elections are even more under the radar. It amazes me that the statistical impossibility of the results issued by electronic, pre-programmed, vote-flipping machines is NEVER a subject for inquiry into the veracity of those vote counts. Look what happened to Jill Stein when she asked for just such an inquiry. The 2004 election was a bellwether. It was perfectly clear from that election that massive vote-counting fraud, in favor of the republican candidate, would never be investigated, and that the vote-flipping could continue until the republican nazi army could take over the country. Electronic coup d'etat, well-organized, well-funded, and putting our country into the hands of the fascist right.


I see no reason why there should not be some sort of paper trail for every vote cast. This would give the public more confidence in the electoral system which is being attacked by those trying to undermine democracy. People need to feel the votes are being counted and there are paper ballots available if questions arise about they count obtained electronically. Counting ballots by hand is a slow process but could be what is needed to restore confidence.


But then.....I wonder why the votes weren't flipped when Obama ran for President--in two terms? Could it be that the "Powers" that be, "allowed" us to have our "First Black President" in order to confound the critics who were becoming more and more suspicious of voter fraud? Or was it some other reason?


We have "peace" with Russia. Go back and listen to Trump explain to Bill O'Reilly how he would handle a hypothetical situation with Russian planes buzzing a US naval vessel in international waters. Trump is absolutely clueless. If Momma T was defending/deferring to the Russians as Trump has since the beginning of the last election cycle (at least), she would be deserving of that treatment. Of course Momma T would not find herself in that boat.
There is nothing wrong with desiring peace with a competitor, the US would have a much better negotiating position if our own clueless Lord Cheeto had just kept his mouth shut. Fat chance of that.


Sorry, but I think you are missing the point. The Neocons want their plan of world domination to roll on. Trump is interfering with the plan, plain and simple. Unacceptable to the Neocons. Getting rid of Flynn and screaming "the Russians are coming," boxes Trump in. Trump has already caved by saying that Russia should give back Crimea. Final score: Neocons - 1, Trump 0.

Next up will be the Chinese. It never stops. Problem is a lot of people die along the way.


I am an eternal optimist Yunzer, however, I am an old man who's seen too much senseless war and too much poverty. All of it driven by hatred and corporations and poor government. America is supposed to be the richest nation on Earth and look how we take care of our people. We give all the breaks to those who need it the least. We shut down Welfare for those who need it the most, and then give that money to the corporations in the form of tax breaks, and again to those who need it the least.

This nation has been in an almost constant state of war since I was born. The only war brought on by an attack of our people was World War 2. The war we started as a result of September 11th, 2001, was bogus.

Politicians, a long time ago, came to the realization that war is good for business(Corporations). Both the Democrats and the Republicans have shared the White House almost equally in my years, and both parties have had blood on their hands in sending our military all over this world fighting for 'Democracy.'

It's okay if you want to take over and 'Reform' the Democratic Party Yunzer. I am a bit ashamed to say that I was a member of the Democratic Party for over 30 years. I too, was a 'Bleeding Heart Liberal' in my youth. Hell, I even believed murderers could be rehabilitated.

But, politicians once they get a taste of that 'big money', are like sharks once they get a taste of blood. They will not give it up.

Both of these 217 year old political parties have tasted the money, and hunger for more. So much that they care less about their fellow man.

You are either young and hopeful, or, old and stubborn and refusing to accept history.

Either way, good luck .


The big money behind Obama's candidacy indicated that he would deliver what the PTB wanted (which he did), and his ancestry made him a more difficult target to criticize.

Win/Win, just not for us.

He was their guy.


"Your" Deep State???!!!


" ...republican Nazi army..."

Democratic leadership, and elected officials, are sadly, members of the same army, or Bernie would be President.


What the Deep State prevented was Bernie.