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'Do They Never Learn?': Progressives Rip Media Attempts to Downplay Bernie Sanders Win in NH Primary

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/12/do-they-never-learn-progressives-rip-media-attempts-downplay-bernie-sanders-win-nh


Bernie wins again! Meanwhile, ignorant elitist media continues to support candidates like peewee Pete and the stapler throwing Amy.
I fear Nevada is another cheat fest. That APP that’s not an APP on their iPad will magically add votes on to the totals of their beloved moderates.



Poor Chris Matthews.so scared for his life. I heard that Castro on his death bed did say that his one regret in life was not getting Chris Matthews. I have also heard that now Denmark is gunning for him. The same msm that shoved Trump down our throats is now trying to do the same with Mayo Pete the gay Ken doll. If Bernie doesn’t win this we are all doomed.


Bernie Sanders is the “fish-hook” in the throat of the mainstream Dem leadership. It’s time to “set” that hook and bring in the fish…!!!
The “leadership” of this country continue to ignore the “health” of the people to their detriment.
The “Viennese” waltz music will continue until the rabble break down the doors to the astonishment of those putrid “leaders” and the astonishment will continue on their visages as their heads are lifted to the top of the rebel pikes!
DT is the symptom of the political corruption of the US system.
Bernie S. is the anecdote to begin it’s purge.


They (sic) learned some time ago that the status quo is sacrosanct, thus the ever-increasing nervous denial.
Whatever romantic notions about freedom and democracy were formerly cherished in this most exceptional nation are simply out the window now. The rubber has hit the road, with brakes fully locked.


I can see now the DNCs Mayo Pete playbook Is going to be similar to their Hil playbook 4 years ago. Back then, they tried to paint everyone who didn’t support Hillary as a filthy misogynist. This year it will be, if you don’t support Pete you’re a homophobe.
This crap just writes itself.


Again, along with using the same donor base to finance their campaigns, the Democratic establishment is copying the Republican trick of using members of protected groups as front people.


Just to confirm-I had some chores to do this morning and listening to NPR in my truck, something I avoid, you would have thought Amy Klobuchar was the big winner. The good news is that Biden is doing so badly at least we won’t have to see him soil himself at his inauguration speech.



Looks like history is repeating itself here. Will we ever learn… or should I say will the DNC & the press learn to speak the truth, not mess with the truth, and embrace the truth. Bernie Sanders is a winner and he’s who the majority , let me say it again the MAJORITY want! Stop messing with us “we don’t need anymore trouble”


Shelby –

I really think a lot of the middle-men – panelists and journalists are showing that
they’re being restrained from celebrating or even talking up Bernie Sanders –

“Yahoo” this morning didn’t even mention Bernie Sanders wins in Iowa and now
in New Hampshire – covered NH with a story on Amy!

What this is making clear is that the ownership of all media has passed solidly into
the hands of FASCISTS – those we’ve always recognized as right wing – General Electric
and Disney – and the rest I can’t even keep track of.

And that media owners are telling the reporters what they can and can’t say.

Last evening on CNN in the lead up to New Hampshire, one of the guys commenting
was trying to fight it – making clear that the dots from Iowa to New Hampshire had to be
connected re Bernie Sanders and likely he was going to be leading contender for nomination.
An AA male stepped in to cool that down immediately.

Keep firing back at the press – though CNN has made it much harder – they eliminated all
of the easy email addresses they used to have just before the primaries.

MSNBC doesn’t make it too easy either – but you can always try the FACEBOOK pages.

Chris Matthews nonsense re Bernie Sanders the other day and last evening where he was
given at least 5 minutes to express his personal feelings about Bernie Sanders’ obvious lead
in NH seemed to be a less hysterical response but more of the same.


Time to make more donations and increase the amount! We all must do everything we can to insure Bernie Sanders becomes the next President of the USA in 2020! Peace


Bernie’s win in New Hampshire proves that Hillary was right when she said, “Nobody likes him.”


Joy Reid is an embarrassment.


I agree, but I would add that nobody that is corrupt likes Bernie!


Thanks for the laugh UnclePo :slight_smile:

Just wait till MSNBC/CNN/NYT turn into 24-7 Bloomberg campaign ads.


The more the Bastards bash Bernie
The Bigger the Backlash will Be!!


“If you want a Democrat to win, they have to know how to fight like a Republican, and he’s a Republican.” -Joy Reid on Michael Bloomberg

Folks from here until November the MSM will be pushing and supporting Bloomberg “AS THE MOST ELECTABLE DEMOCRAT!”


Been observing Matthews for years. It looks to me like he’s going through some kind of personal crisis and is lashing out. He needs to be taken off the air until he recovers.


No, they never learn. They are PAID to never learn.

Greta is absolutely correct when she says, Why the hell should I go to school when the adult leaders in this world are not even following the principles and natural laws that my teachers in school want me to learn?

I would go one step further and ask this: Why the hell should anyone follow the rules of society, why the hell should anyone bother to learn what those rules are, or learn why those rules are just and proper, when the goddamn zombies in the corporate media are PAID huge salaries to NOT learn the rules, to DEFY the rules, to SPIT ON the rules?

So much for “journalism.” The most “successful” journalists in the US — at least if measured by salary — are the ones who are proficient at LYING AND HAVE NO CONSCIENCE.

When every institution of civil society is degraded, the gutter is the only path to “success.” Thank you, goddamn neoliberal Wall Street ratbastards, for making it impossible to live a virtuous life and earn a living at the same time. Sometimes my rage boils over at the way this existence has been rigged for degenerate capitalogenic scum like banksters and oil company titans. Then I remember that they are sick twisted souls and this chance at life was wasted for them. They are sad empty barbarians leading the most miserable lives of all.